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haven't been around in years

Posted 2019/03/15 12:52 PM by Errebo

just logged in, glad this game is still going strong!

checked out my gym, looks like I'm missing fighters though, too bad, I thought I had a couple world champs...

Posted 2019/03/15 1:23 PM by ZWIP

Hey Man, good to see you..it has been a long time.
If you give me the names of some of your fighters
I might be able to locate them for you. The CIT
will be going off pretty soon, I will be sure to send
you an invite. Might as well make some fighters and
throw them out there if your rusty..lol. You can fight
bots now every 10 ten minutes if you please, if you spar
against one rating one-four you can see his FP..makes it
easier to get a fighter off on the right foot. Any questions
just ask.

Posted 2019/03/19 3:55 PM by Game Admin

Sorry about the missing fighters. That would be my fault either due to incompetence or whatever bright idea crossed my mind at the time. Like ZWIP said, we'll do what we canto get them back for you.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

Posted 2019/04/26 3:29 PM by J.Aaron Hall

If you plan on coming back, look at my gym. As old fighters got sold/dumped/moved over the years I pulled several of the old greats into my gym as a retirement home. If any of them are yours, just let ZWIP or Dodgeball know and they can move them to your gym for you.