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Active Manager Rankings by Level

1ZWIP52U.S. Midwest
2J.Aaron Hall44U.S. Midwest
3Luchini 21U.S. East
4Team Croc18U.S. Midwest
5Official Bot Gym18World
6The Weaver II16U.S. Midwest
7Game Admin12Canada
8Blainicorn10U.S. Midwest
9Guldbengt8U.S. Midwest
10W_4261 (Formerly: 127 Aps Gym)8U.S. Midwest
11Tornato Gloves26U.S. East
12The Legends of Boxing4U.S. East
13BAMF House3U.S. East
14Mike963AustralAsia and South America
15Bradford Style2U.S. East
16alphrisk1U.S. Midwest
17BDB Promotional Funds0Canada
18Shimmdady0U.S. Midwest