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Making a Fight Plan

Posted 2019/04/24 2:35 PM by Mister Bitches

Hey everyone. I used to play this game years ago, n just recently started again. My record is 2-6, but Ive realized im using a generic fight plan. It showed during my fights that Im using 1 aggression, 18 defense, and 1 power. My guy is very accurate, landing usually 8 out of 10 punches, but he’s simply not busy enough. Im losing to people who are landing maybe 10 out of 40 punches, so 25% accuracy compared to my 80%...

Ive tried changing my fight plan, but it says the line command im using is incorrect.

I set it up like this
Defense = 10
Aggression = 6
Power = 4

Its saying I have to code it as follows: power/aggression/defense (style)
I cant figure it out, and any help would b greatly appreciated.

Posted 2019/04/24 6:56 PM by J.Aaron Hall

Defense = 10
Aggression = 6
Power = 4

would be 6/4/10

then you can add what style you want such as
You can look me up on facebook Joel Hall if you want to message me. I'll help you if I can.

Posted 2019/04/24 10:12 PM by J.Aaron Hall

Also take a look at Salvage Yard's blog BIG DAWG BOXING HELP it will explain alot of stuff in detail.