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5'2 vs 5'0

Posted 2018/12/06 3:01 PM by Zippy Old School

does this really make sense?

I5'2 agile slugger vs 5'0 slugger

No matter what my agile slugger does a shorter slugger can attack me with a defense as low as 5 for the entirety of the fight?? I should be able to kill him . I mean wouldn't you think.

Posted 2018/12/06 3:04 PM by Zippy Old School

maybe im wrong maybe my fighter should be a dancer and use a different style like outside or towel.

Posted 2018/12/06 3:53 PM by ZWIP

A 5'2 agile slugger plus 8-15 str. should have no problem
beating a normal slugger that is plus 15 or more strength
using ring or chase. Using outside you would possibly
need a little more of a height difference to give you more
of a speed/agilty bonus. If you spar against a bot that is
3 or lower rating it will show you his exact plan and stats.

You can find pretty good plans in the bots. All are made
from real fighters and the plans that came with them.

Posted 2018/12/06 3:56 PM by ZWIP


Something I put together years ago about styles plans etc.

Posted 2018/12/06 6:28 PM by Zippy Old School

Thank you,

Posted 2018/12/06 7:02 PM by Zippy Old School

I have but two fighters left in my old gym so is there a way to pick up old unwanted fighters still.

I like the information you have all gathered up in one link;however,its a lot to take in and sadly although i learned all that before, i have forgotten most it.
I just would like to see some more fighter builds and see what i can work with so far i have nothing but trash.

Posted 2018/12/07 1:24 PM by Zippy Old School

How do I get scheduled for regional titles if nobody has fighters on auto?

Posted 2018/12/07 9:56 PM by ZWIP

The CIT should bring more players back.
Right now we have about 20 guys playing
regularly and logging on occasion. We
have put most managers in either the East
or the Midwest region so there is plenty of
action. ADMIN hasn't worked in a while so
I am unable to move guys around like I used
to so Move yourself to either region and either
you will get a real manager or a bot will come
out to fight your guy if he is on weekly for Regional
title. I think you have to be at least 3 rated for RT
and 10 rated for a WT. We are getting new tools before
the CIT and for sure more managers back to play so
should be fun.