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HBO Boxing 8/17/13

Posted 2013/08/18 2:09 AM by Big Boy Inc

It was the first time I actually enjoyed watching boxing in some time, I paid for a few Manny Pacquaio PPVs and ultimately felt cheated (and stolen from). I watched three great bouts tonight.

I watched Sergev Kovalev knock out Nathan Cleverly with devastating power with an early stoppage in the 4th.

The second fight was a tough Spainard Kiko Martinez with a stoppage of Jhonathan Romero in the sixth. Romero looked like he had speed and skill but he can't take a punch nor can he recover from it as well. Kiki Martinez is one of those fighters who just keep coming and coming. Love those types.

The third fight was an astounding match between Australian Daniele Geale vs England's Darren Barker. This was a fight of the year candidate. Barker got knocked down in the sixth with a shot to the liver and he looked like he had no chance of surviving but he ended up winning the rest of the rounds to win a close split decision. Barker is a favorite of mine.

I can't wait for Aarons new site to come out. I'll put some boxing predictions in :)

Posted 2013/08/18 10:57 AM by jonp

I was working at the kovalov fight

Posted 2013/08/18 2:30 PM by jonp

did they not show the buckland smith fight on the kovalov bill that wa frightening

Posted 2013/08/18 2:35 PM by Big Boy Inc

You were? Lucky bastard! That guy is a beast. THey only showed three fights on HBO here in the states. All three great fights. Kovalev and Barker were remarkable.