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Fight Plan Script

Posted 2018/02/24 3:27 PM by J.Aaron Hall

Hey all. So after 18 years of being frustrated at having to edit the endurance or other numbers in a plan I decided to make a quick and easy .bat file to do it for me.

@echo off &setlocal
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

set "search=220"
set "replace=150"
set "textfile=FightPlan.txt"
set "newfile=FightPlan2.txt"
(for /f "delims=" %%i in (%textfile%) do (
set "line=%%i"
set "line=!line:%search%=%replace%!"
del %textfile%
rename %newfile% %textfile%

Just place it in the same folder as the FightPlan,txt file. Change the "200" and "150" to suit your fight plan, save and close. Paste the fight plan your editing into the FightPlan.txt file save and close. Run the .bat and, using my example above all instances of 200 will be changed to 150. Comes in handy with those multi-variable fight plans that run over 100+ lines. Don't know if anyone will use it but I figured I would share it anyway. You can either use the text above and make your own .bat or download it from the link below.

if anyone is good at programing GUIs and want to make one that does this it would be awesome...but this is a good amature work around. I hope.

Posted 2018/02/24 9:53 PM by ZWIP

Very Nice JAH..Salvage is good at this stuff.
Get a hold of him.