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China outbidding us on weapons

Posted 2013/09/30 9:44 PM by Big Boy Inc

China just underbid my company Raytheon (4th largest US defense contractor) for a 4 billion dollar contract for defense missiles for Turkey. We had Patriot missiles (the missiles we make) in Turkey the whole year just in case the war in Syria breaks out into other regions. China, who does nothing for the world, comes in and underbids our company just to take business away from America. They just don't make all of our products but now they are making our allies weapons systems. Well I don't think Turkey is much of an ally now since they used us. Well now my company is about to layoff 1000 people. 1000 good paying jobs down the tubes to the Chinese...America...on the decline. Just have to vent. Oh yeah, Congress is about to shut down over trivial crap. Good work fellas.