Straw Bots

Posted 2017/01/10 12:25 PM by Luchini

Just curious, no bots listed to challenge within the strawweight division. Or am i just missing something?

Posted 2017/01/10 3:46 PM by ZWIP

No Luch, you aren't missing anything..lol
When you fight a bot one is supposed to
be made and randomly placed. The past few
months though bots are not being made when
one is fought so the lower rated bots especially
in the lower classes and not there. There
are some in the higher classes and higher
rated bots everywhere. Aaron is aware of the
problem so hopefully he will take care of it
real soon so we can pummel some more bots:).

Posted 2017/01/11 12:12 PM by Luchini

Hahaha gotcha buddy, this needs to be a priority....how else am i supposed to get wins around here? hahaha


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