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Feedback on live fights needed

Posted 2019/10/17 11:01 AM by Game Admin

Live fights will soon be expanded to include Title fights. I'm looking for feedback on what you thought of the CIT live fights. Suggestions are welcome.

Posted 2019/10/17 5:09 PM by Blood Bath Inc.

I think emoticons would be sweet. Even another box that shows upcoming fights?

Posted 2019/10/17 7:23 PM by Cheez the DKE

Separate live fight result and chat box if possible. Would be easier to keep track of conversations if leaving the room for a moment as the results scroll off screen. Can't think of any others - the live fight results are a lot of fun.

Posted 2019/10/19 8:40 PM by Blood Bath Inc.

I think having more tournaments. Each with it's own personality or reward, would really grab peoples attention. One thing about tournaments is that its Manager vs manager on a level playing field.