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As The Terminator Turns

by Terminator Ty

Daily updates on what is happening in Terminators Gym. A few random thoughts about the real world as well, but we'll focus on Big Dawg Boxing.

Alright boys, don't go busting out LL Cool J on cassette just yet. But Terminator Ty has been showing his face around a bit more of late. You never know what might happen with these commentaries when he gets tired of watching his fighters get their faces

Jan 14, 2013 12:20 AM

Alright boys, don't go busting out LL Cool J on cassette just yet. But Terminator Ty has been showing his face around a bit more of late. You never know what might happen with these commentaries when he gets tired of watching his fighters get their faces bashed in.

Yeah, that's correct. I've been doing a poor job of updating EVERYTHING, and that includes my fight plans. Last night I got doubly screwed by myself and the lousy judges, while I lost 2 of my 3 fights. So ..... here goes.

In my semi-final round of t

May 24, 2011 8:21 AM

Yeah, that's correct. I've been doing a poor job of updating EVERYTHING, and that includes my fight plans. Last night I got doubly screwed by myself and the lousy judges, while I lost 2 of my 3 fights. So ..... here goes.

In my semi-final round of the 50/50 Tourney fight, I failed to update my fight plan against that loud-mouth dirtbag Cheez The DKE. I should have had a significant advantage, but when you leave your anti-slugger plan in there, well, that don't work so good. I lose by decision. DISGUSTING! Congrats Cheez. He's an excellent long-time manager, who rarely ever shoots his mouth off anymore. And when he does, I'm generally amused.

Then, my strawweight Madelyn "The Coyote" Goos has been suffering from horrible mismanagement. She's dropped like 6 fights in a row, mainly due to really bad matchups. Last night, she had another tough go, and it was for a regional title. She's been a world champ, so the red belt doesn't mean much to me, but I'm just not paying attention to the scheduler, etc. Anyway, I lost a split decision. One judge gave the fight to "The Coyote". The other two scored it 114-113 for the opposition (who clearly paid off the referee in a sad-sack effort to retain his belt). You see, "The Coyote" was using a 2/1/8 (ring) strategy in Round 3. Yet, somehow had a point taken away for an "illegal tactic" by the ref. Total screw job. TOTAL SCREW JOB. (that's role playing folks). However, it was a bad deal.

You'll probably see more fighters retired by my gym very soon. My oldest son Jacob is playing in a competitive baseball league this summer. He's doing quite well and our team is pretty good. We are a bunch of first graders from the smallest school in town (Catholic school). We are going up against teams made up of first and second graders that are combined from two, three or four larger elementary schools. So our record is 2-3, after losing to the Blue Jays, 9-1, last night. 7 regular season games left.

More later, but I've also pledged to get back down to Cruiserweight (185 pounds), and write a book. I tried once before, but the fear of failure WILL NOT stop me this time.

A Fun Night

Apr 01, 2011 10:23 PM

I haven't had time to update much of anything lately.

Had an enjoyable time tonight with the kids. Played in the backyard, and did some light yard work.

Hustled inside for some Totinos frozen pizza (cheap and really unhealthy) and the kids were happy. We watched the end of the Royals game, as Kila smacked a solo walk-off homer to give the good guys a 2-1 win. Good times.

Then I jumped on BDB and saw that I won 3 out of 4. I think all the wins were against really tough managers, so that was icing on the cake.

It seems I've lost almost every fight of importance over the last week, so tonight was very cool.

I'd like to type up more stuff about the game and some of the pretty cool changes that have been going on, but it's basically impossible for me to do so at this time.

Still enjoying the good competition from all you guys. When life slows down I'll try to step up my smack talk, commentaries and overall fighter quality. Until then, enjoy the game.

Terminator Ty

Best week in a while.

Jan 16, 2011 11:55 AM

Saturday night culminated the best week in a LONG, LONG time for the Terminators.

Chuck "The Hatchet" Robinson won the World Title in the Cruiserweight division with a KO over BuddhistTeach's Serge Gainsbourg. Robinson was 15 rating/15 status. Gainsbourg was 14/14. The fight very much favored our gym, and we took care of business! It was a fight chosen by our gym, and Gainsbourg knew the challenge was coming (we didn't wait until the last second to move into the rankings). Gainsbourg is a legit champ. Hats off, especially when you consider that his manager has given myself several tips about this game, including a few on how to beat his own fighters. Several managers (including Baptist Preach, Fists and others) have dropped me tips occassionally, but only BuddhistTeach/DoD/Evil Clown has told me how to beat his own guys. Rather classy (did I really just say that?) ....

Also, BuddhistTeach advised me one time .... never feel guilty about picking a fight when a title is on the line. If the manager is a champ, then he should expect to put his fighter up against anybody, regardless of the match-up. I'm not sure, but I think this came up after he thumped one of my higher-rated fighters a long time ago. I learned to shut my hole and get better (and return the favor if appropriate). I think it's a good rule as well. Bouncing in and out of retirement IS and SHOULD BE frowned upon, but when a title is at stake, IT IS DIFFERENT. So that said, COME AND GET "THE HATCHET" boys!

My record was 2-2-0 in Regional Title fights. I got thumped by Fists and ZWIP in tough matchups. I grabbed wins over Bectel and ZWIP in fights that were favorable for myself.

Overall for the week, Terminators posted a 37-21-5 (21/4) record. The KO mark was especially pleasing for me, as I tend to get KO'd more often than not. I also passed 1,700 career wins, which moved me into 25th place all-time. 11 World Title wins ranks 50th, however, so that's not very good. In fact, Jedi Jay has 12, so ...... need to work on that. Finally, I now rank 30th all-time in KO victories. Loads of improvement needed in that category for this slap-happy manager.

Good luck all. I hope to update the Region v. Region rankings thru Saturday's fights. I hope to make that a weekly thing. It's not too difficult, but a bit time consuming. The Top 25 Up N Comers should be pretty easy as well. The Heavyweight commentary getting up and running again may be a bit more doubtful, but I'll give it a go ASAP.

Happy fighting!

Well, it was fun for us hometown boys when Kansas City led, 7-3. Early in the 4th quarter now and it's 23-7 Baltimore.

Disappointing, but we'll consider this the Big City Fix for the NFL. Last year, Indianapolis and New Orleans met for the Su

Jan 09, 2011 3:48 PM

Well, it was fun for us hometown boys when Kansas City led, 7-3. Early in the 4th quarter now and it's 23-7 Baltimore.

