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Dos Santos vs Carwin.

Posted 1900/01/01 12:00 AM by Game Admin

Who wins and why?

Posted 2011/06/14 8:42 PM by The Coroner

Wow! Dos Santos picked Shane apart. Junior is the real deal, great stand-up and can take a punch.

But, I've learned not to hang my hat on anyone in the HvyWt division anymore. Just when you think someone is unbeatable, they get beat. Look at Lesnar, all the physical tools, but no chin. No one can hang on to the belt, and I don't think there's going to be a super dominant HvyWt anytime soon (ala St. Pierre or Silva in their prospective divisions). Hopefully somebody proves me wrong...

Posted 2011/06/14 11:45 PM by Game Admin

I have great hopes for Cain Velasquez. He hasn't fought in so long that we've forgotten just how badly he kicked the crap out of Lesnar. He'd not have such and easy time with JDS but I still think his sheer ferocity would carry the day.

Posted 2011/06/16 1:59 AM by The Coroner

Very true... Cain is a monster. We'll find out a whole lot more when he and Junior mix it up...