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Belts and Regions

Posted 2017/04/12 11:23 PM by Air Force

Backing the day you used to be able to show rankings only showing fighters in your region. I am wondering why this has changed. Also what are all the different belts I see the the world titles but theres some different ones i see in the rankings also

Posted 2017/04/13 9:08 AM by ZWIP

Back in the day when you could see
"regional" rankings all fighters regardless
of being on auto or manual were presented.
Tried to clean up all the fighters that are
not available to fight. When you look at
rankings now only fighters on auto and available
to fight are there and their region is also there
so you know if they are available to fight for RT's.
Regional title holders are under WT holders in rankings.
Dodgeball and myself decided to move most all active
manager into 2 regions (East and Midwest) so RT's are
easier to come by. When we start growing again we will
expand the regions again.

A gold Crown is current WC. A gold plate means former WC.
flashing Brown belt is current RT holder. Red Belt is
former RT holder. Blue Belt means you have fought for
WT but didn't win. Green Belt means you have fought for
RT but didn't win.

Hope this helps:)

Posted 2017/04/13 9:27 PM by Air Force

Yes that helps thank you

Posted 2017/04/17 1:34 PM by Admin

I've added a regional ranking for boxers.

Posted 2017/04/30 4:00 PM by la-may

Originally hailing from Porvoo, Finland and now fighting out of the U.S. East region, la-may is currently Active joined the game 1/25/1999 and was last online 4/30/2017 7:58:08 PM

I've been away for awhile... Now I'm relocated in the US. Administration making their own 'Reverse Immigration Executive Orders'? ;)

Posted 2017/04/30 4:48 PM by ZWIP

HA HA..that's right ole buddy we are immigrating you INTO
the US. We have around 20 managers that play all the time
and thought it would be a good idea to stuff all the active
managers into couple of regions so RT's for those who haven't
got them all can have more access to fights to complete there levels.

I does make RT fight's more interesting as well. If you want I can
put you back to Europe (Immigrate your ass back) and move a few
more managers there and run with 3 regions.

Posted 2017/04/30 6:14 PM by ZWIP

Ok Lame, I put you back where you belong in good
ole Europe and threw a handful of other managers
over there with you.

Posted 2017/05/01 1:40 AM by la-may

My plan was to be drunk 'til my tourist visa expires. Then I would have supported myself sewing maid dressed, driving taxi and picking apples... Combined the salaries would have made a hefty 1/10 of the Finnish minimum wage.

Well, plan B is to export lumber to US :)

Posted 2017/05/03 3:44 PM by Admin

We do have a Finland region.....if you are there the bots should keep you busy while you try to hold the regional title in every division....

Posted 2017/05/03 8:32 PM by ZWIP

Aaron,,look at the bots I fought today.
They all have lost a rating point. If
you look at the Official Bot gym and look
under "all" fighters there are a lot of
bots that have lost rating points and I know
some have gained after they beat my guys.

After they fight they hang around just
like a regular fighter does instead
of being dumped (I thought that is the way
you set the new system up?) Kinda like it,

I have Several examples of bots being cloned
from topped fighters. It only seems to happen
when there is no other opponent human or bot
under competition. Usually higher rated.

I know at least 5 of my topped guys have
been cloned because they are same height
and weight and they ended up using the last
plan that was loaded in my guys Fight plan.

I know at least 3 were cloned from the
big dawg training gym and All the fighters
there are topped. DB and I have both checked
this out.

I can give you more examples in the PC forums
if you would like:)

Posted 2017/05/04 5:48 PM by Admin

I dealt with the topped fighters spawning bots.


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