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Chargers Raiders to LA?

Posted 2015/03/07 12:18 PM by Neo

The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders announced that they have collaborated on a proposal to build a stadium in Carson, California, that the two teams would share if they relocate to the Los Angeles market.

That's if there current cities do not approve and make a new stadium set in stone.

Both clubs at one time were in LA.
The chargers are actually the original LA team being born there with the afl and then in more recent times we can remember both the raiders n rams being in la.

I hope my chargers get a new stadium and if they were to move ne where id be most pleased with the short trip north to LA.

Posted 2015/03/08 8:26 PM by Meadows Inc. 2018

a charger fan? Hehe I don't know many of those

Posted 2015/03/09 5:14 PM by Neo

lol rare breed