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Posted 2017/04/25 2:50 PM by ZWIP

A few years ago Dodgeball and myself made of a gym called Alcatraz gym and filled it with fighters from suspended gyms.
There are hundreds of fighters. We Put about 100 on auto and gave them basic Fp's that never changed. This always gave managers guys to fight and they knew there FP's as we posted them. Anyway we shut it down after Aaron bought back bots to fight. On occasion we have had some Alcatraz give aways. You can go to the gym and see if there is a handful of fighters you may want in your gym. Any guys 16 rated and below. If the fighter is retired he is probably
topped so you can't have them..lol. If you want some guys let me know
and I can transfer them into your gym.
Frank (ZWIP)


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