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Current Pound for Pound Fighter Rankings
ScoreFighterManaged byDivision
6450 Warning ZWIP Light-Heavyweight
6450 Wine Just BoB Toughman
6220 Testing the waters ZWIP Lightweight
5985 Baby Face McGee ZWIP Bantamweight
5920 Movie Maker and Videos ZWIP Cruiserweight
5850 The Walking Dead III Bale Force Super-Middleweight
5785 Swinging for the fences ZWIP Heavyweight
5660 Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano Stykey Middleweight
5430 The Hollow Stranger 1 + 1 Super-Middleweight
5325 Clovers Bitch ZWIP Super-Middleweight
5235 ZWIP Slugger 2018 ZWIP Lightweight
5135 Welter Slugger 2016 ZWIP Super-Lightweight
5135 FW Slugger 2016 ZWIP Welterweight
5125 Name Already Taken ZWIP Heavyweight
5120 Cue Ball ZWIP Super-Middleweight
5120 J.D. Clampett Stykey Super-Middleweight
5010 Gromth pbox Cruiserweight
4980 Walker A. Elser ZWIP Heavyweight
4900 CW slugger 2016 ZWIP Cruiserweight
4870 Nikki Sixx! Stykey Lightweight
4860 Whopper Jr Just BoB Heavyweight
4630 Cannonball Run II Al Haymon Flyweight
4630 Galaxy Far Far Away Stykey Heavyweight
4620 Stykey's Slugger Clone V1 Stykey Heavyweight
4620 Stykey's Slugger Clone V2 Stykey Heavyweight
4620 Looking To The Future ZWIP Heavyweight
4615 The Suicidal Runaway pbox Heavyweight
4575 Coin Dozer ZWIP Middleweight
4535 Storm II Stykey Cruiserweight
4525 Tommy Toe Hold Stykey Super-Welterweight
4525 Drela Al Haymon Bantamweight
4515 Dr. Fauchi Stykey Light-Heavyweight
4440 The Rusty Tin Man pbox Super-Lightweight
4425 Grumpy Gary Williams The Weaver II Heavyweight
4420 Zwippy's Monster Stykey Bantamweight
4395 The dark divide pbox Heavyweight
4350 Tortilla Chip ZWIP Middleweight
4325 The Light of Dark pbox Super-Middleweight
4320 Les Macho Stykey Super-Welterweight
4315 D.J. Ashba Stykey Flyweight
4195 Rock Climber ZWIP Super-Heavyweight
4180 Ring Just BoB Super-Welterweight
4170 Middle Dork Boom III Al Haymon Super-Middleweight
4155 TikTok Stykey Welterweight
4140 Kasper Åström 1 + 1 Middleweight
4085 Mia 53rd Street Gym Toughman
4075 Iggy the Wretched pbox Super-Middleweight
4035 Agent Skully ZWIP Super-Featherweight
4030 Middle ZWIP Dancer ZWIP Lightweight
4010 The Anti Khrog Legends Gym Super-Lightweight
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