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We're now testing - time to make picks

Posted 2014/05/03 9:18 PM by Game Admin

First comp is up and running. This is where you post suggestions and ask question

Posted 2014/05/03 10:12 PM by Big Boy Inc

Ok, do we get a pt for each one we get right? What about picking the correct round? That seems to be harder to predict

Posted 2014/05/03 10:21 PM by Game Admin

Not if you pick a win by decision....

Posted 2014/05/07 9:43 AM by Championship Boxing

is it only for members

Posted 2014/05/07 9:48 AM by Game Admin

It's for everyone :)

Posted 2014/05/08 5:32 PM by Dodgeball

would be nice if the box with the fighters to select from looked the same as upcoming fight with all the links for both fighters and such. I had to do a search for the fighter then find his weight class then look at upcoming fights for that division.

Posted 2014/05/14 5:08 AM by Game Admin


Posted 2014/05/16 12:48 PM by Dodgeball

BDB 20 has the all the fights duplicated

Posted 2014/05/27 10:50 AM by Dodgeball

I seemed to have gained ranking points and a 500 payout from the one that was canceled because I was only one entered

Posted 2014/05/28 2:16 PM by Game Admin

That's been fixed. Thank you for your honesty. Enjoy the free credits.

Posted 2014/06/04 9:47 AM by Dodgeball

FYI, The results have not posted for last two days

Posted 2014/06/09 5:01 PM by Dodgeball

Here is latest on how pick'em is going. The results got held up for a week and finally came through today.

I received nine emails saying I won 47, 45, 47, 45, 43, 43, 41, 39, 41 (as you can see there are duplicates). So I received 900 credits and should have received 500

I also entered the pay pick'em 38 at a cost of 100 which it deducted upon entering. Under My Competition Entries I can see 38 was canceled but I do not think the 100 credits was returned.

In total I ended up with 900 credits. I should have ended up with 500 won from free pick'ems and 100 from refund of pay pick'em that was canceled for total of 600. An email of the refunded 100 would be nice just to make it easier to track because they disappear from the schedule when canceled.

So I came out ahead so not complaining. I am just reporting some things that are not working as I believe they are intended to.