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Posted 2019/09/08 7:26 AM by ZWIP

Aaron says the scheduler is set to on, Everybody needs to make their CIT guy Now!!:)

Posted 2019/09/11 8:05 AM by The_Iguana

so, um... hey! It's been a long time since I found my way over here. Fun email surprise for me this morning to see something from the game.

Posted 2019/09/11 8:25 AM by The_Iguana

Is there a valid str-agi calculator around somewhere? Saw reference to a couple, have an old link on my page, but none that I have seen so far seem functional. Looking to see if I might be a semi-warm body for someone to beat up on in this tourney... any help you can point me to would be greatly appreciated!

Posted 2019/09/11 8:28 AM by The_Iguana

For clarification, the link works to the Jimster sheet from a couple places but it pops up with a bunch of bad reference indicators. Thanks in advance!

Posted 2019/09/11 4:40 PM by ZWIP

Hey Ole Buddy, Nice to seeya,
Did you make your CIT guy?
I actually saw Jimster on yesterday as
well after a long time. I will set you to active

Posted 2019/09/12 10:47 AM by The_Iguana

I did create one that someone can surely pummel. Now just have to figure out how to scout these days and remember how to play this thing! Actually it's amazing how much I remember, just need to figure out what tools are out there now and how to use them...

Posted 2019/09/12 11:19 AM by The_Iguana

I think I figured it out...

Posted 2019/09/12 3:18 PM by The Jimster

game on

Posted 2019/09/12 6:52 PM by ZWIP

Nice to see you two in the tourney!

Posted 2019/09/13 2:57 PM by Blood Bath Inc.

Is it a straight forward tournament? A losers bracket? Do fighters gain APs?

Posted 2019/09/13 3:44 PM by The_Iguana

I assume "AP Climb: OFF" means that that they won't gain APs. As to the other format questions, I didn't see anything that indicated. But I am also curious. Good questions.

Posted 2019/09/13 4:17 PM by Game Admin

The "losses allowed" value of 0 means that if you lose once you are eliminated which would make this a single elimination tournament.

Posted 2019/09/13 6:01 PM by Blood Bath Inc.

Ok thank you

Posted 2019/09/13 9:01 PM by Sydney Sharks

Have created a fighter.

Got a bunch of emails, but can’t see any scheduled fighters?

So it’s a elimination fight where your fighter does not improve?

Sounds interesting.....

Posted 2019/09/13 9:11 PM by ZWIP

Hey Sharks, I sent a bunch out to make sure we get all
the managers we can,,LOL..The scheduler will run sometime
this weekend according to Aaron..First round will be next
week. It is single elimination..and your AP's will stay constant.

Posted 2019/09/17 8:16 AM by Gentleman Gym

Thanks for the invite, it's been at least a decade since I played, I wonder if I can figure it out again!

Posted 2019/09/17 5:25 PM by The Jimster

Iggy I fixed the references to the STR-AGL calculator. I have no idea if the equations are still good. If anyone else is interested heres the link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AldEn5UlOxZfdGhaX1NXTWVTQWIzWVBLSWdJMC1QYmc&usp=sharing

Posted 2019/09/17 5:50 PM by The Jimster

I also did a little maintenance on the Fight Calculator. Checked the equations for this and the STR-AGL calculator and looks good. Any changes made in the last 5-6 years won't be here, but how much really changes :P
Link for the Fight Calculator if anyone wants it

Posted 2019/09/18 8:12 AM by The_Iguana

awesome thanks! I had downloaded a version and pretty sure I have my local copy working but I'll compare in a bit.

Posted 2019/09/19 1:42 AM by Sydney Sharks

So it now says scheduled against my fighter but can’t see against who or spar against them?

Is that on purpose?

Posted 2019/09/19 7:11 AM by Game Admin

First round matchups are now visible. Tournament engine work is ongoing. More to come.

Posted 2019/10/02 7:21 AM by Game Admin

Late arrivals Helict and The Jimster have been scheduled.