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WTF was Cain thinking?

Posted 2011/11/13 3:23 AM by Game Admin

A division 1 wrestler decides to go toe-to-toe with JDS? Really? Really? So if I ran into Linda Lovelace and she said "I'll bet you $50, we can either have an arm-wrestling contest or deep-throating contest which do you prefer?" If my name was Cain Velasquez I'd be looking for the nearest cock I guess...

This short blowout did nothing to attract more fans to the UFC. And I lost 50 fucking dollars.

Not bitter at all. He better come back and do it right next time.

Posted 2011/11/13 6:22 AM by Luchini

Maybe you should have sent that money on a pretty decent Marquez/Pacquiao fight, at least that one went 12 rounds....hahaha, and an undercard fight that has the potential to win fight of the year.

Posted 2011/11/14 8:03 PM by Terminator Ty

LMFAO. My wife was complaining that I wanted to watch the fight. So .... 64 seconds later I tossed the remote at her and said "see, it's over."

a small victory for the Terminator.

Posted 2011/11/14 8:04 PM by Terminator Ty

Then, I started rummaging through the contacts on my cell phone for "Lovelace".

Posted 2012/02/06 2:15 PM by Bronze Southpaw

If it's any consolation, Cain could have taken it to the mat and gotten tapped out instead. JDS is no Brock Lesnar and can fight off his back pretty good.

But you are right, straight up boxing wasn't Cain's best strategy. He was probably trying to get a big fight of the night pay off.

Posted 2012/02/06 2:16 PM by Bronze Southpaw

I got $50 on Linda Lovelace.

Posted 2012/02/07 11:00 PM by Game Admin

I don't see JDS ever submitting Velasquez. He has 1 legit submission win early in his career and that's it. And he was submitted via an armbar himself once.

My take is that Cain did the one thing he could do that would cost him the fight and that's go toe-to-toe with JDS.

Posted 2012/02/08 2:02 AM by Bronze Southpaw

It's difficult to tell how good JDS' ground game and submissions are - noone is willing to test them. I think that says something in itself.

Posted 2012/02/08 10:13 AM by Game Admin

I think that has more to do with his takedown defense and the very real fear of getting KO'd on the way in than any fear of his ground game.

Posted 2012/02/08 4:03 PM by Bronze Southpaw

You may be quite right. I certainly wouldn't try my luck on the ground or standing up. But in the process, you may have hit on the reason Cain didn't try to take him down.

Posted 2012/02/08 6:03 PM by Game Admin

You make a good point. That may be exactly what Cain was thinking. You really expose yourself going for that takedown and JDS has amazing accuracy and timing. Maybe Cain just lost his nerve.

Posted 2012/02/08 10:44 PM by Bronze Southpaw

I got an interesting story for you. My wife, who could never understand fight sports watched a WEC event with me back in '07. She was very negative about the sport as you might guess. But we were dating at the time and she wanted to see what my interest was.

During the show, she listened to Frank Mir give commentary. She was impressed by the science of it. Frank was a great announcer doing play-by-play. What she liked about it was that he not only said what they were doing, but what they wanted to do next. Sometimes he was able to talk through it step-by-step.

After that show, she wanted to see another one, and another and she was hooked. She still says it can be brutal at times, but she understands that the brutality is part of the sport. She wishes that competitors in other sports could care as much about the sport and their competitors as she sees from MMA fighters.

We were merried later in '07 and went to a live event for our first anniversery (now that's a wife!!). We have really gotten into the sport and follow it closely. The cost those fighters pay to be professionals is never lost on her. I had always ignored most of the human interest stories, but she really pays attention, so I have to. There are not many second chances in MMA, so a fighter and his gym must make the best fight plan they can based on everything they know about themselves and their opponents. Then they get one shot to put it into use. Brock gassed himself trying to take Cain down knowing his only shot would be to treat him like Frank Mir. Cain took him to school. I think Cain wanted to play it safe and look for an opening - he didn't find one.

Btw, we are going to Vegas for the 5th anniversery and she hopes to see a UFC event while we are there. I got a great wife.