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All-Time Pound for Pound Fighter Rankings
ScoreFighterManaged byDivision
7235 Warning ZWIP Cruiserweight
7025 The Danvers Devil ZWIP Featherweight
7015 Duke of Dorkdom's Little Lost Dancer ZWIP Heavyweight
7005 Testing the waters ZWIP Lightweight
6925 Test Slugger 30 ZWIP Super-Welterweight
6870 Wine Just BoB Toughman
6660 Akebono Chiyonofuji Dodgeball Super-Heavyweight
6660 Achmed "The Dead" Terrorist Stykey Featherweight
6590 Walker A. Elser ZWIP Heavyweight
6505 Fu Manchu ZWIP Lightweight
6495 127 JR. Stykey Heavyweight
6490 The Can Crusher ZWIP Heavyweight
6470 Big Lurch ZWIP Toughman
6430 Earl "Daredevil" Edwards Big Dawg Training gym Super-Middleweight
6355 Halloween 2019 Meadows Meadows Inc. 2021 Heavyweight
6330 Gutboy Barrelhouse Game Admin Heavyweight
6320 Pepperdine ZWIP Cruiserweight
6245 The Roaring 20's ZWIP Heavyweight
6245 Meadows is in Love with Dancers ZWIP Heavyweight
6240 127 AP's ZWIP Heavyweight
6230 HW Experiment ZWIP Toughman
6205 Claw my way up ZWIP Cruiserweight
6150 ZWIP Slugger 2018 ZWIP Lightweight
6060 Big Mac Slugger Fong Heavyweight
6045 Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso Stykey Middleweight
6010 Dr. Fauchi Stykey Light-Heavyweight
6000 The Walking Dead III Bale Force Super-Middleweight
5995 LH slugger 2016 ZWIP Light-Heavyweight
5985 Baby Face McGee ZWIP Bantamweight
5975 Stykey's Slugger Clone V2 Stykey Heavyweight
5940 LW Slugger 2016 ZWIP Featherweight
5900 BW Slugger 2016 ZWIP Featherweight
5890 Movie Maker and Videos ZWIP Cruiserweight
5870 Slugger Clone V4 Fong Middleweight
5870 Cesspool Stykey Heavyweight
5785 Broken Ghost Stykey Heavyweight
5780 Kyle Schwarber ZWIP Featherweight
5775 Rambo X Stykey Heavyweight
5770 Testing Testing ZWIP Heavyweight
5745 Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano Stykey Super-Lightweight
5735 Swinging for the fences ZWIP Heavyweight
5735 Bloomington Bomber ZWIP Light-Heavyweight
5730 Candy Crush Three Just BoB Heavyweight
5730 Meadows Slugger Clone V3 Meadows Inc. 2021 Cruiserweight
5715 Full Speed Ahead ZWIP Super-Middleweight
5700 Black Sabbath Stykey Super-Middleweight
5690 Randall Rexes suxel Bantamweight
5670 The Thinker ZWIP Heavyweight
5665 David "Would You Like Blood With That" Malone ZWIP Super-Welterweight
5645 Burger King Just BoB Heavyweight
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