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(Cruiserweight) Gray Maynard defeated "Frankenstein" Frike Feirnes by technical knockout (TKO) in round 1.

Match Saturday, March 15, 2014

In this corner, standing 6 feet(183 centimeters) tall weighing in at 200 pounds (91 kilograms) is Gray Maynard!!

In this corner, standing 5 feet and 8 inches (173 centimeters) tall weighing in at 200 pounds (91 kilograms) is "Frankenstein" Frike Feirnes!!

The referee for this bout will be Richard Steele.


Maynard backpedals and jabs.
Frankenstein fights inside. (inside)

-Frankenstein probes with a volley of left shots to the eye, but Maynard blocks.
+Maynard pounds Frankenstein with a flurry of strong punches to the mouth. Frankenstein retreats to the far corner. Maynard strikes, and hits again, and again, and again .. Frankenstein is so messed up his own mother wouldn't know him! The Referee stops the fight!
Gray Maynard wins by a Knock Out!!

Maynard looks exhausted.

Frankenstein can't remember which corner is his.

Gray Maynard wins by a technical knockout!