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Thinking of dropping the 3rd question

Posted 2014/05/30 9:35 AM by Game Admin

Dropping the which round question would drop the standard BDB pickem from 30 questions to 20 and maybe attract more players. Thoughts?

Posted 2014/05/30 10:01 AM by Dodgeball

I'd like to see the straight up winner to be the pick'em and the other two be used as the tie breakers. That way managers not that involved can jump in and do a quick submit and have a realistic chance to win. At least for the free pick'em because would take less skill and more likely a more variety of winners.

Posted 2014/05/30 10:35 AM by Game Admin

We have to be careful because it's supposed to be a skills competition not gambling. I could not monetize a straight up pickem in the US.

Posted 2014/05/30 8:03 PM by ZWIP

Yeah I agree Aaron...guys like to breeze through pickems at times. The 2 questions
would be enough imo.

Posted 2014/05/30 9:22 PM by Big Boy Inc

I think picking the winner and the result is all that is necessary.

Posted 2014/05/31 11:48 AM by Game Admin

Winner and outcome it is from now on.