Disappointing, but we'll consider this the Big City Fix for the NFL. Last year, Indianapolis and New Orleans met for the Super Bowl. Not the biggest markets. Already this year, Baltimore over KC. Big market wins. New York Jets defeated Indy. Big market wins. Seattle over New Orleans. Big market wins. (And Seattle is the only West coast team left).

If Philly beats Green Bay, then the final 8 teams will be. New York Jets vs. New England Patriots. Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. Philadelphia Eagles vs. Chicago Bears. Seattle Seahawks vs. Atlanta Falcons.

I think they will be VERY pleased with those ratings.

Of course, my conspiracy theory has nothing to do with distracting everyone from the fact that the Chiefs were a very average football team that capitalized on a weak schedule and weak division. Still, KC has been down for a long time in the NFL and MLB, so it's been a fun ride.

Stats. Gym Update. Thoughts.

Jan 09, 2011 10:00 AM

The week came to a very average close. Final record 32-28-3 (9/16).

Friday night was spent getting my ass kicked at BDB and around the house. You see, Madelyn "The Coyote" Goos is about 22 months old. And she's potty training. At our house, this means stripping naked (except for her Jumping Beans pink rubber galoshes). Then, pumping the kid with water, juice, soda or a mixture of any or all of the above. Every success = a new sticker for the sticker chart, 1 M&M and a ton of praise. Friday was Miss Madelyn's first real day of training. She had an awesome day until about 7:30 pm. I spent all day flushing the toilet and sticking stickers. When I wasn't doing that, I was on the phone about both my car and the wife's van. Total expense for 2 vehicle repairs was in excess of $1,100. We quickly spent all my OT earnings from the weeks of the holidays, but at least I didn't have to charge any of the expenses. So, back to 7:30 pm. I finally decide that I'm going to update some fight plans. However, Madelyn has other ideas. It is at this time that her stomach decides that it's had too much chocolate, juice, pop, etc. We're talking serious diarrhea (sp?) and the girl just can't make it to her little potty. At least twice (maybe 3 times) we get poo all over the living room carpet. Yes, the same carpet that we had professionally cleaned late last summer (to the tune of about $300). F-ing A we're talking about good times.

Then, Saturday night, Jacob "The Jammer" starts to come down with a fever and stomach pains. So, at 7 pm. I have to go on a run to the store for kiddie Tylenol and Sprite. The grocery store is packed, and the clerk kid screws up running my check, so it gets stuck in the machine. No big deal, except for the whole time I'm thinking .... "Undercover Bennett has a totally winnable Toughman fight. Sheeeet, I think "Big Game" is fighting for a regional title." Also, keep in mind that I wasted time at the store looking for Senor Stan's locally-made salsa, just so my wife can have it for the Chiefs-Ravens playoff game today. It's good stuff, but when you add that request to the Chips and Cheese and Chips and Bean Dip that Mr. Stomach-Ache Jacob insisted on ordering for the game, well, I was at wits end.

Ultimately, this is what I want from life. Family to take care of me (or vice-versa). But I'd also like to do some ass kicking occassionally at BDB. I'm shutting down 3 of my 5 Heavyweight fighters that were deemed to be 52-Week fighters (to fight 52 weeks consecutively). Experiment failed. Those 3 guys suck. The other 2 slappers are decent, but not great. I'm also gradually shutting down a bunch of the mediocre (at best) recruited fighters. However, I'll definitely create some new guys to make some noise.

Overall, I went 1-4 in regional title fights. I think maybe 2 of the losses could have been wins. I now have 64 fighters that have competed for a Regional Title. I have 38 champs, including this week's lone winner, Ralph "The Rocket" Goos.

All-time, Terminators have had 17 fighters compete for a World Title. Only 6 have worn the yellow belt as World Champions. Their record in World Title fights is 10-21-3.

A quick update.

Jan 07, 2011 2:18 PM

I'm going to throw together some commentary stuff soon. It looks like general consensus is the Heavyweight commentary, so I'm going to go with that. My thought is to run the Top 25 Up N Comers as strictly a POLL. Well, a poll with 1 guy rating the fighters. Yep, that would be me. It will be strictly 1-25 with the fighter's record next to their name. Keeping it really simple unless I have more time, but that is looking really iffy.

I was supposed to have a 3-day weekend starting today. Well, I'm working Saturday. So, I'll still get a 2 days off, and I'll get paid TIME AND A HALF for the Saturday of work, but I'm less than thrilled. The money is great, but I was looking forward to some R&R. Fight plans will have to take a back seat. I ain't throwing them out of the car, but they are getting bumped.

My idea regarding the H2H regional rankings is a NO GO until we get the Fight Results page updated with 2011 from Admin. Then, I'll try to keep that updated. I'm interested to see how it goes.

I've had a decent week of fighting so far. I'm 21-14-3 (5/7). I think I am 1-2 in regional championship fights, but it's tough to track with the incomplete FIGHT RESULTS page. I'll get back to you on that. I'm pretty sure I stole one against Bectel. I lost a bad match-up vs. Fists, and I also lost one against Psmith17. I really wanted that last one, but I took a "medium-level" cut in the very first round and my guy never recovered.

Nicholas George Goos is now sitting on my lap, so it looks like time to shut down the commentary stuff for the day. Too tough to type with a 4-year-old between you and the keyboard.

Too Much Work. Not Enough Big Dawg Boxing.

Jan 02, 2011 7:19 PM

I survived the week of Christmas and New Years, but just barely. Our whole house has had bouts with the stomach flu. I think I got KO'd the worst. I was all cramped up and had to sleep after eating a bit more than nothing at my folks' house Christmas day. I didn't even make it to the in-laws that night. I slept at least 12 hours straight through (not counting the 5-minute breaks to wake up and run to the crapper). Anyway, it was pretty much the worst Christmas I can remember. Santa Claus was good to the kids, and they were all happy, so that made things a lot easier. The boys each got Nintendo DS (with baseball games that they are already dominating). Madelyn got no less than 5 baby dolls. Maybe more. Anyway, she was only 10 months old last Christmas, so this is the first one she can remember.

We had letter carriers out on vacation and sick leave in a major way each of the last 2 weeks. I logged plenty of OT hours. More than enough actually. Management forgot I was still out (I think they forgot anyway, since they didn't send help), and I worked until 7:15 p.m. one night. Needless to say, no fight plans got done that night. In fact, very few plans got completed for the week in general. I am sort of bothered by some of the @$$ kicking that was dealt me, but there was little I could have done. So, I pretty much gotta swallow my pride and get up off the mat.

