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by Bronze Southpaw

This is the super-welterweight league suggested in the FORUM a few weeks ago.

Bronze Southpaw's World Super-Welterweight Boxing League

May 16, 2012 9:18 PM

There seems to be an issue with being able to challenge one another. Until it can be resolved, this thing will have to be on hold. Bronze Southpaw gym will be retiring its fighters until after the first of June in honor of a much needed vacation.

We now have our first eight entrants. This league isn't full by any means. If you already have a fighter entered, you are welcome to sign more up. If you wanted to get into the tournament and missed out, not to worry. Sign up and start fighting. You might not be the first champ, but you could be his first title defense.

Let's hear it for Angee Dungelo, la may, Top Rank, SSJoker, ZPIP, Bust Yole, Big Boy Inc. and, of course, yours truely. These are the first managers to get on board with our little super-welterweight league. We're hoping to encourage many more.

The schedules for the first week are below. Send off an invite to your opponent or accept the invite from them, so your fight will happen this week. Let's see how everyone does with their new recruits.

William Shakespear vs Lauri Harjola

All the competition is tough in this tourney, but this is a matchup I was hoping I could avoid. I used a random generator for the scheduler and this is my reward for trying to be fair.

AL TIMERS vs Kayne Kardashian

This looks to be a good matchup. I'd like to see the Kardashian get his come-upins, but that's just me. Look out AL and try to remember that plan.

Metta World Peace vs Eyes Swelled Shut

I hate to be the messenger of doom, but I feer Eyes won't be faking it after this fight.

Billy Riggins vs Best of Eight

It's tough luck for Billy. Best's manager will be giving this fight his full attention as he pieces together his old dynasty. It's always tough to be the first victim. Billy, you are the underdog in this one.

William Shakespear

After realizing his mistake, Bronze demanded that Erkinwine find him a replacement. Erk's answer was to to drag the bard out of his time to replace the pit bull.


It has long been a tradition for our youth to go on a journey to find themselves. This guy has made it a career. It's no wonder he found a home in Angee Dungalo's gym.

Lauri Harjola

In order to give this league a little international flair, la-may has posted Lauri as his entrant. Not much is known about this man, but as they say, beware of the dog that doesn't bark.

Metta World Peace

World Peace isn't just for basketball anymore. The basketball superstar has joined Top Rank's gym and expects to be hauling down rebounds in the squared circle. Look out for those elbows.

Kayne Kardashian

Not Kayne West-Kardashian has signed the dotted line for SSJoker's gym and expects a steller career with his U.S. West management team.

Eyes Swelled Shut

With sparing sessions ending with the trainer uncouscious and his sparing partner untouched, something had to be done. ZWIP's answer let him join the BS-WS-BL. I understand the secret to fighting this guy is to wait until he starts unloading on the referee and then clock him with a rabit punch.

Billy Riggins

This tall fellow from the Bust Yole camp will make a nice addition to the league and represent AustralAsia and South America.

Best of Eight

This is a confident fighter from Big Boy Inc.'s camp. How confident you ask? On the entry form, there's a bio section that says, 'tell us a little something about yourself'. This is what he had to say, "This is the competition? You have to be kidding me..."