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Big Dawg Boxing Newsletter

by Blood Bath Inc.

Big Dawg Boxing Newsletter for 2019

Jan 14, 2019 11:11 AM


BDB Newsletter 1/7/2019

Jan 07, 2019 7:45 AM

First Week of the Year

There was some breaking news that happened in the world of BDB, Zippy won his first world title!! He actually defended his title in the same week against the great ZWIP. He has shown himself to be a soon to be power player in BDB. Still no new news on CIT 2019, but I’m sure we will be updated soon. I have total faith that this will be one of the greatest CIT tournaments in the history of the game. We have a lot of old timer managers meet the new managers in an epic showdown. Right after the tournament, Salvageyard has pledged to start another one of his famous tournaments. So excitement will continue after the festivities. Another happening this week was that the US East is under attack! Stykey and myself no longer can go to the US East region, instead are forced of joining the US – New York State region…New York?! Another happening is that I realized how much I still suck losing to an Alcatraz fighter for the toughman fight, granted I had super heavy trying to sneak a WT win, I just got my arse handed to me. ZWIP and Stykey have been dominating the whole year, it looks like they will start facing pressure now, will any other managers step up????

Top 5 Managers

1 – ZWIP Once again, ZWIP has regained total control of the game. He has an army like no other, a long with the talent, ZWIP would dominate in any era. He won 4 world titles this week alone and is in the process of fighting for others. I hope that Stykey and I can put enough pressure on ZWIP that he will sweat a few bullets.

2 – Stykey

Stykey, the new monster gym from the East. What a beast of a gym he has. He has total control of the BOTs and is just gaining experience by the week. He is use to beating up the BOTs and the other gyms, now facing gyms of ZWIP and myself, he will gain even more valuable experience. A lot of the old timers would take him granted for the CITs but he is my darkhorse favorite. Don’t let me down Stykey!

3 -Zippy
Zippy won his first world title and defended it in the same week against a ZWIP slugger, what a week for the newly crowned manager. It’s always a huge deal for a manager to get his first WT win, then to defend his title, it’s just priceless. I think Zip still has to learn how the BOT system works to the best of his advantage but he is on his way. If he builds up his other fights to WT consideration, who knows? He might be the next big thing. I really would love to see more of his fighters

4 -The Monster From Within

Not the best of weeks for my gym, my only title fight was a loss to an Alcatraz Fighter, not my proudest moment by any means. I had a horrible scouting plan. Well this coming week, I have a slew of world title fights, maybe I can crack the top two with a few solid wins? Who knows. I sent my fighter Hollow Stranger at 159lbs to go against ZWIP’s CW champ “Claw my way to the top”. Hollow stranger is a beast but he is down 30lbs for the fight. Can he do it? Will he slug n flail? We shall see..that should be the fight of the week. Good luck Frank!!

5 – The Battlin Bectel

The everlasting Bectel, he doesn’t really attack the BOTs like the rest, but he is very steady with his gym and winning. I believe that he has to be the most consistent manager in the past 20 years, running a few fighters, he is the glue to BDB. You have powerhouses like ZWIP, La-May, Dodgeball, etc. But this is the guy who is the most consistent with absolute no drama whatsoever.

Top 7 Fightesr P4P
1 -Claw my Way up – ZWIP 2 – Joey Bag O’Doughnuts – Stykey
3 – Full Speed Ahead – ZWIP 4 – Movie Maker and Videos – ZWIP 5 – Straw Slugger 2016 – ZWIP 6 – Testing The Waters – ZWIP 7 – JD Clampett – Stykey

Top 10 Mega Gyms in BDB History
1- Frank White
2- Duke of Dorkdom
3- Big Boy Inc
4- Dad and Son
5- Stykey
6- Top Rank
7- Phenom Jackson
8- ZWIP 9- La-May
10- Eddy Crown

This list is based off on large gym sizes with effective fighters, currently the only mega gym is Stykey with maybe myself coming into play soon. ZWIP has world title contenders at every division so he classifies as a mega gym. I think it’s good that we will all be battling it out for the world titles, we can make fighters around the same rating and see what happens. BOTting only gets you soo far.

