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Very High rated fighters. 28+

Posted 2019/08/24 8:02 AM by ZWIP

The game is to the point to where a lot of the champs and contenders are in the
high 20's or 30+ rated guys. Playing this game for 20+ years. It seems to me that
once you get a fighter to a certain rating (high 20's) that strategy seems to go out
the door and luck takes over. As JAH puts it..your gloves become razor blades..LOL
I have won fights I know I was lacking big time on AP's and lost fights the same way
because a fighter gets damage and the game really amplifies things the higher the
rating. I fought a clone of myself 3 times last week so I knew what the plan was to
spar against. Of course I did great in sparring(know the damn plan)..but all 3 times
my sure fire plan got ruined by over exaggerated damage and my fighter lost because
of stoppage...Like i said, I have won fights that way as well. It just doesn't seem like a
true test of skill and Fight Plans at real high ratings. The game has always incorporated
luck into the game but..but it amplifies considerably at real high rating. I might take all
my real high Champs and put them on the shelf for a while and let other manager fight
for some WT's at lower rating.

Posted 2019/08/24 2:25 PM by J.Aaron Hall

I agree...I didn't realize how 50/50 it was to win until I got a few to around 30...you can spar and plan all day and it just is a matter of cuts, and it doesn't even seem to matter if its dancer v slugger or slugger v slugger, it still comes out to either cut-induced TKO or KO due to the extra damage the cuts inflict.

Secondarily there are few bots to fight in all but heavyweight and toughman to even get a fighter to a WT that is held at 28-36 rating, precluding newer players from even getting to a WT, even if they were to perfectly bot a fighter to 26-0-0(26/0) there just will be no bot or human opponent to fight to finish the last 4-6 ranks to get a WT match up.

Posted 2019/11/03 8:45 PM by Sydney Sharks

Combining this thought with the Clasic vs bot fighting I wonder what people really enjoy about the game?

After the Latest CIT contest where the fighters did not change I wonder if fighter progression is to quick.

I understand there are changes coming to this in how you allocate but maybe going up in rating should not be uniform. And more should be about the fight plans ?

eg Your first AP cost 150 points but each one after costs 10 more points?
So your 10 AP actually costs 240 points (150 plus 9 times 10)

These costs are just for example not sure what would be a good cost.

Posted 2019/11/03 10:26 PM by Blood Bath Inc.

How about a win gets you 2 extra APs, 1.5 if it's against lower rated, 2 for equal, 2.5 for higher? Dancers would be killer

Posted 2019/11/04 9:36 PM by Sydney Sharks

I think 2 is too much.

I think for the first win you get 1, then maybe 2 more wins before the next one, 3 wins for the 3rd, etc

It depends on the goal of the game. If it is to build fighters then more APs are good. But if it is about the fight and the plans then maybe APs should be slower to gain.