We had a really good New Years Eve get together with 3 other families. Plenty of beer for the men and the ladies hit the wine pretty good, as well. I was just glad it wasn't at my house, as there were at least a dozen kids running around the place. #1 we couldn't hold that many people at my house, and #2 that poor couple likely had to clean up most of New Years Day.

For the week, I went 28-29-4 (13/15). I was knocked out by psmith17 in my only regional title bout. It was a defense. And one I should have won. In fact, I think I might even have tinkered with that fight plan. :(

Total of 64 fighters compete for Regional titles. 37 regional champs. 102-87-12 in RT fights.

There was a small change to my miserable World Title totals. I actually moved "Big Game" Nick Collison to Super-Heavyweight, so he could have a shot at a Bectel fighter for the World Title in that division. Then, I failed to change my fight plan (Collison hadn't fought in quite a while). So, it was a massacre, and I was knocked out fairly early. I took A LOT of damage, but Collison's crummy little career wasn't completely ruined (I don't think). Terminators gym has produced 17 fighters that have competed for WORLD titles, including 6 WORLD CHAMPIONS. The Terminators are 10-21-3 in WORLD Championship bouts.

Happy New Years guys. I have a few ideas about a 2010 Year In Review (it was my first year back after a roughly 7 year layoff). Also, I'm officially 1 day behind on my new Region vs. Region statistics that I plan to complete beginning in 2011.

Weekly update. Title fights update.

Dec 26, 2010 9:39 PM

I've got about ZERO time. But if I fall any further behind on these stats, then I'll never catch up.

For the week, 29-30-3 (10/10). Top Rank is probably the guy getting the best of me the most. Hey, get a number pal. Welcome back to the game. Now, get ready for some payback!

I retained 1 regional belt with Alex "The Shark" Jackson. I also grabbed one with a recruited from the scrap heap fighter Cian Jesus Ceranias. Lost a couple of regional fights as well with Nicholas "The Hammer" Goos and Terminator Ty's Body Double.

That makes the total 64 fighters who have competed for regional belts. 37 regional champions. Total record in regional title fights of 102-86-12.

Including fights through Dec. 26, 2010. Terminators gym has produced 16 fighters that have competed for WORLD titles, including 6 WORLD CHAMPIONS. The Terminators are 10-20-3 in WORLD Championship bouts.

I think most of my potential World Contenders have lost enough fights that they need to get on a hot streak to even reach a rating high enough to contend again. However, if I get a bit choosy, I should be able to grab another regional title or two, and maybe I can build off that momentum. My confidence is shaken some at this point, but maybe work will slow down now, and my scouting time could even increase. If not, I'm still having fun.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Still getting by.

Dec 21, 2010 7:49 AM

Work is pretty much kicking my butt.

Still too many hours, but my paycheck will be great. I ALWAYS struggle with the whole question of "Great. I'm making a decent living. I'm living the 'dream' with the wife, 3 kids, dogs, house, etc. Why am I never home to appreciate it?"

Anyway, we've all got those sorts of concerns, right? Otherwise, things are going pretty well at the Casa de Terminado. Most of the shopping is done, but Mrs. Terminator is WAY, WAY behind on her wrapping. I think I will probably get called to duty while in the middle of an important fight plan. A small argument will ensue. Just a prediction .....

At any rate, the Terminators went 34-24-1 in fights for the week ending Saturday, Dec. 17. I will have to double check the Regional Fight numbers. I think I lost 1 or 2. No victories I'm pretty sure. No World Title fights (I AM SURE). I might have a couple eligible fighters if I check the rankings and make a move. I just want to make sure I have a little time to scout and execute those fight plans if I get the shot.

We (the kids and I) went 7-8-1 (0/2) in 16 fights Monday night. None were particularly significant, but all were fun. We're still enjoying the game as a brief diversion from all the hustle and bustle. We are anxiously awaiting the CIT to get going. It may be a lot of anticipation for a quick exit for myself, but I'm pretty sure I will get a lot of enjoyment out of following everybody else in the tourney.

On a quick side note, the Tyland Terminators have advanced to the Big Dawg Boxing Fantasy Football Championship game. We're facing the Fighting Panzies (I mean Paz McKay) for the title. Good luck Paz.

And good luck, and Merry Christmas to all.


A dazzling effort.

Dec 15, 2010 4:10 AM

Or not. 4-9-1 last night.

I better retire some of those crappy ass fighters. Or maybe not. It's still fun.

And the record for the week as a whole looks better. 19-12-1.

Happy 4th Birthday to Nicholas George.

Dec 14, 2010 1:54 PM

Nicholas "The Hammer" Goos (also known as Nick "The Headache" Goos) turned 4 years old on Monday, 12.13.10. In fact, he sits on my lap now as I update the commentary. He's doodling a game plan for Madelyn's next fight. However, if you listen to him, he's saying "The linebacker will come down here, and Tom Brady will 'Look at that throw' .... it's going to come back here .... then one of these guys is right in the middle. Pass it. Pass it. See the guy. Touchdown!"

He's an awesome kid. I got him all giggling when he realized I was typing what he was saying. Anyway, he's going to help me pay the bills in a minute. I had Sunday off work. Monday was a day of annual leave to celebrate his b-day. Then, today was a non-schedule day, so 3 days off has been awesome.

I went 15-3 in Monday night fights. None were very memorable, although I did get "Cold and Calculated" Kat Bennett back to rating 8/status 8. She had gotten pummeled by a Big Boy fighter last week. I didn't update her fight plan last week, but I got around to it this week, so she won the rematch. Should the scheduler be so kind as to give me a third fight against the same opponent, well, I'm pretty sure I should get that win also.

A bunch of fights tonight, and a lot of stuff to do around the house. Good luck all, and I'll try to be more creative and contribute more to the "social aspect" of the game in short time.

Updating some weekly records.

Dec 14, 2010 1:48 PM

For the week ending 12.4.10 - Terminators went 33-16-6. The winning percentage was better before a 8-5 effort on Saturday, 12.4.10. Still, given where my gym had been there for a while, it was pretty good. Most of the fights were at low rankings, however, so there is still an awful lot to be accomplished. For the week ending 12.11.10 - Terminators were a pretty disappointing 31-29-4 .... I went 9-2-2 in Saturday fighting or I would have had a VERY miserable week. I worked REALLY, REALLY late on Monday and Tuesday night and did very little (if anything) to update my fight plans .... once again, it may not have mattered, but I hate it when I leave a dancer/slapper in with a "slapfest" plan against a SLUGGER. That always ends ugly, and can sometimes do irreperable damage to a fighter's career.

