New to this site. Looking for some help please.

Posted 2017/03/14 3:09 PM by Chadman2

I'm trying to create my fighter but it keeps telling me that my fighter is too heavy for the weight class? I've tried changing the weight and had the same thing come up.

Posted 2017/03/14 3:26 PM by ZWIP

Hey Chadman2,
When you are creating a fighter build has alot
to do with your weight as does height and weight
and agility and strength. The more strength the
heavier your guy will be, more agility makes you lighter
taller makes you heavier and as you go from skinny
build to barrel your weight will also be lighter.
If you have the stats you want for your guy try changing
the build to get it to fit into the class you want to be
in. You cannot change the weight,,it changes as everything
else does.
Hope this helps.

Posted 2017/03/14 3:28 PM by Chadman2

I will try that and see if it works! I've been messing with it for a half hour now. Thank you very much for the help!

Posted 2017/03/15 12:16 PM by Chadman2

Hey, any tips for making a fight plan? I have made a few but have had no luck. Also, is there a way to train your fighter or is it done for me?

Posted 2017/03/15 2:31 PM by Admin

Fighter is trained automatically after you win a fight. Here's a link to the fight plan help.


Posted 2017/03/15 5:01 PM by Chadman2

Thank you so much!

Posted 2017/03/16 2:01 PM by ZWIP

I see you are really struggling with your fights.
You are able to spar against a bot up to rating
3 and see his FP so you can find something that works for

Here is a couple of real basic plans.
If you are taller and think you have
and agility advantage.

1) 4h/6/10 (ring)
3) if score >=2 then 1/1/15 (ring)
if score <2 then 4/6/10 (ring)
if score <0 then 6/4/10 (ring)
10) if score >=2 then 4h/6/10 (ring)
if score <2 then 6h/4/10 (ring)

If you are shorter than your opponent
and think your are stronger.

) 4h/9/7 (clinch)
2) 4b/9/7 (clinch)
if opp is tired then 4b/10/6 (clinch)
if opp is hurt then 4h/11/5 (clinch)
10) 5h/10/5 (inside)
if score <0 then 5h/11/4 (inside)

Posted 2017/03/21 2:44 PM by J.Aaron Hall

If you want a tool to help you guess what your opponent's stats look like try this link: http://tbgreports.fanspace.com/North%20American%20Cup%203/Fighter%20Creation%20Tool.html

Posted 2017/03/22 8:10 AM by Admin

Looks like after a dozen or so losses he packed it in after his first day. I need to make this easier for noobs. Going to institute a "rookie mode" for all new gyms to help increase conversion rates.


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