Floyd Mayweather

Posted 2014/04/07 9:22 AM by Championship Boxing

Will anybody beat Floyd Mayweather?

Posted 2014/04/07 11:32 AM by Big Boy Inc

He is very careful with his fights but im sure one day he will pick the wrong one or age catches up with himk. I can see him going up in weight to fight Sergio or Ward. Fatal mistake.

Posted 2014/04/07 1:10 PM by Championship Boxing

Sergio might be to old but ward would have a good chance of beating him

Posted 2014/04/07 1:14 PM by Big Boy Inc

I think Ward is physically too much for Floyd. GGG would kill Floyd. The size makes a lot of difference and Floyd is 36.

Posted 2014/04/07 1:56 PM by Championship Boxing

the first time GGG hit's him with something that has pop Floyd is done


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