A Good Friday Night

Dec 04, 2010 8:05 AM

I went 8-4-2 (4/3) in 14 fights Friday night. I didn't get an updated fight plan in for a few of those fighters, but still pulled out a pretty nice night. Big Boy Inc. is one of my better friends in the game, and he obliged by also not submitting a fight plan for a couple of those tilts. Thanks Biggie! And sorry you got beat. It's okay, as my H2H record against Big Boy is still much in his favor. I can only hope that the young, handsome Big Boy was off chasing some good looking Bostonians while I ate a wonderful Chipotle Burrito and downed a 24 oz Icehouse (only 99 cents at the local RiverRidge Liquor)!

Anyway, weekly record is now 25-11-6 (13/9). Winning percentage of 70% is by far my best in a long time. Once again though, I'm running some fairly miserable Heavyweights, so that could easily drop tonight.

I had hoped to get a win with Clint "Midnight Lover" Goos vs. Eddy Crown, but it was a pipe dream. No, I wasn't smoking from that pipe. But Eddy had a very favorable matchup, and he's far too good to screw it up. He man-handled me in only a way that a guy like DoD would appreciate being man-handled! :)

I didn't get a new fight plan in for Rocco "The Wolf" Gonzalez, and I kept it amazingly close against Suxel's fighter. However, it was still 1 of the 4 defeats.

Craig "Gonna Destroy Ya" Montoya was actually KO'd by one of Jedi Jay's Clowns. Decent, fair matchup, and he punked me. Tip of the cap Jedi. You know I'll be on your ass next time.

My other loss was Aaron "The Destoyer" Davidson against a psmith17 fighter. We've fought like 4 times, and it's a horrible matchup for me. I think I got 1 win by DQ a few weeks back. He dismantled me again last night. "The Destoyer" is pretty much DONE as a fighter, but Jacob "The Jammer" created him, so I will give him a few more fights for the hell of it.

None of my wins were particularly exceptional, but they all count the same. I was happy to see that all 3 of my new fighters (that were named after the kids) picked up victories. One without a fight plan. :) Thanks again Big Boy!

Still anxious to see how the 2010 CIT pairings will turn out. I guess we can't get those until we all create fighters, so I'll not get my boxers in a bunch for the time being!

I had the new Top 25 Up N Comers done last Sunday, but didn't get them posted. Now, everybody has fought another week worth of fights, so I'll have to regroup I guess.

I also have another idea (actually it came from somebody else) about how to compare Region vs. Region. It may take a bit of time on a daily basis, but not too much. It actually just started as a random CHAT conversation about how hard it has been to get a new fighter off to a hot start in the U.S. Midwest ..... we'll see where it leads. So many of my hair-brained ideas just fizzle, but sooner or later, something is gonna BOOM.

Records Update

Dec 02, 2010 9:29 PM

Wednesday and Thursday have become very light nights for fighting. I've had 4 fights the last 2 nights and I've gone 1-1-2 (0/1). None of the fights had much on the line, although Ralph "The Rocket" Goos did fight to a draw against Bectel's B100 in a regional title fight. Poor matchup for me, so I felt okay about the draw.

Total record for the week is 17-7-4 (9/6).

Nicholas "The Hammer" Goos picked up a regional title and "The Rocket" fought to a draw in a regional title fight. That brings the total to 58 fighters competing for regional belts. 34 regional champions have risen from our gym. Total record in regional title fights is 91-73-11.

I'm actually adding in the following fighters (from my old gym notes on my gym page) that competed for regional titles or captured regional belts.

The ROCK Jr. 8-5-1 (4/0); Traipsing Locust 0-1-0 (0/1); ACDC Thunderstruck 1-0-0 (0/0); Marcelo "Latin Lady Killler" Salazar 0-1-0 (0/1); Justin "Punisher" Parks 0-1-0 (0/1)

That makes the total 63 fighters who have competed for regional belts. 36 regional champions. Total record in regional title fights of 100-81-12.

Including fights through Dec. 2, 2010. Terminators gym has produced 16 fighters that have competed for WORLD titles, including 6 WORLD CHAMPIONS. The Terminators are 10-20-3 in WORLD Championship bouts. Those numbers are UNCHANGED (about time I go ahead and make a move for another world title, don't you think?!?).

Woo-Hooo! The Hammer IS A CHAMPION!

Nov 30, 2010 9:51 PM

I only went 3-2-2 (2/1) in 7 fights tonight. Not so great really. Especially when you consider that both draws should have been wins for me. My corner thought I was ahead by more than I was apparently because we didn't throw punches in the 12th round in either fight ... oh well, I will re-check the fight plans to see what I did wrong.

I am very, very, VERY excited to have won my only Regional Title fight of the night. Nicholas "The Hammer" Goos defeated Bumpy Baker (managed by Weaver). Nick will turn 4 years old in a couple of weeks. I think he will be really stoked when he wakes up in the morning and he finds that he has the little red belt by his namesake. This may sound ridiculous to those of you without kids. But if you've got little ones, then you'll probably understand. You see, older brother Jacob, and younger sister Madelyn have each already earned titles with their fighters, but Nick didn't have one yet. He's now joined the rank of CHAMPION and he will be hoisted above my head for a trip around the living room in the morning!!!!

Good night all. Another busy ass day awaits tomorrow, and I'll probably face it with less than enough sleep. However, my little dude will be smiling one BIG ASS SMILE and giggling on my shoulders, and that will make me pretty damn happy as well.

A busy Monday night.

Nov 30, 2010 7:49 AM

The Terminators fought 17 times on Monday night, posting a 13-4-0 (7/4) record. I had intentionally brought a BUNCH of fighters out of retirement because I knew I had 5 days in a row off work. It was a good break, but now I return to work ..... yek, yek, yek.

I was knocked out in both of my regional title fights on Monday night. I cranked out some statistics with my time off. I will add them to my gym page very soon, but here they are for now. The totals include only the fighters currently active in my gym. I know I had additional regional title contenders and champions in my gym (A LONG, LONG TIME AGO), but their exact records are gone. Eventually, if I have a note that they were a regional champion, then I will probably include them on the "RED BELT" list, but it would be inaccurate to include a record that I can't possibly remember. Anyway, here goes ....

Including fights through Nov. 29, 2010, Terminators gym has produced 56 fighters that have competed for REGIONAL titles, including 33 REGIONAL CHAMPIONS. The Terminators are 90-71-10 in REGIONAL Championship bouts.

