Posted 2016/09/27 7:37 PM by Dr. Death

I just paid for 5000 credits but it's still in my account. It says that membership expires 10/10/2016. Am I a contributing member?

Posted 2016/09/27 7:45 PM by Admin

Yep. It won't take the credits until the 10th.

Posted 2016/09/27 7:46 PM by Admin

Oh and thank you for contributing :)

Posted 2016/11/17 4:11 PM by Sydney Sharks

Likewise and sent email .. but no credits appearing.. 10th of which month?

Posted 2016/12/06 3:49 PM by Sydney Sharks

Still waiting for answer....

Posted 2016/12/06 4:35 PM by ZWIP

Hey Sydney,
Just looked at your account and I don't
see any payment made since 2014. The
Big Kahuna is on Holiday for a few weeks.
I will make sure he looks into this when he
get's back. May be a problem with the paypal
system. Keep Punching:)

Posted 2017/02/02 9:05 PM by Sydney Sharks

All sorted now.

Thank you.

Posted 2017/02/09 3:14 AM by Luchini

Quick question.....i assumed when u hit "auto renew" it would take $5 every month automatically, like a netflix or something. Was i wrong and need to physically go in and purchase each month or whenever? Sorry if this was addressed in a diff thread. Been meaning to ask, keep forgetting. Thanks fellas.

Posted 2017/02/09 10:54 AM by ZWIP

Hey Luch, Aaron has made the game free now
so you don't need your 5 bucks a month. The
auto renew did work but you had to have
the credits in there. You can still put
credits in though if you want to fight
higher rated bots.


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