World Title Wins
ZWIP 5 ZIPPY 2 Stykey 1
Alcatraz Gym 1
Al Haymon 1
World Title Losses

Stykey 6
ZWIP 2 Monster from Within 1
Al Haymon 1

My Top 5 Favorites to win the CIT 1 -Balrog
He has mastered the dancer and with even Aps as a slugger, I feel that Balrog would neutralize all the other managers. 2 – DodgeballHe might be a DB, but DB is one of the most anal managers to ever exist. He perfects his fighters like no other and scrutinizes his opponents. He studies like no other.
3 – DTGDTG has been sneakily around the last few years, he has honed his skills and loves the competition. He won it back in 2000. I feel that he has a good run in him.
4 – ZWIP You can never count out the GOAT, but I feel one of ZWIP’s weaknesses is thinking too much. If I was to have a stable gym, I would want ZWIP on my side.
5 – Stykey
He just has the momentum and the aggressiveness to create a few upset wins. It all depends on the seeding. Gyms that kicked ass and disappeared

1 – Baptist Preach
2 – Nachos From Home
3 – Morickcm
4 – 53rd Street Gym
5 – Phenom Jackson

Final Thoughts
BDB is history, it’s a historical game. Even with its flaws, it still has been around for over 20 plus years. It runs on ancient code but still has managers fall in love. There has been a lot of issues with certain managers hurting the game, I know, I’m one of them. But this game has beauty like no other, it has history and has remain the same. Back in the day , fighters had to fight weekly but in todays world, who has a year to get a world champion? Why not make one in a week? You still have to beat a live world champion for the title, well for the most part. I see great fighters everywhere in all the divisions, no easy wins. Talking about the Golden Era, why can’t now be the Golden Era? Let’s see we take Joe Byrd, Joe, Suxel, Balrog, etc. Give them even fighters with Stykey, ZWIP, and even myself, how would they fare? I wouldn’t know who to bet my money on to be honest. I always wish that they could prove us wrong. The only managers who have shown to dominate are ZWIP, La-May, Dodgeball, Stykey…I’m just saying that if they old timers came back and made new fighters, I wouldn’t fear them. I would feel that they are for a rude awakening in today’s game. But I sure would love to face them ??

Next Week Issue

It will consist of more news regarding BDB, new top 5 or 10 lists, new rankings, etc. I will also post anything that you guys wish for in the forums.

Big Dawg Boxing Newsletter

Jan 01, 2019 12:12 PM

Big Dawg Boxing Newsletter

Good evening gents, this is the very first edition of Big Dawg Boxing Newsletter, I hope that I can keep this updated weekly and that fellow managers respond to it kindly. I hope that we can have more social interaction and also appreciate the feats of certain managers. At the moment, the game is in a bit of a limbo, with just Stykey and ZWIP battling it out for the majority of the titles. I’m going to be throwing my gym out there and will build up my very own army to spice things up a bit. With the coming of CIT 2019 around the corner, perhaps we can grab a few managers to compete for some world titles. I know that a lot of the old timers have Topped up Fighters and a few of the old botted fighters, they also can go through the BOT system at the moment. I also feel that a lot of the older managers have egos and feel that maybe they can cut it in the current system or is it too much work? Who knows? I know that after being away after a good certain amount of time at a competitive standpoint, that it is very intimidating. This newsletter will be a very honest but true love to the game of BDB or TBG for the old timers. This game has been around for well over 20 years and has gone through many changes, but you will often see an old timer pop in to check things out. There is a reason for that, this game holds a certain amount of endearment to their hearts. Like it does with mine. I will formulate stats for the current year, my very own manager of the year standings, top fighters, and publicize all current stories. Interviews will also be here for the current and past managers, I’m hoping that will become a monthly item. I also will take any feedback or requests per my I-mail.

CIT 2019

“The 2019 Commissioner's Invitational Tournament will start on January 18th, 2019 using the new tournament engine, soon to be deployed. It will be a heavyweight single elimination tournament starting with 75 APs. It's been a tough year. Thanks to all of you that stuck around. Aaron”

This is coming from the man himself, Aaron. I’m not sure if the tournament is a progression tournament like we had in the 2013, 2014’s etc. Like when if you win you gain certain stats or maintain the status quo of 75, but it sounds like a sick tournament. Very old school. I expect to see certain legends come back and compete, Balrog, Top Rank, Dodgeball, J.Aaron Hall, JonP, Eddy Crown, ZWIP, Team Croc sighting, Bale Force, Zippy, The Battlin Bectel, etc. Don’t be butt hurt if I didn’t mention your name, these are the first names that came off my mind. Come back and prove yourselves. This should be a fun and exciting time to showcase your skills/true love for the game.


