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Big Boy Inc
5/4/2014 1:17:42 AM
Why boxing is a joke

If anybody watched the Floyd-Maidana fight and saw the scorecards, what a joke. Its fixed.

Championship Boxing
4/7/2014 1:57:06 PM
Pac vs Bradley

Who will win the rematch

Championship Boxing
4/7/2014 9:22:38 AM
Floyd Mayweather

Will anybody beat Floyd Mayweather?

Big Boy Inc
10/17/2013 9:08:00 AM
Real life Boxing Matches (Dream matches) Chance of

Fighters in their prime.

Azumah Nelson vs Manny Pacquaio.....let's say they meet at super featherweight. Have fun :)

Big Boy Inc
10/11/2013 2:43:01 AM
Second Week of Dream Boxing Fights!! 500 Credits t

Heavyweight - Vitali Klitchsko vs Mike Tyson

In their prime, figure I will do one current boxer against an older fighter. To keep things fresh.

Big Boy Inc
10/6/2013 5:15:06 AM
First week of BDB dream matches with real boxing!!

I'm going to put up a dream boxing match in the Boxing forum and the managers who pick who "I" think would win, will win 500 credits!!This will be weekly and like it to be fun!

Pernell Whitaker vs Floyd Mayweather at welterweight....

Tell me your thoughts.....

Big Boy Inc
9/29/2013 9:43:32 AM
Anyone see the Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Bryan Vera

Chavez Jr goes into the ring out of shape and completely disinterested in the fight. He kept whining to the referee about headbutts and low blows when I couldn't see one. I had Vera winning the fight easy 97-93 especially after Chavez gave up the last 3 rounds by doing NOTHING!

They read the scorecards 96-94, 97-93, then 98-92. For Chavez Jr! He has a legendary name but damn his one punch combos throughout the whole fight must've impressed these judges. What a disappointment for the sport of boxing, the spoiled whiny Chavez Jr (who I never liked in the first place) gets a way with bribery. It has to be fixed.

Big Boy Inc
9/15/2013 1:28:54 AM
Floyd Mayweather

He won easily against the overrated Carnelo Alveraz....Carnelo is good but definitely was overclassed against a smaller/older but much faster fighter in Floyd. Floyd is great. But what a doucheabag, he came out to the ring with Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne? The most annoying personalities in the entertainment industry. It made me want Carnelo to beat Floyd but damn. Floyd is damn good.

Big Boy Inc
8/25/2013 12:06:23 AM
Showtime Boxing 8/24/13

Did anybody else see Abner Mares get knocked out in the first? That was totally unexpecting.

Big Boy Inc
5/15/2013 11:07:04 PM
Boxing Bets?

Anyone be interested in having a boxing pick'em for all the big fights?

1/12/2013 9:02:09 AM

Deleted due to COC Violation

Angee Dungelo
1/15/2012 12:25:52 AM
Happy 70th Birthday Muhammad Ali

If there was ever a charismatic, entertaining, and talented Champion,.. this is the man. I enjoyed so many of his, and the fighters of his times battles during the 1970's that I doubt it will ever be repeated in the Heavyweights. His battles with Cosell were pure comedy. And the fights were "edge of the seat" in the later years. I wish him the best.

Angee Dungelo
3/5/2012 12:42:02 AM
Angelo Dundees' passing

As the longtime namesake of my gym, (Angee Dungelo) I'm embarrassed to learn over month late that this legendary trainer and boxing strategist passed away Feb.1 2012. I don't know why I never heard this on the news. Guess it shows the sad state of boxing and the popularity of the U.F.C. Which I find insulting. It's just organized gang fighting without style, honor, or any representation of being a real man. Kicking when they are down? Kicking period is hardly stylistic or a talent.

I'll miss his interviews. This man had some real stories. His first job as trainer and ring second was Carman Basillio. He taught and told Basillio what he had to do to win against his opponent. Because the opponent was no fool. And that opponent was Sugar Ray Robinson. Plus it was a title fight.
Basillio won,... and became the first of Dundee's 15 would titles.

Not bad Angelo. ;)

Cheez the DKE
1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
ESPN 30 on 30 - Ali-Holmes

I really enjoyed ESPN's look at the background and training camp health of Ali. It should be running quite a bit on ESPN and ESPN2 over the next few days, catch it for an educational look at some things I certainly wasn't aware of, and shocked by in Ali's camp. book

Angee Dungelo
1/15/2012 12:30:05 AM
Muhammad Ali (Side Note)

His birthday is actually Jan 17, but there was a big party today for him. ;)

Terminator Ty
1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
Top 100 Current Boxers

Of course, you guys know I like the rankings, etc.

RING has 4 blogs with the Top 100 Boxers ..... I found it interesting .... some names you've never heard of probably, but pretty cool I thought .... this is the link to 1-25 ... 26-50 .... 51-75 .... 76-100 can easily be found there ....

also, our local cable provider has a host of "freebies" from time to time On Demand .... the boys and I found a couple of Butterbean specials .... jeez that guy fought some STIFFS .... then, when he was fighting some decent fighters, Butterbean was practically handed the decision .... it was a bit of a tribute to Butterbean, but it also was relatively fair .... worth the watch if you ever find some old stuff like that .... on the other end of the spectrum, there were also some of Tyson's early fights On Demand .... god-dang he was just vicious .... so nasty and impressive when he was young ....

sound off if you choose .... T.Ty book

1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
Mayweather vs Pacquiao

I heard on the radio that it's on... no details yet book

Gentleman Gym
1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
why no old fight dvd's?

you used to be able to find a lot of films of old fights, now in the dvd age it seems there isn't much. Hagler for instance only has his lame fight against leonard on dvd. book

Eddy Crown
1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
Pacquiao vs Cotto

What a great fight by Manny, he truly establishes himself as one the greatest pound for pound fighters ever. He was able to bring his flyweight speed into the welters when fighting a seasoned guy and good champ like Cotto, whom one observer described as "hovering like a fly waiting for the windshield on the freeway. ..". Great match! book

1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
Floyd Mayweather vs Juan Manuel Marquez

i got mayweather winning this one nebody else disagree's i can go at this all night..why he's clearly a better fighter book

1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM

boxing can
be very awsome
but better voilent!!

u got the choke hold, ko!! arm bar
and everything book

Tau Kappa Omicron & Co
1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
R.I.P. Gatti

R.I.P. Arturo! I had the chance to see this incredible fighter in action once... Was one hell of a fighter! book

1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
Ricky Hatton overated

Thoughts ? book

1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
Floyd Mayweather vs Juan Manuel Marquez

yes floyd mayweather is back! and he's goin to fight juan manuel marquez july 18. Tell me what you guys think? ima go for mayweather referee stoppage. :) book

1/1/1900 12:00:00 AM
Ricky Hatton

We all seen Hatton blow up from his fighting weight of 10 stone to almost if not 13+ stone since winning the IBF light Welter title June this year.

Well he was being interviewed last night prior to his fight with Carlos Maussaand to unify the IBF/WBA light welter belts; the guy has shifted the weight and is looking well for it no signs of weakness etc.

Time will only tell if this ballooning in weight then losing it in time for fight night (even if controlled) will have a serious effect on such a hot prospect from Manchester, England