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Current Pound for Pound Fighter Rankings
ScoreFighterManaged byDivision
6120 Testing the waters ZWIP Strawweight
5775 The Walking Dead III Bale Force Super-Middleweight
5585 Raskin ZWIP Lightweight
5320 Security Meadows Inc. 2020 Heavyweight
5145 LW Slugger 2016 ZWIP Super-Featherweight
4890 Granny Clampett Stykey Super-Lightweight
4795 David "Would You Like Blood With That" Malone ZWIP Super-Lightweight
4790 Tim "Tower" Powers J.Aaron Hall Heavyweight
4780 Vincent "Mad Dog" Coll Stykey Featherweight
4625 Drela Blood Bath Inc. Bantamweight
4590 Meadows Slugger Clone V3 Meadows Inc. 2020 Cruiserweight
4505 Cannonball Run II Al Haymon Flyweight
4415 Meadows is in Love with Dancers ZWIP Heavyweight
4375 Azterra ZWIP Toughman
4355 Dodge Dodge ZWIP Super-Heavyweight
4330 David Ross ZWIP Super-Middleweight
4255 Middle Dork Boom III Al Haymon Super-Middleweight
4250 Zwippy's Monster Stykey Bantamweight
4230 Les Macho Stykey Super-Welterweight
4215 Vinny Barbarino Stykey Cruiserweight
4210 Meadows Test Subject 1 Meadows Inc. 2020 Heavyweight
4155 HungOver Just BoB Super-Bantamweight
4130 Evil Clown II Meadows Inc. 2020 Super-Welterweight
4125 Alphonse "Sonny Red" Indelicato Stykey Cruiserweight
4120 Ring Just BoB Super-Welterweight
4105 Black Sabbath Stykey Lightweight
4085 Kasper Åström 1 + 1 Middleweight
4085 Bob Weaving in the Trailer Park J.Aaron Hall Cruiserweight
4025 Tortilla Chip ZWIP Super-Welterweight
3975 Mr. White Legends Gym Heavyweight
3955 Yaak Mountain Stykey Toughman
3930 Tom "Bad Ass" Brady Stykey Super-Featherweight
3925 The Anti Khrog Legends Gym Super-Lightweight
3885 Bobby Ray Stunner The Weaver II Heavyweight
3845 COVID BOT J.Aaron Hall Super-Heavyweight
3810 CBR VI Al Haymon Cruiserweight
3750 CBR I Al Haymon Super-Welterweight
3670 Dr Slimm Alcatraz Gym Heavyweight
3645 Vincent "Chin" Gigante Stykey Heavyweight
3640 Meadows Dancer Design 2020 Meadows Inc. 2020 Heavyweight
3635 Meadows Zodiac Meadows Inc. 2020 Featherweight
3590 Jesse James Bremen Alcatraz Gym Lightweight
3590 HAVOC! Stykey Flyweight
3580 Cannonball Run 1 + 1 Strawweight
3535 Calm Carl Joyner The Weaver II Super-Lightweight
3520 Joseph "Crazy Joe" Gallo Stykey Heavyweight
3515 BB The Beast Alcatraz Gym Heavyweight
3490 Zippy IA 16 Zippy Old School Super-Featherweight
3485 Terry Twinkletoes Al Haymon Bantamweight
3485 Slim Boy Fat Bale Force Featherweight
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