Including fights through Nov. 29, 2010. Terminators gym has produced 16 fighters that have competed for WORLD titles, including 6 WORLD CHAMPIONS. The Terminators are 10-20-3 in WORLD Championship bouts.

I recognize that you guys probably don't care much about those stats, and truly they aren't much to hang my hat on ...... but, they are my stats, and I must own them.

I hope that this will spur me to focus on my fighters' careers a bit more (ie, training and fight plans), in an effort to produce more champions. This runs in tandem with the game's decision to adjust (slightly) the requirements for regional and world title champions.

Wrapping Up The Week.

Nov 28, 2010 4:11 PM

Terminators gym went 14-11-2 (6/7) in fighting Friday and Saturday nights. Total week record of 25-19-4 (10/10). Not too shabby, but not particularly impressive either. I continue to fail in my effort to capture the Toughman regional title. It's the last regional belt I need to win (except for the newly formed Super-Heavyweight), and truth be told, I'm pretty clueless at Toughman.

I've got the Top 25 Up N Comers ranked and ran through. I just need to type it up and finish the commentary. I previously completed the list of undefeated fighters. There were a couple of shake-ups in the fighting Saturday night.

Balrog's Conn Cornwall continues to dominate the World in heavyweight action. There's just not much competition for him out there - unless Buddhist Teach/DoD/Evil Clown brings his guy out again .......

This will probably be the last run of the Top 25 Up N Comers until after the CIT and probably New Years. Don't worry though. I'm not expecting to last long (if even past the first round) in the CIT. Still, I need to focus on my own fighters for a bit, not to mention taking care of the kids, fixing some little things around the house, etc. It's also a pretty dang busy time at the Post Office. With the holidays upon us, the overtime will increase, as will the difficulties with darkness. With daylight savings time, it's getting dark at 5 pm or before here in Kansas. Maybe they'll let us start a bit earlier to compensate for the darkness, but that would make common sense, which is a rarity around the USPS sometimes.

Good luck guys. I hope to manage a few better fighters in the coming weeks, but that may be a pipe dream as well.

We've battled our way to a 11-8-2 (4/3) record so far this week. There's nothing too flashy about the wins or losses. We have started several new 54-AP fighters in the last few weeks (about 8-10 in all). Happy to announce fresh careers for "Earthquak

Nov 26, 2010 11:09 AM

We've battled our way to a 11-8-2 (4/3) record so far this week. There's nothing too flashy about the wins or losses. We have started several new 54-AP fighters in the last few weeks (about 8-10 in all). Happy to announce fresh careers for "Earthquake" Jake, "Headache" Nick and "Heartache" Maddy. It should be fun.

Daddy Ty wanted to retire some of our 52-week Heavyweight fighters. The concept didn't really catch on around Big Dawg Boxing and 3 of our 5 fighters are pretty much getting thumped by the competition. However, Jake said "If they haven't fought for 52 weeks, then we shouldn't retire them."

I'm proud of his stick-to-it attitude, but I'm afraid we're going to keep on getting drilled. Oh well, I suppose winning isn't everything.

Still trying to find time for 2 things involving BDB. 1 - More sparring with the CHIN feature. 2 - Another round of Top 25 Up N Comers. With Big Boy Inc. back in the mix, there are a slew of young studs out there to consider for the Top 25 poll.

Back to reality.

Nov 22, 2010 8:04 AM

As great as the week of Big Dawg Boxing was for me, I got a firm dose of reality Saturday night. I was dealt a record of 3-9-0 (1/4). The main guys getting the best of me were Fists and ZWIP. I think they beat me 3 times each. I believe I got Fists twice, but was 0-3 against ZWIP.

For the record, I finished the week 24-19-2 (10/5). Hardly stellar, but my best week in a while. I am only scheduled to work 3 days this week, with the Thanksgiving holiday falling in conjunction with my LONG WEEKEND (woot-woot!). There is always the possibility of mandatory overtime, but I'm hoping not. I could get 5 consecutive days off which is a minor miracle!

Good luck boys. I'm going to struggle to get plans in early in the week, and then it's going to be some serious BDB time for me. I hope to even crank out a new UP N COMERS list fairly soon.

A Re-Emergence of The Terminator

Nov 20, 2010 7:52 AM

Okay. Well, not likely. But maybe. I spent VERY little time on fight plans for Friday night. But I did copy and paste and switch up resting and all-out rounds a little bit. I think I spent less than 5 minutes on 10 fight plans. I was going FAST because "White Zin" Jen and I were late for our dinner function. She wasn't a happy camper that I jumped on Big Dawg Boxing even for 5 minutes. Maybe she'll be impressed that I went 8-2-0 (3/0) in my 10 fights! Um, nope. Maybe she'll like my record for the week of 21-10-2 (9/1). Yeah, probably not. There were some favorable match-ups, and it appears I got a bit lucky winning 1 fight by 1st round DQ, but I do know that psmith17 is no stranger to using the (!) in his fight plans, so I'll take it.

I am probably happiest about defeating psmith17's Jerry Bailey by KO with my fighter Hugo "The Shadow" Ortiz AAA. It got me the U.S. Midwest Regional title for "Shadow". It also avenged 3 defeats in August and September to Bailey. Yep, Bailey kicked my ass 3 times in about a 5 week span. I have the most recent laugh, but it remains to be seen who will get the last laugh. I actually broke Bailey's jaw in that fight. And Chaz Chameleon busted another psmith17 fighter's jaw in another bout, but psmith hung on to beat me in that one. All things considered it went really well for me in the ring. Hopefully, I won't tank it tonight, but I have been known to do just that!

It should be noted that I had a really good time with my wife. We dressed up (a little) and the kids went to their Aunt Lou and Uncle Taylor's for the night. I make a ton of jokes about my wife (because it's funny), but she's pretty cool. We had a good time together and it didn't even require massive amounts of alcohol! So boys, post something nice about your wife ..... except for when she's a raging lunatic .... after all, she's still a woman, so that is bound to happen sooner rather than later.

Almost ....

Nov 19, 2010 7:56 AM

Of course, I couldn't win all 3 fights on Thursday night .... oh no .... that would have been too easy and pleasant .... instead 2-1-0 (1/0), which runs my record for the week to 13-8-2 (6/1).

I am moderately amused by the success of my recruited fighter, Cian Jesus Seranias. He got a decision win over Shrimpy on Thursday night. I believe Seranias is now 5-2-1 (2/0), including a R4, S4. Way better than what I had ever hoped. I don't know that it can continue, but I'll just ride the train for now.

