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Posted: 8/22/2016 6:07:14 PM
By: Tom Greens Missing Plum
Joined: 7/9/2011 10:02:45 PM
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So saw a Facebook post by a pitbull owner that said...

"We as people are being shunned from society. This is not so much about the Dogs but those who own them"

As a dog lover who has nothing against any breed I can only say....WTF??!!! What people? Are the residents of the country of Pitbullvania being wiped out by ethnic cleansing? Suicidal First Nations teenagers, racially profiled minorities, and Syrian refugees are all in crisis. Only someone with no grasp on reality would feel shunned by society because their FAVOURITE breed of dog is banned. It's a consumer choice for Christ 's sake, Middle class white westerners need to stop embarrassing themselves with this shit and go spend some time with the unsupported parents of an autistic child. On the plus side, at least there's no Holocaust comparison....yet.

Posted: 8/23/2016 3:08:26 PM
Joined: 1/25/1999
Location: Peoria, Illinois
LOL, I agree completely Big Man. We are unsupported parents of an autistic child.
We will surely trade places anytime.

Posted: 11/20/2016 1:48:49 PM
By: Stykey
Joined: 10/12/2015 4:31:31 PM
Location: Providence, Rhode Island
I proudly have both; a 36 year old autistic adult son and a 6 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier male. :>))

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