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OK, what's next

Posted 2013/11/17 7:01 PM by Game Admin

I need some input for next game feature. I'm on a roll, catch me before I have to disappear again.

Posted 2013/11/17 7:26 PM by Big Boy Inc

I love the ideas you stated in chat. Here are a few I've heard from other managers.

1 - World title record on a fighters page (maybe with P4P rating)

2 - Fleaweight weightclass, fighters max lbs would be at 90lbs (maybe lower the height limit?) This was a DoD idea for the recent tournament

3 - Not sure if this is even possible but maybe put what weightclasses a fighter has won a WT on their page. Maybe have a different link with the most weightclasses a fighter has won WTs the p4p or etc. I know a few managers who take pride in winning in different weightclasses. Encourages fighting and gives managers an extra goal to achieve in the game

4 - Juiced up bots - Have a few higher rated bots in the game that are topped to the max (maybe above the max). Like have the bot be 106/104 or 107/104 for the challenge factor.

Some of these ideas are probably just wishful thinking but I thought I would give it a shot. I would be interested in hearing other managers ideas as well.

Posted 2013/11/17 7:48 PM by Duke of Dorkdom

if topping up is here to stay as it appears it is, down grade it a bit. Keep the same pricing but instead of basically paying to create a perfect fighter, make it adding, say, 3 AP's. As is, coupled with getting rid of the 12th round bonus, the game is skewed way too far to topped dancers.

Posted 2013/11/17 8:00 PM by Big Boy Inc

Maybe increase damage scoring to 1.2 or the tournament it was set at 1.75 but I think that makes sluggers more dangerous. A slight increase might help steal a few close rounds to get the opposing manager thinking more.

Posted 2013/11/18 12:26 AM by Dodgeball

It would help if in you gym when you choose Show "Auto Scheduled" it also showed the fighters set to Fight Scheduling "Automatic (Daily)". Currently there is a way to see Manual and Automatic (Normal) but not the AD fighters.

I would also like to see the P4P Score somewhere on the fighters private page.

Posted 2013/11/18 12:29 AM by Game Admin

Topping up will go away again just as soon as I have something else to add to the inventory.

Posted 2013/11/28 10:22 PM by ZWIP

I like the idea of putting AD fighters grouped with your Auto fighters on your drop down box. Even though I
don't run many AD's I seem to forget about them until they get scheduled after forgetting about them for
3 months, LOL.

Posted 2013/12/01 5:52 PM by Bale Force

on the scheduled fighters page on your gym include the time of the next fight like it does on the pro page. I have missed a few fights when they have been run outside the norma fight times

Posted 2013/12/01 7:12 PM by Game Admin

Fight times now show on the scheduled fighter list

Posted 2013/12/02 6:52 AM by Big Boy Inc

Awesome improvements. Getting the little things improved here and there adds a lot more flow to the game. I also love statistics staying on the server. Good work.

Posted 2013/12/05 11:41 AM by Dodgeball

Would be nice to see Freshman Manager of the Year on MOTY rankings page to give the new guys incentive to stick around and maybe either maybe a list of past winners on the page too. That way they could be method to show past winners without having to create an icon. A credit prize may be incentive too to the winner.

Posted 2013/12/06 4:19 PM by jonnydog

Is there a game clock any where?
If not can we have a game clock for use to gage time difference from our time zone.

Posted 2013/12/24 12:50 PM by Dodgeball

It would be nice when someone is challenged that it shows a message in chat. It seems like the current way a lot of challenges are missed. Also after a challenge is run a notification is also put in chat since there is usually guys hanging around for it. Maybe these two additions would get more managers using the challenge feature which is nice and makes the game more interactive.

Posted 2013/12/24 1:29 PM by Big Boy Inc

Also, perhaps have an icon pop up when a challenge is sent to you. Like the I-mail icon.

Posted 2014/06/12 1:14 PM by Dodgeball

Giving this a bump and adding to it. Some suggestions for additions to the game:

1) Notification of fighters that have received challenges someway. Pop up like imail does as suggested above or notification in chat both sound good.

2) P4P Scored on fighter’s private page for all fighters to better gauge how far some of your top guys are away from P4P list.

3) On Fighter’s listing inside your private gym an additional column that indicates when your fighter’s weight is outside of the given range acceptable for that weight class.

4) Regional Title Record listed on fighter’s private page similar to World Title Record.