"White Zin" Jen Goos got into a bloody war with Bectel's Hang Cool Teddy Bear. I got the better of it, with "White Zin" getting a KO in the 6th (I think). I didn't expect it to go quite like that, and I took WAAAAY more damage than I wanted. Still, I think Teddy Bear took it worse. "White Zin" has a great nickname (if you know my wife, which you probably don't), but her record is only 1-1-0 (1/1).

Finally, Pablo "The Horse" Davidson missed a great opportunity to get a victory against Fists' undefeated fighter, The Nagging Wife. We fought to a draw last week, and Fists pretty much got away with one last night. The fight was pretty much even going into the 12th round. I had won the endurance battle, as well. However, Nagger was "obviously tired" which kicked in an "allout" conditional. I was unable to get the knockdown of the taller (and likely more agile) dancer that Fists had. He won the round (and the fight). If I had flailed, I think I would have picked up the W.

I think the 2010 CIT should be a DOOZY! The format is pretty interesting. The fact that it is strictly WIN and ADVANCE will put a lot of pressure on fighter creation and luck of the draw match-ups. I really like the format A LOT, and it could lead to some tricky match-ups for the best managers. I don't have much experience with the highest-rated fighters (I think R17 is my best), so having a 100-AP fighter is quite the challenge for me. STILL, should be wildly entertaining and competitive, which is the reason I'm here.

A busy weekend ahead. Community function with my wife tonight. 3 kids are spending the night at their aunt and uncle's house. I work Friday and Saturday. Jacob has a basketball game early Saturday morning. Then, a neighbor kid's birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Followed by a birthday/Thanksgiving celebration at my parents' place Saturday night. All the nephews (including Kingston - the now 1-year-old who was born like 3.5 months premature) will be there. Should be a good time with "Midnight Lover", "Cold and Calculated", "Undercover", "Dynamite" and "Cool Talkin" all present. "Sharpshooter", "The Rammer", "The Jammer", "The Hammer", and "The Coyote" should thoroughly tear up Nana's playroom. Sounds like Kingston and my sister-in-law Meg need BDB fighters named after them. Finally, Sunday night is a dinner honoring my wife and a couple of friends of heres. Hopefully, it will turn into a "celebration" more so than a stuffy-sit down-deal.

For the record, the Christmas lights are about 1/2 done. They look okay, but I'm about 4 extension cords short. Maybe I'll buy more lights this year after the holiday when they're marked down about 75%. My neighbor Marty has a really kick-ass set up, and I'm gonna look WEAK next to his get-up. Might I mention that he's a nutritionist and work out freak, so I generally look WEAK next to him anyway!

Enjoy your weekend boys. I'll try to update my week's record on Sunday, and edit the Up N Comers if time allows. If anybody has input on that, just drop me an i-mail. A few of you have, and I appreciate it.

Just a quick update.

Nov 18, 2010 10:58 AM

I've gone 7-4-1 (1/1) in 12 fights Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Brings my record fo the week to 11-7-2 (5/1). Pretty good. I've also done decent at getting my fight plans in .... I'm actually 0-3 in the 3 fights that I didn't get plans in for. Typically, I'm kicking the wife and kids off the computer at 7:40 PM (Central time), which gives me 20 minutes (sometimes less) to get things taken care of. No excuses. If I want it done, I need to get it done. It's always disappointing to give away wins, but I'm honestly not sure that I would have won any of those fights anyway.

I got good wins over Suxel (in a rematch after a draw) and over an undefeated Balrog fighter (I was +1 rating and +2 status I believe). Still, a win is a win against the really, really, really good managers. I will take it every time.

More later when time allows. I'm going to get laundry done, hang Christmas lights (I hope) and do the bills. Freaking A sounds like a party at my place!

The KO Power of the Terminators

Nov 16, 2010 8:19 AM

Okay, so my gym is hardly known for its big-time punchers. BUT, I went 4-3-1 on Monday night. AND, all of my wins were by KO! AND, none of the losses were by KO.

Make it 4-3-1 (4/0) to start the week. REALLY, did anybody expect me to be better than .500?!? The return of Big Boy Inc. to the game is on my mind. Biggie has been gone for a few months. It seems pretty standard for everybody to take occassional breaks from the game, as life's duties call or we just get a bit bored. My only fear is that the break ends up lasting 7 years (as mine did). That said, Big Boy is a damn good manager and also a contributor to the game with smack talk and commentaries, etc., and yes, the dollar as well. Having him back in the fold is a good thing for everybody (except my slappers).

I took a tough loss with Jacob "The Jammer" Goos fighting at strawweight against Fists' champion Detective Lieutenant William Somerset. I was pretty much dominated, and I expected it. My biggest mistake here was even letting the fight get scheduled. I had already fought the same fight before, and Somerset dominated it last time, so I'd hardly call it fight dodging. Oh well, I gave it a shot with a decent fight plan, but Fists did not make a mistake for me to capitalize on.

All the other fights were at low ratings, except for "Cold and Calculated" Kat Bennett. She was R6, S6 I believe and fought to a draw against Bad Intentions. Two pretty cool names for fighters. Fight could have gone either way, so I won't complain about the draw.

I need to get around to updating the Up N Comers. There were a lot of matchups between Top 25 rated fighters, so I want to get that done. However, I hate to go on there first thing Sunday and update it, because I don't want to possibly ruin the outcome for any of the managers.

Finally, I'm anxious for more details to emerge regarding the CIT. For those that don't know, CIT is the Commissioner's Invitational Tournament. It was long regarded as the PREMIER TOURNAMENT of the year. 10 years ago, it was THE EVENT with all of the old managers coming out to beat each other up. This is the first time I've ever received an invitation, and I hope the tourney can be restored to some of its past glory!

A night away from Big Dawg Boxing

Nov 14, 2010 8:19 AM

Spent about 6 minutes on 12 fight plans yesterday, as I sprinted from work to the shower to the school's charity auction. First off, I went 4-5-3 (2/4) in those 12 fights. None were particularly noteworthy, although I fought to a draw with ZWIP in the Midwest Regional Toughman title bout. Jacob "The Jammer" was happy that Tanner "The Orca" Rojas picked up a KO victory, as did Frank "Corn Dog" Cornelius. We managed a winning record for the week by the slimmest of margins 18-17-4 (5/9).

