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Bangz Getemasoda
3/8/2024 2:56:28 AM

What’s going on

Bangz Getemasoda
5/1/2023 4:05:44 AM
What’s up fellas

Extremely green but here I am

6/30/2022 11:03:01 PM
Rico, Ohio

Hello to all. I’m looking forward to learning the ropes. Long time boxing fan, and have been in search of a boxing management sim that I can play with others. See you at the top! :)

5/5/2022 2:56:37 AM

Hi all. Nice to meet you.

Little Left
6/24/2020 3:51:39 PM

I'm new and find the game challenging and enjoyable, so far im here on day 3 finding the blogs has been the most helping, so thanks to those who wrote them.

10/20/2019 9:12:26 AM

New here

Alex Johnson
8/11/2019 4:03:03 AM


White Knuckle Gaming
1/29/2019 3:47:10 AM
Wow... still here?

God damn this thing is still around and kickin? I haven't played this thing in close to 20 years.. I was young and not very good back them but it was always fun to log in once a week and see if i got my butt kicked! lol

Is there somewhere i can go to check out how to build a fight plan? I really do not remember anything about these.. Furthermore, i was skimming some posts, is there an MMA version of this now? if so.. where can i check that out? Thanks.. and good to see this thing around still.

Zippy Old School
12/2/2018 12:09:51 PM
Not new

Hats off to Aaron for making TBG last this long,It took me forever to figure out if the game was still around i kept typing boxinggame.com the boxing game .com and all this big dawg stuff threw me off.

Formerly known by zippy the kung fu master i believe or just zippy.

I might check in more and mess around with a fighter its pretty confusing right now.

Its been so long you are all probably thinking who the hell is this dude but thats ok I wish Aaron and everyone the best,happy holidays .

Blood Bath Inc.
5/7/2018 7:23:31 PM
The Monster from Within

I'm here. I'll also take those 100 credits. What can you purchase with credits?

Chief Chopper
2/18/2018 6:39:24 PM
Chief Chopper

Hi Everyone. Joined a while ago, but look forward to challenging the lot of you.

1/29/2018 11:50:34 PM

Not a new player per se, but long time no see all. Hope everyone is still going strong.

10/22/2016 10:20:16 AM
New Gym

Just wanted to introduce myself - I'm Scott and I started a new gym called Blue Rock. I used to play Webl and it was a lot of fun so I decided to give this a try. I've only forced fights with bots so far and wanted to know how the scheduler works. Right now I have some of my fighters on auto(daily) but didn't get fights for them last night. Do they only get scheduled once a week? Do you get fights scheduled against bots? Are there weeks that I won't get scheduled because there are no fighters my rating available to fight?

Thanks for the help! Looking forward to meeting everyone here!

On the Canvas
1/10/2018 8:30:33 PM

Hello my Big Dawg family....This is Rob my former gym was known as Sargon or for a period of time Bobby St.Pain...My uncle was Coal Cracker...I started fresh to relearn the game and try to improve my h2h record vs super great managers like zwip....i have a new approach and im hoping i can make it very difficult for anyone to beat my fighters...well look forward to the competition and sharing conversations with the rest of you guys...take care..

2/23/2016 12:21:08 PM
Alcatraz gym

OK managers. we want to thin out Alcatraz gym. Look through
the gym and you can have any fighter 17 rated and below
that isn't topped. Limit 4 per manager...20 rated for HW.
Have fun. Contact DB or myself

AMAZE Fight Kingdom
11/6/2015 5:40:01 PM
How do I earn these 100 credits?

New fighters, New gym, domination is the mission we got. Oh yea, when do I get these 100 credits u talk about?

mr. colors
1/17/2016 9:51:28 PM

:) hello am new so hi!"

1/13/2016 7:13:35 PM

Hi everyone,

New to the game from down under... Looking forward to getting my first win ;)

The Yellow Hat
7/30/2015 1:34:27 AM
Coming back, like everyone else!

Just googled one of my old fighter's names, and found this again! I'm interested in getting back into it again. Thanks for running this, glad to see it's still here!

Red Dirt Storm Riders
4/26/2015 3:24:03 AM

I'm back after some time. A long long time ago I had a lightweight who wound up fighting for a regional title. I couldn't get him over the hump. I'll get this game figured out and when I do, I'll dominate like no other before me. So let it be written, so let it be done.

2/1/2015 6:45:43 PM
Don't call it a comeback...

Used to play this game when I was 13-14 years old. Or about 14 years ago. Searched on a whim
And am glad it still exists. It might take me a little bit to get goin but I'm glad to be back.

1/21/2015 5:32:43 PM
I'm new but having problems creating fighter

Hello I'm new to this and in trying to create fighter I get message
it's too light or too heavy!

I am starting off at amateur so would liker to know what weight will be accepted in the Test division for my fighter
Any quick reply is appreciated!!


1/15/2015 5:16:37 PM
Fresh meat

Hi, I'm new. I was champion of rock'em sock'em robots, thumb wrestling, and spanking the monkey, though I cheated in the latter.

puto karnals
1/10/2015 5:27:28 AM
hey im back

My old account was tha ALA gym but cant get in with that account anymore now this my new account the puto karnals..how can I get my gym credits hehe

53rd Street Gym
12/22/2014 12:27:27 PM
Back in the Saddle Again

Well after my financial adviser blew all my money I guess I will give it another try since a guy has to eat.