5) Regional Title H2H similar to WT H2H

6) More favor to fighter’s that are left on Auto Normal in scheduling. Make fighters that either fought a BOT or have been switched from Auto Daily or Manual to Auto Normal wait 24 hours before they are scheduled.

7) To make better quality pick’ems, make all forces fall on the weight classes normal fight time (not bots). As it is now if a World Champion forces it does not show up in the pick’ems and all World title fights should be in the pick’em and would be nice if they were on a regular night.

8) Another possible change to forced fights would be to cancel the fight one hour prior to scheduled time if the manager being forced hasn’t logged on since the force time. Another option would to allow managers to set how much notification they want the current 3 days or add options for 5 days and 7 days. Not all managers’ log on every day.

9) allow option for a World Champion to force/Auto schedule a Regional Champion and Regional Champion keeps Regional Title even if loses to World Champion. If wins World Title it vacates Regional Title.

10) (Blast from the past) List upcoming fight on on fighters public page and significance.

Posted 2014/06/27 11:16 PM by Duke of Dorkdom

if possible, exclude bot wins and KO wins from the stats pages..all time wins, KO's, etc. Also remove them from calculations for P4P.

Posted 2014/06/27 11:17 PM by Duke of Dorkdom

also really like DB's idea #9

"allow option for a World Champion to force/Auto schedule a Regional Champion and Regional Champion keeps Regional Title even if loses to World Champion. If wins World Title it vacates Regional Title."

Posted 2014/07/03 11:18 AM by Dodgeball

well I will return the favor and say I really like your suggestion on removing the fights against bots in the all time stats as well. I would like to see the stats page only be manager vs manager fights.

probably more complicated but would also like to see them removed from P4P calculations.

Posted 2014/07/03 11:45 AM by ZWIP

I would 3rd the suggestion to remove bot fights from alltime wins/all time KO wins.
P4P is more tricky. You have fighters that have fought both real managers and
bots. If a guy is 25 rated and 30-5 28 KO's for example and untopped so he can fight
bots and along the way he has fought both real managers and bots. Loses to a real manger
at rating 23 and bots himself back to 23 and 24 and beats a real manger to get to 25.
It would be hard to distinguish his P4P then if you took out bot fights. I agree fighters
like my 30 plus rated guys don't belong there....they fought bots to get that high. Maybe
have a separate section for fighters that have fought more than half their fights against bots?
Fighters could be tricky..but overall manager wins/KO wins/ fights dont belong.

Posted 2014/07/04 5:20 AM by Balrog

Definitely agree about manager records and bot fights. Just show records of fights vs other humans.

Posted 2014/10/06 9:17 PM by Dodgeball

giving this a bump because I think all were in favor of removing the bot fights from the total pages

Posted 2015/03/30 9:30 PM by Dodgeball

bumping this to keep track of suggestions for game

Posted 2015/11/02 4:43 PM by Dodgeball

bumping again since there seems to be possiblilty of new development. Post any suggestions here.

Posted 2015/11/06 12:38 AM by Sydney Sharks

What I would love to be able to have is a few variables I can control myself when fighting.

Ie if round>5 and score<0 then set var1 = Ko

Then be able to test them later

If var1=Ko and opp=tired then 4h/8/8 (allout)

The above just being made up examples.

Posted 2015/11/06 12:42 AM by Sydney Sharks

The stats around most wins are a bit of a false stat as they are the same who have the most defeats.

Maybe better longest winning streak or winning percentage or most wins with only 10 or less defeats.

Posted 2015/11/06 2:45 PM by ZWIP

Sharks. there are conditionals you can put in your FP
that will do what you want. Control what your fighter will do
if your opponent is strong/tired or hurt. Can also use your
opponents endurance 15=150 Example and be even more precise.
It is easy to figure your opp. end. you can use it round by round
or occasional rounds. You can also use it to make your fighter
do what you want based on HIS end. and the round etc.
I will send you a FP with those in it if you would like.

Posted 2015/11/11 6:54 PM by Sydney Sharks


understand that there are conditionals and I use them, but I would like to set my own.

eg if the opp is tired then I might want to try allout but only for 1 round.
if I could set my own conditional then I could monitor my actions
the alternative is either I keep doing allout as they are still tired or I guess which round it is in and only have the conditional for that round.

another example might be I try out boxing my opponent but see its not working so need to go for a ko strategy.

If I start winning again it would switch back to the boxing option but what I want to do is continue with the ko option - maybe even try a fighting style then decide I need to do clinch.

