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Mayweather vs. Ortiz

Posted 1900/01/01 12:00 AM by Luchini

I've been a Mayweather fan for as long as I can remember, his defense is the best in the world, and his speed is rediculous. But this fight makes no sense to me, he's been a master at hand picking opponents for years. But this Ortiz kid is something in the making....power and speed, with a decent chin and has really stepped up after his heart was questioned a couple fights ago. As much as I love Mayweather.....I just think this fight is a really bad matchup for him...and am pretty sure this will be his first loss in his career....thoughts?

Posted 2011/09/11 1:13 AM by Luchini

hahaha and I just noticed I posted this in the wrong section....i'm not the brightest.

Posted 2011/09/17 8:26 PM by Terminator Ty

Ortiz is a Kansas-bred tough guy. Not sure he's got what it takes to defeat Mayweather. But I hope he knocks him down at least once, and I am sure that we will be pulling for the champ from our home state!

Posted 2011/09/18 2:20 AM by Luchini

Terminator....you gotta be pissed at the bullshit that went on in the ring tonight. Cheesiest move i've ever seen in my life by a professional fighter. Finally something that will make people forget about Tyson's ear biting incident.

Posted 2011/09/18 11:54 AM by Game Admin

This is why I don't watch boxing anymore.

Posted 2011/09/19 2:38 AM by Luchini

I hate to say i'm leaning that way....but I do know that Mayweather will never make a dime off of pay-per-view from this house again.

Posted 2011/09/20 9:54 PM by J.Aaron Hall

Yeah this fight was BS....back to watching MMA...

Posted 2011/10/04 8:52 PM by Terminator Ty

not sure what the hell ortiz was thinking .... or doing for that matter .... i'm pretty sure he just got frustrated becuz he was getting his ass kicked .... so, take the point deduction (he was gonna need a KO anyway) and get on with it .... all the hugging and kissing on Floyd ..... jeezus .... just turned himself into a clown ass for no reason ...

listen, i still like the guy .... he does a lot of radio in KC .... one of the morning sports hosts is a big boxing guy .... i'm pulling for ortiz to get it straightened out, but he's gonna need more than a few consecutive Ws before he gets any respect after that crap.