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Help Fighting Styles - Allout

There are times when throwing normal punches isn't enough and where a fighter needs to give 200%, or perhaps doesn't "need" to but feels that it might be a good surprise tactic. All Out basically means that the fighter drops his defense and rushes head long at his opponent throwing wild punches and putting every ounce of energy he has into them. As a result the damage he causes is double, however the damage he receives is quadrupled. Also because he is fighting wildly any advantage he was receiving from being taller is cut in half. Allout is best used against
  1. weak slappers/dancers
  2. severely battered fighters
  3. very early on as a surprise tactic
  4. in the last round if you are behind on the cards and are willing to risk being knocked down or out to get the win

Adding a bit of dirty fighting to an allout often works wonders where sanity and planning have failed.

Damage to opponent doubled.

Damage to your own fighter is quadrupled.
The height advantage of your fighter is halved.

4/8/8 (allout)

#12th round allout
12) 4/8/8 (allout)

#12th round kamikaze approach with score check, head targeting, and fighting dirty
#best to use against a total slapper.....

if round = 12 and score < 0 then 5h/10!/5 (allout)