Maybe I am over thinking it but hey got to ask and dream =8-)

Posted 2016/03/10 12:34 PM by Salvageyard

Bare with me... this will be long winded...

The Self-Evolving Game of Big Dawg Boxing. This idea struck me a few days ago. It involves a lot of the ideas past and present, implemented or not. It struck me when I for the sake of the current contest I suggested that a manager move to a region to where he could take on another manager to even out the odds of getting a live target in the scheduler. While I realize that we are trying to emulate the current real life boxing world, I don't think it is a sticking matter that needs to be relied upon. When a new player starts a gym, he can be located in four different regions... North, South, East or West (I know 53, but please read on). The player is capable of changing regions in a drop down menu in their gym page. Once in, the player can stay in one of those four "amateur" regions or move to a Pro Circuit. When a player reaches a certain level, lets say 45... or they have won a MOTY... they can start their own region ...or Pro Circuit. Each Circuit comes with their own Regional Titles... or Professional Crowns.

This is where we need to have gym credits back... but only as an internal credit system... meaning that it should never involve real money. Having a "If you like this game please donate." with a PayPal button next to it will generate some revenue. The internal credits is the counting system that "evolves" the game and can't be influenced by outside sources. Every amateur starts with something like 10 credits. Each fighter creation is 2 credits... now fighters become finite and not infinite (don't worry DoD... read on). For every win, the player receives one credit... 5 credits for the regional titles and 20 credits for a world. However, if they are in a Pro Circuit they make double. The managers who created the Pro Circuit, let's call them boxing moguls, have no control over who comes and goes in their region or Pro Circuit, that is up to every individual player. The mogul makes something like 10 credits a week for having a circuit, he also! get's paid 10 credits for every Crown that is fought in his circuit. Crowns can be carried around to different Pro Circuits so it is a bit of a prestige thing to keep the crowns in the moguls circuit as well as get more obtained from other Pro Circuits to add more credits for each one fought. Challenges will be increased and each one costs so much, 5 credits... and challenges to crowns can be selective, meaning there may be one fighter that has several crowns, but each crown challenge costs 5 credits. A crown to a non-mogul player just is the same as a regional title in reflects of the already existing game level.

Within every purchase of a newly created fighter there is a 1 in 1,000 chance for an extra AP, a 1 in a 5,000 chance for +2 AP, and 1 in 10,000 chance for a fighter with +3 AP. This creates some Rocky's every now and then. Fighter Sales are back... now moguls can start hunting the amateur fields for any unnoticed talent. Maybe the amateur doesn't want to sell it, strikes up a deal with the mogul and moves into his region for some training... there is a myriad of possibilities. The moguls are the money source, guilds are created, rivalries born, mentoring natural, credits borrowed, debts paid... or not. Each new mogul grows the game, when a mogul becomes inactive, let's say for 1 year, his crowns are dissolved until he is active again. So what happens to a manager when he reaches the 51 level, he can play on as the mogul of his own Pro Circuit.

Posted 2016/03/10 10:41 PM by ZWIP

I like your ideas Salvage...we need to get Aaron to take notice
and see if any of these would be possible.

Posted 2016/03/12 10:22 AM by Salvageyard

I've thought about this for quite a while, and I really think that this is the way the game should be played. Rather than thinking that regions are regions, think of them as "circuits". There is the amateur circuits, North, South, East and West, and then there are the Pro Circuits which are created by managers that have reached a certain criteria. The incentive for the managers to create the circuits is so they can make more money, not only by having one, double the pay out on wins, but also by the amount of crowns being fought for in his pro circuit. The crowns can float around the pro circuits and even be held in the amateur circuits, but the amateur "titles" can't transfer into the pro circuits. So the pro crowns can be fought for in regular weekly schedule within the pro circuit, but can be challenged for by another manager in another circuit. As many as the owner, who also resides within his owned pro circuit, holds within his circuit, the more credits he will make on for each one being fought for within his circuit.

Now a myriad of things could happen with managers able to move or now join whatever circuit they would like to be in... a super pack of high level managers, a fledgling of strong upstarts, a guild of loyalties, infiltrating crown snatching managers, ...with fighter sales back, credits used to un-retire, challenge, fighter creation, a fiscal challenge of the game is created a logical structure is created from new member to pro circuit owner. If a owner moves out of his region or is inactive for so long then his pro circuit and influencing crowns are dissolved.

