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BigDawg Boxing is a web-based boxing manager simulation. The objective is to manage a gym full of boxers to world titles. You'll scout your opponents, develop fight plans, make strategic career decisions, and talk trash in the press. Along the way your boxers can win regional titles. As your fighters win regional and world titles you level up and earn rewards. The ultimate objective is to hold the world title belt in every division at the same time. Part of the game is socializing with managers from all over the world. Since 1999 our 68,000 registered players have managed nearly 100,000 boxers in more than 2,000,000 boxing matches.

In the News

11:51 PM



Fight Results

Last week the problem fixed itself before it was determined the cause. It is being looked at now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Get your plans in and will be resolved as soon as possible.

8:51 PM




According to the big dawg himself. He has been under
the weather. Fights will resume after a upgrade over the weekend.


3:28 AM



BB Quantam V has issued a press release!

Agnelo Dumdee: "You're blowing it kid, you're blowing it."
Quantum: "Cut my eye, Mickey."
Angelo Dumbdee: "Slugger's already cut both your eyes and quit calling me Mickey"
Quantum: "Alrighty then."

That was just a small piece of the inane banter in the blue corner Friday night as Krusty's BB Quantum V settled for an improbably draw against ZWIP's llegendary former world champ LH Slugger. Quantum's strategy to fight conservatively came back to haunt him as he squandered an early lead and ran out of juice late.
Fortunately for Quantum, LH Slugger wasn't inclined to swing for the fences, but ran out of rounds before he could finish his opponent.
"This has rematch written all over it," Krusty said in the post-fight scrum. "If ZWIP can manage to find which strip club his fighter is partying at tonight, maybe he can get him to sign the contract."

2:54 AM



LH slugger 2016 has issued a press release!

LH Slugger steams up to the mic and Delcares...Quantum and his manager are right about one thing..he has little chance against me.....I was lazy and thought I was unbeatable...Stykeys Midget kicked my Ass real good and gave me a reality check. Since then I have been training non-stop and I have my Bad Ass edge back. Just then Sluggers manager grabs the Mic away from his fighter and has 3 of his sparring partners hold him back. I will tell you the real story of LH Slugger since he lost the title... he has been boozing it up, hittting the Clubs and the buffets..He will be lucky to make weight. At this point LH Slugger is fuming, screaming at the top of his lungs,,,,I will Kill you,,I will kill you..your fired..your done as he struggles to get loose....just then the lack of training and
over indulding take full affect and he falls to the floor gasping for air....OH MY!! Stay tuned this should be interesting.

2:27 AM



BB Quantam V has issued a press release!

BB Quantum V will be hoping for a Rhonda Rousey type result Friday night as he draws the unenviable task of facing ZWIP's LH slugger 2016. Slugger, coming off a shocking title loss which marred his undefeated record, will no doubt be out to prove his 23-0 record was hardly a fluke. Quantum, meanwhile, will be eager to see if he can kick the former champ while he's down.
"Once an unbeaten champ tastes defeat, it's anyone's guess how he'll respond," Quantum's manager Krusty said in a pre-fight scrum as he arrived in Las Vegas Thursday evening. "Slugger's been a one-trick pony, I don't think ZWIP can teach the old dog a new trick."
Their records would suggest Quantum has little chance of pulling off the upset, but being a former champ himself, he remains confident that with the right game plan he could prove the pundits wrong.
"What the hell is a pundit anyway? Are they those little guys who tied down that giant guy Gulliver? Why is everyone so eager to prove those Lilly Pundits wrong anyway?" Quantum asked as Krusty struggled to tug the mic away from him.
"That's not for print, Quantum is just tired," Krusty said, waving the reporters away as his fighter sat confused looking, muttering to himself. "Wait, maybe it's Lilly Putins. Ahh, they're in league with the president of Russia, so maybe we SHOULD prove them wrong..."

8:01 PM



ZWIP has manually scheduled Melissa Jones to fight Sylvia Trench

ZWIP has manually scheduled Melissa Jones to fight Sylvia Trench

They will fight on 12/30/2016 9:00:00 PM

3:48 AM




Remember Managers. Once the New Year starts the slates
are wiped clean for MOTY for 2017. It is always a good thing
to start the year off strong and try and maintain throughout
the year. Every win , every RT, every WT helps your score.
It is a big honor to win MOTY and winner gets a nice emblem
for their gym. There has been a few Multiple winners. Myself,
Top Rank and Duke of Dorkdom. I will try and get my Third
in a row in 2017 so looking forward to some great fights with
all the fantastic managers playing the game.

3:11 AM



ZWIP has manually scheduled MVG to fight John Bryan

ZWIP has manually scheduled MVG to fight John Bryan

They will fight on 12/20/2016 9:00:00 PM

1:51 AM



Suggestions and Issues

I know it is tempting to go straight to Admin with suggestions and issues because you see him on a lot but please continue to follow the process of posting these under the support forum. If anything regards game play you can send either Zwip or myself a private message. As commissioners we are here to be your voice to Admin. Zwip and I generally discuss which issues have top priority and ad hoc requests no matter how simple still take time to do and generally push other things down the list. Admin likes a good chat so feel free to continue to say "hi" just keep the forums active for changes.

thanks, Dodgeball

8:25 PM



Account balance bug

I just discovered a bug whereby credits were being added to accounts rather than removed when certain micro-transactions were conducted. Normally I'd just eat this but since no one reported it and in a few cases the amounts were quite noticeable obviously some folks kept quiet hoping I wouldn't notice.

I'm going to go ahead and correct the account balances manually.

Top 10 Freshman Managers

Name Region
Willmore Scott from U.S. Midwest
de Tuna Projects from U.S. East
TR Ace from U.S. East
MadMagnus from U.S. East
The Battle Yuns from U.S. East
Lil_Eli from U.S. East
Tony De vorms from U.S. Midwest
big buddha from Europe
Guerreiro from Europe
botstudy from AustralAsia and South America