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Originally hailing from Parts Unknown and now fighting out of the Amateur region, GW DESTROYER is currently Inactive joined the game 4/18/1999 12:47:43 PM and was last online 2/23/2001 6:21:38 PM

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After being gone a tortuorous three months
I have once again risen from the ashes to prevail
VICTORIOUS! While in the past I have erred I now realize I need to let bygones be bygones and live for the future.
While I believe that faith will lead to our prosperity I also believe we control our own destiny.
Thus by controling my own destiny I shall continue to
beat all of my opponents! I am a more wiser but still cocky GW DESTROYER.
To all those who don't like it I have this to say

The Beast will ride on!!!!

Past manager of Former Amateur Heavyweight Champion Matrix 2 19-8 (15/4)

All around record of 89-32-0 (55/24).

This is the true record. The gym record below also includes fights from purchased fighters, and does not include fights from former boxers who were recruited.