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Active Manager Rankings by Level

1ZWIP52U.S. Midwest
2Balrog46AustralAsia and South America
3J.Aaron Hall36U.S. Midwest
4The Battlin Bectel35U.S. Midwest
5Official Bot Gym18World
6Salvageyard18U.S. Midwest
7The Jimster17U.S. East
8Guile16U.S. East
9Sydney Sharks16U.S. South
10Team Croc16Europe
11The_Iguana14U.S. Midwest
12Just BoB14U.S. Midwest
13Cheez the DKE14U.S. East
14Game Admin11Canada
1553rd Street Gym10U.S. Midwest
16SSJoker 9U.S. West
17Blood Bath Inc.3U.S. East
19Alexander De Johnson1U.S. East
20Alex Johnson1U.S. East
21Paz McKay II1U.S. West
22Arcticdawg1U.S. West
23Micc Doggz0U.S. Midwest
24CSA Beauregard0U.S. Midwest
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