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Coming Soon (From Aaron)

Posted 2017/02/27 4:52 PM by ZWIP

Upcoming game enhancements

Over the next few weeks we will be enhancing the BOT game so that BOTs can fight for and win both world and regional titles. This is being done to ensure that every player's fighter is scheduled every week and put an end to title fight stripping due to inactivity.

We will also be introducing daily, hourly and continuous (for the real masochists out there) fight options to allow players to level their fighters into title contention as quickly as possible. There will be no other advantage other than rapid advancement and this feature will be monetized.

Another new monetized feature will be the ability to extend your fighter's lifespan so that he can fight longer without feeling the effects of aging. Again, this will offer no advantage other than the ability to keep a favourite fighter competitive longer, or perhaps resurrect an old fighter that you had retired. Please note that you will NOT be able to extend the careers of topped fighters.


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