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Active Manager Rankings by Level

1ZWIP52U.S. Midwest
2J.Aaron Hall45U.S. Midwest
3Luchini 21U.S. East
4Official Bot Gym18World
5Team Croc18U.S. Midwest
6The Weaver II16U.S. Midwest
7Blainicorn13U.S. Midwest
8W_4261 (Formerly: 127 Aps Gym)11U.S. Midwest
9Meadows Inc. 20249U.S. East
10Guldbengt8U.S. Midwest
11The Legends of Boxing7U.S. East
12BAMF House3U.S. East
13TotalMadOwnage1U.S. Midwest
14Lois Smith1AustralAsia and South America
15Shimmdady1U.S. Midwest
16alphrisk1U.S. Midwest
17Chris Tower0U.S. Midwest
18BDB Promotional Funds0Canada
19Rico Boxing Gym0U.S. East