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Connor vs Mayweather

Posted 2017/07/17 4:00 AM by Neo

Mcgregor has no chance boys

I'm a big McGregor fan as well

You don't become able to compete with elite boxers by just training your ass off. Conor will get made to look very amateur in this. He's a fantastic mma fighter, but pure stand up skilled boxers skill set is on another level to those guys. The hand speed, feints, will be on absolutely another level to what he has seen.

I don't really see mcgregor initiating clinches too much will work to his benefit. Floyd will have a ref that splits up anything close pretty sharp.

Floyd holds the cards on the outside, and is by far the better boxer on the inside.

The 1 % chance Conor has is probably in the first 2 rounds to go at Floyd hard and try and catch him before he's found his rhythm for the night.

The fight may be a joke, but mcgregor press conferences are on another level lol...and I'll be rooting for Connor

Posted 2017/07/29 1:16 PM by J.Aaron Hall

Can't blame him for it...I'd fight Mayweather for $100 million and I would have less a chance at winning than Connor has lol.