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Big Dawg Boxing Newsletter

Posted 2019/01/01 7:19 AM by The Monster from Within

Hey everybody, I published my first edition of BDB Newsletter. I'm hoping that by the end of every Sunday/Monday night I will have a new weekly addition to the blog. It's a work in progress and learning old basic html code has been a headache, but I will do my best. Please feel free to leave comments/suggestions here.

Posted 2019/01/01 8:42 AM by ZWIP

Very Nice Commentary, Keep up the GREAT work.

Posted 2019/01/01 5:04 PM by The Monster from Within

Thanks bud, I will be updating it every Sunday/Monday time frame. I will try to add cool new quirks, top 5 or top 10 lists, etc. I would love for any manager to make a request. Like a certain ranking or article, etc.

Posted 2019/01/01 7:51 PM by Salvageyard

That's an awesome read! Can't wait for more!

Posted 2019/01/07 2:51 AM by The Monster from Within

Updated, still waiting for an interview and more CIT information. Please feel free to request anything in my newsletter, I love to write about anything guys!

Posted 2019/01/07 11:02 AM by Stykey

Hey Monster thanks for the kind words in your newsletter. I am not
really new to the game though. Started Styclone's gym in 1998 I believe, back when Bruce Cota ran the game. I was active until 2006 when I took a leave of absence until October of 2015 when I opened Stykey's gym.

Posted 2019/01/07 11:30 AM by ZWIP

Once again, a great read monster. One mistake
though, I have never fought Zippy, the slugger
he defended against was Stykey's. LOL

Posted 2019/01/07 4:00 PM by The Monster from Within

Oh right lol my bad guys. Styclone. Nice. I’ll edit that later

Posted 2019/01/07 11:41 PM by Balrog

Nice work mate, I feel this game started taking a hit to its activity when the old commentaries started disappearing.
Great to see some effort going into the blogs.

Thanks for the mention BTW.