As for the charity auction, it is truly a remarkable event. They raise about $150,000 annually for our school, Saint John Catholic School. All sorts of stuff is auctioned off, including trips, sports memorabilia, etc. "White Zin" Jen Goos and I were volunteering in the Christmas room of the silent auction. Lots of cool stuff, including the biggest bottle of wine I've ever seen. We then snuck into the big "black tie affair" and watched a few of the items, including a handmade print by the kindergarten class go for $1,600. (Just a bit out of my league). The funniest part was that the guy who bid $1,500 didn't even have a kid in the class. The winner got a little ticked because he knew he was being bid up. Jenny and I have pledged to put up the money to go to the "big show" next year, but I can assure you we won't be spending $1,600 for anything, no matter how tastefully it is done!

Enjoy your Sunday folks. We're having a Chiefs/Broncos party here. And "The Jammer" and "The Hammer" are having a 2-boy fantasy football draft sometime before the games start. The boys have dreamed this up together, and I am the administrator of the draft. I have no idea how it's going to go! I also need to get a nap and hang Christmas lights. If anything gets skipped, well .... I bet it's that nap.

I managed to go 5-4-0 (0/1) on Friday night. That included GIVING a fight away. No fight plan for Craig "Gonna Destroy Ya" Montoya. AND his opponent didn't have a fight plan either. These are the kind of losses that freaking kill my gym. Thankfully it was

Nov 13, 2010 8:02 AM

I managed to go 5-4-0 (0/1) on Friday night. That included GIVING a fight away. No fight plan for Craig "Gonna Destroy Ya" Montoya. AND his opponent didn't have a fight plan either. These are the kind of losses that freaking kill my gym. Thankfully it was Montoya's first fight and there's no damage to worry about. Still, the kind of loss that really irritates me.

On the bright side, I got at least one win against psmith17, which is always a quality win - even in a favorable matchup.

Record for the week is 14-12-1 (3/5). A chance to have a really good week, but lately you chumps have been kicking me BAD on Saturday. Plus, I'm strapped for time in a bad way, due to work and the school auction tonight. Good luck boys. You'll probably not need it.

Not all was lost.

Nov 12, 2010 8:15 AM

The final tally on Wednesday night was 1-1-1 (1/1). Feel like it was binary or something. I got a late KO with one of my recruited fighters. The fact that Cian Jesus Seranias is R3,S3 with a 4-2-1 (2/0) record is kinda amazing to me, but it was a favorable matchup, and I'll certainly take it. Weekly tally is now 9-8-1 (3/4).

My KO loss came against Mitchell & Co. My new fighter "White Zin" Jen Goos ended up punch drunk for sure. I actually scored a knockdown in the 5th round against Flossy Farjo, but my all-out effort left White Zin with a cut below her left eye. That may have been the difference in the fight, as I was able to hold on to the endurance advantage, but when I went for the all-out KO late in the fight, I was too aggressive, and Farjo dealt the decisive blow with a right cross. Thankfully, the long-term damage to my fighter wasn't horrible.

The draw came with my man Pablo "The Horse" Davidson against Fists' "The Nagging Wife". This turned into a slapfest with neither of us really throwing too many power shots (or so it appeared). One judge gave it to Davidson. Another to "Nagging Wife" and one judge scored it a draw. Fists' fighter is still undefeated, but I did give her another draw on her career record (6-0-2).

Biggest loser.

Nov 10, 2010 10:10 PM

It could have been a lot worse tonight. I went 1-2-1 (0/1) to move the record for the gym to 8-7-0 (2/3) for the week. One loss was with Ralph "The Rocket". I got flat dominated by TomT in a bad match-up. I tried to flail, and it looks like he was ready. Again, I got flat dominated.

A newly created fighter, Santa Monica (track #4 from the Everclear album, SPARKLE AND FADE), was knocked out in round #9 by a Balrog slugger. Somehow, Santa Monica got into the wrong weight class, leaving me little chance in this fight. We'll see how it goes in the correct weight class, but I hope I didn't take too many IPs.

Ty's Lightweight Beast fought to a draw against a similar fighter managed by Suxel. It was a good fight. I could have won it by judge's decision, but honestly, so could have he.

The laughable fight of the night was Operation Kneeded's decisiion victory over Sam Wood for the U.S. Midwest Regional title. Kneeded had already lost his first 2 fights with my gym to Sam Wood after I recruited him. Now he has avenged those losses, and holds a red belt. So much for giving up on that guy!

I went 3-2 on Tuesday night to move my record to 7-5-0 (2/2) for the week thus far. There's nothing really to shout about. I beat Jedi Jay again with Zach "Teddy Bear" Droskin. He's really going to have a hard time winning that match-up. I even fought bac

Nov 10, 2010 8:06 AM

I went 3-2 on Tuesday night to move my record to 7-5-0 (2/2) for the week thus far. There's nothing really to shout about. I beat Jedi Jay again with Zach "Teddy Bear" Droskin. He's really going to have a hard time winning that match-up. I even fought back until the end (when I of course RAN). Like Herm Edwards said, "You play to win the game."

Case in point, I did not run with Nicholas "The Hammer" in his fight against Mitchell & Co. And the end result was a KO for Mitchell. Good fight dude. I think I may run like a scared little girl next time.


The crazy thing about this game.

Nov 09, 2010 7:49 PM

I went 4-3-0 on Monday night. I did very little by way of game-planning for those 7 fights. One fight was probably not winnable, and Fists pounded one of my AAA guys. Two others might have been winnable with decent fight plans, but I lost. Then, I won FOUR fights, and I'm not sure how many of those were mine to win.

Anyway, had I done extensive planning and fight plan adjustments, it's just as possible that I would have won less than 4 fights.

Guess it's a good thing that I worked overtime and had a meeting less than an hour after I got off work. At any rate, I'll take a 4-3 start to the week.

I'm still taking it on the chin against you chumps! I went 7-5-0 (2/3) on Saturday night. I split a pair of Toughman fights in there. I am kinda liking Toughman, except I don't know what the hell I'm doing.

None of the 12 fights on Saturd

Nov 07, 2010 11:39 AM

I'm still taking it on the chin against you chumps! I went 7-5-0 (2/3) on Saturday night. I split a pair of Toughman fights in there. I am kinda liking Toughman, except I don't know what the hell I'm doing.

None of the 12 fights on Saturday night were of any real significance. I wanted to win with Tyler "The Blue Jay" Treet pretty badly at Cruiserweight. It was a super-bad matchup and Big Beer snuffed me out pretty easily.

I got the better of Fists in a few fights at Heavyweight, which was eh, nice, but again they were pretty low rating, so it didn't mean much.

Due to Friday night's beatdown of my fighters, I finished the week 18-20-1 (7/11).