Most of the mechanics of this system are already there or have existed before, the only ones probably not being are the crowns, manager creation of regions or circuits, and challenging individual crowns of a multi crowned fighter. If you think about it, this is more like real boxing, but it is creating BDB as a world of its' own.

Posted 2016/03/16 6:48 PM by Terminator Ty

I find this concept absolutely THRILLING

Posted 2016/03/23 9:47 PM by Dodgeball

bump, keep the good ideas coming

Posted 2016/03/31 5:34 PM by Coal Cracker

I don't think fighters should get a RT shot with less than a 6 rating....nor a WT shot with less than a 12 rating.
Fighters with RT's at 2 and 3 rating cheapens the value of winning a RT.
I also would like to be able to buy credits again enabling us to force more fights. If we can't buy credits, perhaps we can earn credits for winning RT's and WT's.

Posted 2016/03/31 5:46 PM by Krusty

Good points, Coal. I agree on the earning credits idea and level 2-3 regional champs. Perhaps credits could be linked to a fighter's level and be a carrot to encourage up and comers to challenge them like a fight purse

Posted 2016/04/02 9:52 AM by Game Admin

Credits are coming back. Working on that now as soon as the tournament engine is available to the commissioners.

Posted 2016/04/02 10:28 AM by ZWIP

Thanks Boss, Much appreciated!

Posted 2016/07/02 11:37 PM by Game Admin


Posted 2016/07/03 4:02 PM by Salvageyard

It seems Blogs are no longer allowing a lot of items, pics for one... was this intentional or a mistake?

Posted 2016/07/03 4:03 PM by Salvageyard

It seems Blogs are no longer allowing a lot of items, pics for one... was this intentional or a mistake?

Posted 2016/07/03 4:36 PM by Game Admin

Intentional but temporary. I'll be advertising soon and every time I do some asshole tries to hack us. Blogs needed a little tightening up security-wise. If you tell me which tags are most important to you I'll securely re-enable them in that order as time permits.

Posted 2016/07/03 4:53 PM by Salvageyard

Pics and tables is really my only need for the Blogs to continue to support the game with the contests I run, but am on hold for the CIT right now... so no rushies...

Posted 2016/07/03 5:07 PM by Game Admin

Had a brainstorm salvage. Already fixed.

Posted 2017/05/25 2:04 PM by Game Admin

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Posted 2017/05/28 3:23 PM by J.Aaron Hall

There seems to be quite a bit of sub 10 rating activity and then a large gap to 19-25 rated activity with very little for up and coming fighters to climb the ladder. This means either you have to juggle weight classes a lot or just fight bots to bridge the gap to the championship levels. While I don't begrudge paying for bot fights and will still do so to speed up my leveling, I think it might be good if the scheduler runs a script and matches all unscheduled fighters with a bot if no human is available.

Also could bots who are holding titles show up in the rankings list? WT and RT holders don't seem to show in the main list although the WT holders will show in the champion list. Makes it easier to see what rating the bot is and if I want to haul out a has-been to challenge for it.

Posted 2017/06/01 2:05 PM by Game Admin

That should be happening already. If it's not then I have a bug to fix.

Posted 2017/06/01 2:06 PM by Game Admin

Referring to both your requests

Posted 2017/06/08 2:43 AM by Big Boy Inc

I think having the seasonal tournaments like we did a few years ago would be a lot of fun. The are highly competitive and just give a trophy or something along those lines. I actually had more fun writing a commentary than participating. So if we can have a Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall theme tournaments, members will have a reason to come back. We can even have a section for World Title Fight records and Tournament fight records (with number of tournaments won). Just a thought.

PS I would write a commentary for any tournament in the future like the good ole days

Posted 2017/06/12 12:15 PM by Game Admin

On the subject of higher rated BOTS, I've reviewed the code and process and they "should" be created already. I'll need some help troubleshooting this. IF someone could give me the name/number of a fighter they manage that is not getting bot fights I'll look into this more closely.

Posted 2017/06/17 8:38 PM by J.Aaron Hall

My fighter Poopcycle has not fought literally for a month

Posted 2017/06/18 11:46 AM by Game Admin

OK, thanks I can work with that. I'll put a trace on the scheduler for him.

Posted 2017/07/07 7:41 AM by J.Aaron Hall

Did we ever figure out why certain fighters are not getting scheduled? Poopcycle still has not fought since 18 May.

Posted 2017/07/16 12:27 AM by Neo

Definitely fix the stats page so
That it updates