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Rico Boxing Gym
6/20/2024 10:09:08 PM

I changed my fighter from manual scheduling to auto scheduling and he hasn’t been scheduled yet. It’s been 10:00 pm twice now. Did I do something wrong?

Rico Boxing Gym
6/29/2024 9:02:21 AM

In the help files (Practice against this fighter section), it mentions that you will practice against a “special version of the sparring partner.” Can someone elaborate on this? What does “special version mean?

Rico Boxing Gym
6/29/2024 9:05:24 AM
Pro membership

How do I become a pro member?

Rico Boxing Gym
6/24/2024 10:19:59 PM
Injury points

What is the meaning of injury points. I noticed they went up when my guy was KOd 2x, but what happens with high injury points? I did search for answer

Rico Boxing Gym
6/24/2024 9:14:11 PM
BOT fight plans

I got my rematch and was KOd a second time. I had made adjustments to fight plan. I also watched the opponents style in sparring for 12 rds. in sparring. After the fight, I watched the opponents styles for the 12 rds. I was shocked to see that he switched it up. So I ask, do BOTs use a generic FP in sparring, then use a different one in the fight. He used a cover up style all rds of sparring, then used inside, clinch, and allout in real fight. Same as first fight. But sparring was different. How can you prepare for fighter with no previous fights, if the sparring FP is different than real fight?

Rico Boxing Gym
6/23/2024 4:01:49 PM

Can’t find anywhere what exactly the Status of a fighter means. What does is the “status” of a fighter?

Rico Boxing Gym
6/23/2024 7:46:36 PM

My 7-0 fighter lost by KO. I made adjustments and was looking for rematch. I could not find the same bot fighter. Is this by design?

Rico Boxing Gym
6/22/2024 9:37:12 PM
Fighter creation help

I read somewhere that the options are endless in terms of the type of fighter you can create. I am trying to build a 6 foot welterweight (like the build of Tommy hearns), but no way possible to do. Being that changing the strength and agility attributes changes the weight, I can’t find a combination that will net me a tall welterweight. No matter what numbers I insert for str and agl. What am I doing wrong? I’ve scoured the help files and can’t find the answer on how to actually manipulate the fighter creation

Rico Boxing Gym
6/22/2024 7:33:26 AM
Scheduling issue?

I finally got scheduled. The fighter I got scheduled to fight weighs 146 lbs. My fighter weighs 126 lbs, which was the featherweight limit. How can this guy weigh 146 lbs and be a featherweight?

Rico Boxing Gym
6/20/2024 10:09:06 PM

I changed my fighter from manual scheduling to auto scheduling and he hasn’t been scheduled yet. It’s been 10:00 pm twice now. Did I do something wrong?

Rico Boxing Gym
6/19/2024 11:08:13 PM
Linked fighters

When I try to remove linked fighters, I get an error page, and cannot remove them. It doesn’t happen with all of them, but it does keep happening. I have a list of link fighters I can’t “unlink.” Is this a bug?

Rico Boxing Gym
6/18/2024 7:17:39 PM
Manual vs Automatic scheduling

Does anyone actually schedule fights manually?? Or is the auto scheduling way to go in this world?

Rico Boxing Gym
6/17/2024 1:05:51 PM
Opponent Attributes

Hello. How do you see opponent’s attributes before scheduling fight? I see it shows it if you spar them, but something is screwed up because the screen is messed up. I know it’s supposed to show the opponent’s attributes when sparring because the strength shows, but the others do not. It’s like it all doesn’t fit on screen. I am using iOS browser (safari). I’ve been getting beat by a 1-8 BOT. I’ve tried many different fight plans and same result every time. A loss (by KO if I go allout in 12th rd). I’m thinking my fighter’s stamina is too low for 12 rounds, but I don’t see any way to change to 4 rounds. If I spar with the punk 4 rds, I win every time. Please help!

Rico Boxing Gym
6/15/2024 5:32:25 PM
Name change

I know this sounds trivial, but is there a way to change your fighters name after creation? I had a typo in his name and would like to change it. Thx

Game Admin
2/17/2024 11:54:24 AM
Stuck fights cancelled

11 fights left unresolved for over 7 days have been cleared. This process will soon be automated.

Game Admin
2/17/2024 11:37:08 AM
Title stripper bug fixed

A bug that was preventing inactive fighters from having their titles stripped after 28 days has been corrected. Thank you to the members for reporting it.


Game Admin
10/22/2023 11:09:16 AM
Upgrade today

There will be be sporadic outages today as we add some new tech to the game intended to increase performance, stability, and security.

9/3/2023 7:33:45 AM
Fight Reports

I am aware that fight results have an error message. I will let Aaron know about it .

1/29/2023 12:49:57 PM
Stuck Fighters

I have compiled a list of fighters throughout the game
that are "Stuck" Fighters. They Show up under scheduled
fights but have no opponent and there is nothing you can
do with them. I found 19 of them. I sent the list to Aaron
to see what he can do about it. Here is the list. If you have
one and is not on the list please add. THX

Laalyville Champion Status
11/25/2022 5:43:16 AM
Scouting Power

How can you tell if a fighter was using high power from reading their past fight reports? I've gathered that 35 punched thrown = 5 AGG, etc. and "shot to the ribs" means body aim, but does the fight text ever reveal clues about power?

10/19/2022 9:30:02 PM
Reading Fight Results

I am aware that fight results have an error message. I will let Aaron know about it tomorrow.

Blunt Force Trauma Gang
8/25/2021 12:53:24 AM

When BOTs win fights against us, do they automatically add up their action points into str, spd, agl, tgh?

Game Admin
7/2/2021 6:20:26 AM
Emergency patch applied this AM

There was an emergency patch applied this AM to fix an issue affecting chat, admin, and logout.

Game Admin
6/27/2021 1:48:53 PM
Loading fight plans

This has been fixed on your fight plan page. you can now load an existing saved plan into your fighter's current plan,.

6/12/2021 12:03:47 PM

It would be cool to have a notification of an inbox PM. I have sent out several and
never get a response so I think guys are just not checking them. I have to check
mine on occasion to see if I have one as well. Team Croc, Weaver 11, 53rd, Stykey, Blainicorn I have
sent you all some.