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Blunt Force Trauma Gang
8/25/2021 2:26:31 AM
How about a pro wrestling sim?

I would think a pro wrestling sim would be fun, maybe have a way that press releases influence the decisions? Managers can form stables?

Game Admin
10/25/2016 7:46:16 PM
Something we'll be doing differently

Math formulas will not be published. Learning the game will largely be a process of discovery.

Big Boy Inc
5/20/2014 7:26:23 PM
Any updates?

Just curious if there any updates on the MMA game?

Game Admin
11/4/2014 1:41:43 PM
A wild idea to enhance role playing in the upcomin

What if managers aren't visible? Think about this...

You sign in as a manager but.....

You create fighters. You fight as fighters, post in the forums as fighters, issue press releases as fighters, write commentaries as fighters, chat as fighters, are ranked as fighters.

Basically ALL social interactions are done as fighters instead of managers. No one knows how's managing what fighter. Would this not cause you to grow far more attached to your fighters and enhance the role playing?


Game Admin
4/13/2014 5:03:46 PM
You can now reserve your MMA fighter names

Fighter creation is in place. We're charging credits to create fighters because I know full well that if I don't someone will create 500 fighters right up front, scooping all the best names. This should hopefully cut down on some of that. Once we're reached a certain saturation point name wise we'll start dialing the cost of creating MMA fighters down until it's completely free.

4/13/2014 5:28:28 PM
Jonp is first

just so you all remember Jonp was the first to grab himself an mma fighter history can never be changed biatches

Big Boy Inc
4/13/2014 1:46:00 AM
Who's ready?

I have to admit that I'm completely pysched for MMA BDB to come out. We all will be on the same page, all new resolver, new history, more competition. I hope that you're all ready :) Wrestling soon after? Im in heaven!

Game Admin
4/9/2014 4:49:16 PM

The resolver is being worked on. We're making a true resolver rather than a simulator this time so it's a lot more complicated.