I can’t beat Salvageyard’s creative feats in making a custom tournament, but I will start instilling tournaments of my own as well. With CIT coming and Salvageyard promising a new tournament right after the bat, I will start my own tournament or league around the same time. Everybody likes to compete and I hope that I can make it rewarding for everyone. I’ll take suggestions as well.

Top 5 Managers


Stykey is the new monster of the game, a true powerhouse with fighters everywhere at every ranking. He has shown himself to be a true legend of the game. He has conquered and made a name for himself in the hierarchy of BDB


ZWIP, what else do I need to say? I remember back in the day I would include him in the top 10, but I honestly feel that nobody has ever been better than ZWIP. He has been here for soo long, seen everything. He knows how to fight with dancers/suggers, he knows everything. He doesn’t dodge fights and contributes to the game like no other. It’s not even a question of who is the greatest manager of all time, he is lightning years above everybody else in the game.

The Monster from Within

With nobody else fighting for the majority of titles, I have to include myself in the list regarding the status of fighters and being a threat to the major players. In the future, I will have ZWIP help out with the rankings. I’m sure he wouldn’t oblige.

Bale Force
I remember when Bale Force was just a rookie and making a name for himself, he has turned out to be an absolute beast. He hasn’t been active like in the past but when he is on, he is a master of the game. I remember seeing Nachos from Home, Bale Force is Nachos times ten. I hope that he brings back a slew of more fighters because I love to face him

The Battlin Bectel
Zippy has made a comeback but he only has one legit threat, The Battlin Bectel has been here since the get go, he might be quiet but he is a very steady manager with some of the best balanced/dancer fighters in the game. I have total respect for TBB.

Top 7 Fighters P4P
Claw My Way Up – CW – ZWIP
Joey Bag O’Doughnuts - -SFW – Stykey
Full Speed Ahead – WW – ZWIP
The Can Crusher – SHW – ZWIP
Straw Slugger 2016 – BW – ZWIP
Testing the Waters – SW – ZWIP
J.D Clampett – SLW – Stykey

World Title Stats Wins

Al Haymon 1

>World Title Stats Losses

El Hombre 1
Stykey 1

Top 5 Europe Managers of All Time
1 – Joe
2 – Suxel
3- la-may
4 – Eddy Crown
5 – JonP/Bale Force

Definition of Fighters Now Topped Fighters
These are fighters from yesteryear, they were topped at the given rate at the time, That means they were absolute beasts but they have been gone for a few years now. A lot of the fighters that were topped are either beaten up or dried up, but I’m sure a few of the old timers have a few beasts on their hands. It was a very controversial feature of the game, but one that was very profitable.

Botted Fighters of Old

These are some of the most prolific fighters a few years back, BOTs were set at a certain rating and were able to be abused to grow super BOT fighters based on that their strategy/rating never changed. So it made it easy for managers to build up super fighters without going the TOP route

Botted Fighters of New

I feel that BOTs are a great thing, you can sign in and fight a few BOTs to further develop your fighter. A fighter might lose 5 or 6 times in a row, but you have to search for these BOTs and also their stats might be overwhelming regardless if you’re certain you can beat them. The BOTs are live fighters themselves. It’s easy to get a guy for a championship fight but to compete? They have to be almost perfect on their growth.

Classic Divisions

I made a post in the forums regarding classic divisions, I think it would be a hit for all managers, especially the old timers. I would keep all the current stats for the classic divisions and feel that it would add soo much to the game itself. You would find some other managers BOTing up fighters to compete for the regular titles. Activity is a vital part to any game. I will make an commentary for the CIT’s and if we make a Classic Division Regions, I’ll make a full commentary for that as well. Once again, thanks for reading and please I-Mail for any requests/complaints. Happy New Years BDB!!!!