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who would win

Posted 2012/08/15 8:46 PM by Mr Clover

In a street fight, Muhammad Ali vs Bruce Lee? GO!

Posted 2012/08/15 10:21 PM by Big Boy Inc

Well I love boxing, but I also practiced martial arts for years. I would say that Bruce Lee having the smaller build but was pure muscle. He was fast and strong. Muhammad Ali had amazing foot work and hands but I doubt he could land a punch on Lee before he takes him down. But if Ali, like any other boxer, had a chance to land a punch then I think we would be talking a totally different story.

Posted 2012/08/15 10:30 PM by ZWIP

In his prime say 1964-67,, Ali being 6ft 3 and 210 pounds and lightning fast he
would stack up against just about any Heavyweight fighter who has lived.
Bruce Lee,,what every martial artist since him tries to compare to. Much smaller
than Ali but quicker/faster and more agile,,plus able to use his feet like none other.
In an organized fight in a ring,,Ali "Might" stand a chance. In a street fight,anything
goes the martial artist will win 9/10 times. Especially a man of Bruce Lee's caliber.
Being an expert with Both hands and feet and ground fighting (Where most fight end up)
It is a no brainer (Lee). Ali with his superior size and reach would be able to keep
Lee at bay for a while,,but battling his hands and feet,,Lee would get to him eventually.
This is my humble opinion.

Posted 2012/08/15 10:43 PM by Mr Clover

well i personally own a few tae-bo tapes and feel that i learned a lot about being in tip top shape and variety of kicks/punches. I think Ali would destroy Lee because of his size. I could take Lee down I believe, I got about 40-50 pounds on the guy. Ali would be too fast for me but I would put up a great fight I think. So the answer is Ali in two minutes hands down. Good try though guys.

Posted 2012/08/15 10:50 PM by J.Aaron Hall

a martial artist with multiple attack options will beat a boxer who is only skilled with his hands. The same holds true for single discipline martial artists. Look at the early years of the UFC when the Gracies and other single discipline artists were big compared to now when everyone at the top has studies muay thai, bbj, karate, kick boxing, ect.
Bruce Lee would beat Ali...probably take his legs out from under him with kicks....

Posted 2012/08/15 10:56 PM by Big Boy Inc

Yes I totally agree with JAH, but did anyone else notice that Clover said he could beat Ali beacuse of Tae-Bo tapes? I think you need to get out more Clove lol

Posted 2012/08/16 3:51 PM by ALA


Posted 2012/08/17 5:44 PM by Angee Dungelo

I met Ali a few months after he won the title back from Spinks. He shook my hand and signed my Sports Illustrated magazine of the fight. He was then retired and 37. And even him being somewhat out of shape, it was mind boggling to imagine actually fighting the man or hurting him.
Carl Weathers of the Rocky films was at the event and Ali was just playing with him by leaning and just holding that left in his face. Weathers couldn't even get past that. Let alone what his real jab would be like to dodge.

Lee vs Ali is really kinda silly. Apples & Oranges to me. But young Ali was probably just as fast and agile as Lee in his skills.

Posted 2012/08/17 6:14 PM by Big Boy Inc

what was he like Angee? I couldn't imagine meeting him..

Posted 2012/08/18 6:48 AM by Angee Dungelo

Well Big,
It wasn't like we sat and had coffee, but he simply had a major presence. The women just flowed towards him and he certainly favored them. From the 20 or so inches I was from him as he signed my magazine, it was hard to absorb the fact that he looked flawless after all those Liston, Chavalo, Fraizer, Norton, Lyle, Shavers and Foreman fights behind him. And just the way he filled out his suit made me wonder why he needed body guards with him. LOL!

One bad ass guy at the time simply put. I was impressed.

Posted 2012/08/18 7:03 AM by Angee Dungelo

Oh, one more quick story.
I also met Larry Holmes in Vegas doing road work for the Trevor Berbick fight with former wife the very night before Joe Louis died. It was the last fight Louis attended. We pulled over and stopped to ask for a photo with my wife.

I got the photo, but it took two shots. The only words Larry ever spoke to me were right after I screwed up the first shot:
"Come on buddy,... I ain't got all day!"

I did not argue with the man. ;D

Posted 2012/09/07 8:33 PM by Terminator Ty

LMAO .... don't ever quit this game, Angee!

Posted 2012/09/14 12:15 AM by Angee Dungelo

Well, it's true.

What else was I going to say him? "SHUT UP AND STAND STILL YOU IDIOT!?"
Had I done so,. I'd still be in recovery and never have heard of this game.