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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the Amateur region, Sun Tzu and the Art of War is currently Inactive joined the game 5/9/2000 8:24:29 PM and was last online 9/13/2002 11:05:43 AM

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"I feel lucky and I've got plenty of ammunition." - Hunter S. Thompson
(Exactly... doh!)

Fighters Recruited...
2000-09-28 13:30:22 Orlando Peterson 10-3-0 (8/1) was recruited from Dude_028 by Meadows Inc. for $2.65
Orlando Peterson - From Brooklyn, New York, "Small World" Peterson has been managed by Meadows, Inc. and ZWIP since leaving Sun Tzu and the Art of War's Gym.

Fighters Sold...
None to date...

Fighters Bought...
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Dumped Fighters...
Christian Veracruz - At 8-6-0 (2/2), Veracruz never panned out, and "earned" his release from the gym when he lost a very winnable rematch over the mediocre Andrew "The KO Kid" Dahms by KO in the 12th round.

2001-08-20 14:39:54 Carlos Gonzalez was purchased from Lao Tzu and the Art of War by Ground Zero for $0.90
Carlos Gonzalez - At 3-0-0 (3/0), Gonzalez showed promise in the time he spent with Sun Tzu, but was never happy with the small number of appearances he made. He was signed by Ground Zero as a free agent, but the transition brought little success. After stints in the U.S. South's Heavyweight and Toughman divisions, Gonzalez was dumped again and is currently out of boxing.

2002-05-12 10:33:09 DerMarr Johnson was purchased from Sun Tzu and the Art of War by The Jimster for $3.15
AMATEUR LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE: DerMarr Johnson - Though he struggled at times with a glass chin that guided him to the canvas in five knockout losses, Johnson became Sun Tzu's second champion by demonstrating the ability to use his height as an overwhelming advantage. In his 19-6-1 (5/5) amateur career, he never lost by decision, posting a 13-0-1 record in fights not decided by a knockout or a foul. His professional career is now in progress, with Johnson under the guidance of The Jimster, a U.S. East gym.
2002-03-15 20:31:14 Angelo Perez was purchased from Sun Tzu and the Art of War by jonnydog for $10.00
AMATEUR WELTERWEIGHT TITLE: Angelo Perez - Perez's unbeaten amateur career opened with 11 straight wins, and 15 straight bouts without a loss. His commanding unanimous decision victory over Huge One gave him the Amateur Welterweight Title and a spectacular 14-0-1 (3/0) record. Now managed by jonnydog out of the United Kingdom, Perez retains fond memories of his impressive run under Sun Tzu's tutelage.
2002-09-05 16:35:01 Shinoko "The Flying Samurai" Haru was purchased from Sun Tzu and the Art of War by Bold Bill for $3.30
AMATEUR STRAWWEIGHT TITLE: Shinoko "The Flying Samurai" Haru - "The Flying Samurai" spent a large part of his amateur career learning balance. His 7-1-0 record in fights decided by the judges proved he was most effective as a tactical fighter, though the one loss by unanimous decision in a title fight against Birillo left him wishing he'd gone back to his instinctive power punching and aimed for a knockout. Due to his speed and strength, he began as a more natural brawler, leading to 4 knockout losses, but also 11 knockout wins. Yet, ultimately, it was a calculated, patient effort in his 19th win -- by decision -- that finally earned the title belt, wrapping up his amateur career with a record of 19-6-0 (11/4). Haru is now managed by Bold Bill out of the U.S. East.

Most wins: 19 (Haru, Johnson)
Longest win streak: 11 (Angelo Perez)
Longest unbeaten streak: 15 (Angelo Perez)
Best start to a career: 14-0-1 (Angelo Perez)
Most KO's: 11 (Shinoko Haru)
Most consecutive KO's: 7 (Baez, King)
Total Record: 89-21-2 (48/12)