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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the Canada region, JeffyP is currently Inactive joined the game 6/25/2000 5:25:22 PM and was last online 10/8/2011 6:51:46 AM

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The gym where fighters are born, make a run at a title, and die, all in the ring. Once a fighter fights for me, he'll have to prove he deserves to retire, otherwise he keeps fighting well past 100 fights if necessary.

Top 5's
(last updated: October 15)

Most Fights:
KO Koala 104
Banarne 94
"King" Solomon Pierce 80
Mihail Gorbatshov 77
Mr. Average 62
Most Wins
Banarne 61
KO Koala 53
"King" Solomon Pierce 50
Mihail Gorbatshov 45
Mr. Average 31

Most Wins by KO
"King" Solomon Pierce 42
Banarne 25
Don Ateyo Urliver 24
Mihail Gorbatshov 19
Oblicks &
KO Koala
Most Wins by decision
KO Koala 38
Banarne 36
Mihail Gorbatshov 26
Mr. Average 21
Soda Popinsky &
Lone Wolf Begosh

Most Ties
KO Koala 8
Mr. Average 7
Zoom zoom 4
Test Dummy I &
Mihail Gorbatshov
Most Losses
KO Koala 43
Banarne 33
Mihail Gorbatshov &
"King" Solomon Pierce
Mr. Average 24

Highest Status
Banarne 23
"King" Solomon Pierce 16
KO Koala 15
Mihail Gorbatshov 13
Vanderbilt 12
Highest KO % (10 win minimum)
Don Ateyo Urliver 96% (24/25)
"King" Solomon Pierce 84% (42/50)
Oblicks 79% (15/19)
Teeth Spitting Dave 62% (13/21)
Leander The Great 50% (11/22)

Highest world ranking for:
Heavyweight: Banarne - 3rd (02/10/01)
Light-Heavyweight: Javiar "TWO GUNN'S" Crowe - 10th (11/07/01)
Middleweight: Oblicks - 36th (02/10/01)
Strawweight: Test Dummy E - 38th (06/08/01)
Flyweight: Test Dummy E - 28th (06/15/01)
Toughman: Banarne - 2nd (06/08/01)

Highest regional ranking for:
Heavyweight: "King" Solomon Pierce 1st February 10th, 2001
Cruiserweight: Soda Popinsky 2nd September 1st, 2001
Light-Heavyweight: Teeth Spitting Dave 1st September 14th, 2000
Middleweight: Oblicks 2nd March 30th, 2001
Welterweight: Lone Wolf Begosh 1st August 22nd, 2001
Lightweight: DJ Jeffy P 1st December 14th, 2000
Featherweight: Mihail Gorbatshov 1st March 27th, 2001
Bantamweight: Mihail Gorbatshov 1st September 12th, 2000
Flyweight: Don Ateyo Urliver 1st August 20th, 2001
Strawweight: Test Dummy E 3rd May 15th, 2001
Toughman: 3hree 1st March 30, 2001
Note: If two fighters tie for the highest ranking, the first fighter to get that rating gets listed.

Greatest fighters Accomplishment
"King" Solomon Pierce Finally won the Canadian regional title on 02/09/01 after losing 3 times in a row (twice to Randolyn Goldleaf) and successfully defended the Canadian regional title 8 times.
Test Dummy I A super Toughman fighter that kept the Canadian Title for 10 straight fights over 2 months, from June 2nd to August 11, 2001. Another one of JeffyP's fighters saved from the brink of dumping after a miserable 1-2-1 (0/1) start. He will be coming out of retirement one day.
DJ Jeffy P The first fighter under the guise of JeffyP to win a regional championship.
Jeffy "Light Hittin" P The first fighter under the guise of JeffyP to fight in a regional championship. He lost, but then again, he was never good. He now lives here after being sold twice, then dumped. In 5 fights with JeffyP, he went 4-1-0 (0/1), and in the 9 fights after being sold, he went 0-8-1 (0/6).

Great moments in JeffyP's history
· October 1997, Became an amateur.
· March 1999, Went into retirement.
· August 2000, Reopened my doors after a 18 month hiatus.
· August 2000, Turned pro.
· Sunday, April 15th 2001, One of the top 25 managers in order of money earned over the last 21 days.
· Thursday, April 19th 2001, Earned a total of $1,000,000 in the last three weeks. Ranked second in Canada.
· Saturday, June 23rd 2001, Earned a total of almost $1.5 million in the last three weeks. Ranked first in Canada, and 10th overall. Had my first world title shot (with Banarne in the Toughman division. An easy loss, Banarne isn't meant to be a toughman).
· Sunday, July 1st 2001, Now ranked 8th overall in TBG. Now have a 49-7-5 (21/4) record for Regional championships.

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