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Posted 1900/01/01 12:00 AM by Jedi Jays House of Pancakes


* Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Michael Bisping (wants.. Akiyama but realistically Bisping by dec.)
* Carlos Condit vs. Dan Hardy (the best fight but i give it to condit by sub in RD 2)
* John Hathaway vs. Mike Pyle (this is interesting ... kinda like akiyama and lebens fight .. though Dong hyun kim was supposed to be in the fight and i would have picked to be hathaway ... i think that pyle has a chance here ... but still realistically i see hathaway jabbing out his 4th straight dec.)
* Travis Browne vs. Cheick Kongo (not interested... probably ... Browne .. dont know much about the guy but i dont like kongo and Browne is talented with this hands with 8 of his 10 wins coming by knock out or tko)
* Claude Patrick vs. James Wilks (who gives 2 shits studied the fighters and both like to finish ... kinda ... patrick is 12-1 with 8 sub wins ... so sub win to patrick if he gasses wilks)

i wont comment on the uber boringness of this fight ... patrick may suprise me with a decent fight but i dont care ... i never like any kongo fights ... i am interested in hard and condit ... condit i assume will get a title shot if he beats hardy... i expect pyle to upset hathaway ... but hathaway is legit but is fighting a hungery fighter on short notice like akiyama did in his loss to leben... and of course the ever sexy ... sexyama getting a screw job in a desicion cause bisping will never lose in britania ... ever cause dana white wont allow it ... i have bisping~!


* Cyrille Diabate vs. Alexander Gustafsson
* Rob Broughton vs. Vinicius Kappke de Quieroz
* Steve Cantwell vs. Stanislav Nedkov
* Mark Holst vs. Paul Sass
* Spencer Fisher vs. Kurt Warburton
* Fabio Maldonado vs. James McSweeney

i also posted this in BigDawgMMA forums ... which ... are you creating an MMA stradegy game like ... say ... BDB? seriously i want this answer im very interested in this and would probably fork out alot of money to such a site book

Posted 2010/10/13 7:55 AM by Game Admin

The BigDawgMMA resolver is under construction as we speak. It's a big job.



Posted 2010/10/15 6:26 PM by Jedi Jays House of Pancakes

i love you so much aaron.... even though youre a canadian book

Posted 2010/10/15 8:42 PM by Game Admin

Gee thanks. We're pretty much like you...minus the xenophobia.