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Posted 2014/05/30 10:16 AM by Dodgeball

As far as the pay pick'em how about to enter make it more of wagering instead of a flat entry fee? That way if at least two participate it can happen. It would also make use of the extra credits sitting in guys accounts. Now that there is a flat game fee, credits 0 to 499 can only be used for forces. So if one guy wagers 73 credits and another guy wagers 400 then it can still go through with the most being able to be won and lost with only these two being 73 credits.

Now with the more people may be harder to code but let’s throw it out there. X wagers 73, Y wagers 100, and Z wagers 400

If X wins both Y and Z lose 73 credits : X wins 146
If Y wins, X loses 73 credits, Z loses 100 : Y wins 173
If Z wins, X loses 73, Y loses 100 : Z wins 173

This way people can jump in and wager even if not confident in their picks and use some of those extra credits.

Posted 2014/05/30 10:37 AM by Game Admin

I could do this. You personally would not be allowed to play though being used based.

It's about the word "wager".

Either that or you secretly want to see me carted off to jail.

Posted 2014/05/30 10:37 AM by Game Admin

US based

Posted 2014/05/30 10:43 AM by Dodgeball

As long as I play the game on moving water I think I am good

Posted 2014/05/30 10:46 AM by Game Admin


Posted 2014/05/30 10:48 AM by Dodgeball

Are games on Facebook and or other similar sites legal?
If it’s a game of skill, then it’s legal. If it’s a game of chance, and you have to pay to
participate, it is illegal. Games where it costs money to play, but there is no monetary
reward or prize but rather points are awarded that cannot be redeemed for cash or prizes,
only used for additional playing time, have been deemed to be legal.


something I found. May or may not be relevant just throwing it out there

Posted 2014/05/30 2:31 PM by Game Admin

I actually have lawyers to handle this stuff :)

The problem is how prizes and compensation are interpreted.