I'm setting my sights on retiring some of the riff-raff in my gym and kicking a lot of ass in the next 2 weeks. We'll see if I can actually make that happen!


Nov 05, 2010 9:31 PM

3-7-0 tonight. Yet to do the KO count, but needless to say .... it WAS NOT in my favor. Thought I might steal 1 or 2 more wins and stay .500, but a few of the matchups were clearly HORRENDOUS. Jedi Jay handed me my ass, as he said he would. I thought I had a better chance against psmith17 then it turned out. And then there is this little guy called Warning that is managed by ZWIP. Something tells me that the guy is ehhhh, special, ya know?!

A perfect Thursday night of boxing!

Nov 05, 2010 7:20 PM

Well, perfect was only 2-0 .... but I didn't take a loss ... I scraped out a victory with a recruited fighter, Cian Jesus Seranias, against Big Beer Boxing .... it was close, but I'll take it .... it gets that little Seranias fellow back to even status & rating ...

then, Pablo "The Horse" Davidson whipped Fists' Rock Cartwright. It's a bad matchup for Fists, but all of his sluggers have DRILLED my dancer/slappers for a LOOOONG time, so I ain't about to feel bad for dominating Cartwright.

That gets me back to .500 -- 8-8-1 (3/3) for the week, but I've got a lot of fights Friday and Saturday, so anything could happen. Especially when you consider that I've got kid-sitting duties tonight, and work tomorrow. Then, Jacob "The Jammer" has his first-ever basketball game tomorrow. Jake's best moves are 1-traveling 2-double dribbling and 3-passing to the opposition .... I still hope to see just a bit of the game on my lunch break.

Unfortunately, that's right ... "Two out of three ain't baaaaaaaaad!"

I got a very favorable matchup for a crummy recruited fighter OPERATION KNEEDED ... he won a 1st round KO, but I had already decided to retire him (probably permanently). <

Nov 04, 2010 7:02 AM

Unfortunately, that's right ... "Two out of three ain't baaaaaaaaad!"

I got a very favorable matchup for a crummy recruited fighter OPERATION KNEEDED ... he won a 1st round KO, but I had already decided to retire him (probably permanently).

Alex "The Shark" Jackson finally evened his career matchup against Big Beer's Bells Kalamazoo Stout at 3 wins each. Kinda funny they have fought each other 6 times, but they have. Jackson is my guy, and he's got the last 2 in a row.

Finally, Ralph "The Rocket" Goos was a KO victim against Balrog's Elayne Trakand. I believe Trakand is still undefeated. I went with a 'balls out' fight plan. Balrog was too good for that, and I got hammered. At least it was over pretty quickly.

No big deal. My record for the week is currently 6-8-1 (3/3). Just funny that with all my crappy dancer/slapper fighters that I had all 3 of these end in KOs.

That sucked.

Nov 03, 2010 7:01 AM

Went 1-4-0 (0/1) in 5 fights Tuesday night. Only the 1 KO loss was NOT CLOSE. That fighter had previously been KO'd twice by a psmith17 fighter. So, yeah, they went ahead and did it a 3rd time. At least it was over quickly.

The other 4 fights were all pretty close. A couple of them were VERY close. I'm not terribly disappointed except that 2 of those were at high ratings (10-ish). Oh well. Time to get back in the ring.

Weekly total is now 4-7-1 (1/2), so there is much work to do.

My great week that ended on October 30, turned out to be not such a good week at all. With all the damages in -- including a 2-8-0 (1/6) showing on Saturday -- I finished the week 18-19-3 (8/10).

Here is my excuse for Saturday ... "I finally kicked

Nov 02, 2010 9:05 AM

My great week that ended on October 30, turned out to be not such a good week at all. With all the damages in -- including a 2-8-0 (1/6) showing on Saturday -- I finished the week 18-19-3 (8/10).

Here is my excuse for Saturday ... "I finally kicked Momma and the kids off the computer at 7:49 p.m. Central time. That gave me about 11 minutes to prep 10 fight plans."

Like I've said before. NOBODY CARES ABOUT MY EXCUSES. Retire the crappy fighters. And your record will improve. Scout better. Create better fighters. Create better fight plans.

Whoops. That was supposed to be my "inside voice".

Things were a bit better on Monday night. I went 3-3-1 (1/1). Perfectly average. Especially when you consider that I had 3 fights that I really cared about. I went 1-1-1 in those 3 fights.

I did retain a regional title with probably one of my best 5 fighters in Madison "The Tiger" Davidson. Actually, she belongs to Jacob "The Jammer" Promotions, but I still do the work! It was a good win in a pretty even match-up against one of Fists' fighters. I may even have been down a rating point, so I've got to check it out!

Apparently "Loaded" Fight Plans are the way to go.

Nov 02, 2010 8:59 AM

Apparently "Loaded" Fight Plans are the way to go. I pulled off a 7-4-0 (5/1) record in last night's fights. Two of the losses were with recruited fighters that have very little value to me, so overall I got a bit lucky, and I feel pretty good about it.

As a matter of fact, I took 3 Tylenol and 2 big glasses of water before passing out, so I feel pretty good about everything that's happened in the last 12 hours. :)

Record for the week is 16-11-3 (7/4?) I think. With 9 fights left tonight, I could be in line for a pretty decent winning percentage for the week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and definitely not counting my kegs before they're tapped.

A lot of fights for the Terminators tonight ....

Oct 29, 2010 8:47 PM

and I'm already 5 beers in ... tonight's Fight Plans are sponsored by Riverridge Liquor in scenic Lawrence, KS .... because why would you stop at a 12 pack of Miller Lite for $10.99 when you can get the 18 pack for only $2 more .... great deal .... good luck to my opponents ... good luck figuring out what's coming next, because I sure don't know!

I am 0-3-3 in my last 6 fights. That included a terrible 0-3-1 on Wednesday night. Then, 0-0-2 on Thursday night. I don't know how many of those fights I should have won, but to not pull out a single victory pretty much SUCKED!

Back to the drawing b

Oct 29, 2010 8:23 AM

I am 0-3-3 in my last 6 fights. That included a terrible 0-3-1 on Wednesday night. Then, 0-0-2 on Thursday night. I don't know how many of those fights I should have won, but to not pull out a single victory pretty much SUCKED!

Back to the drawing board. I suppose I can still win some fights Friday and Saturday night and salvage a pretty good week. Working 10 hour days at the main job. Then 3 hours a day at the part-time job. Then, wife. Then, kids. Not a whole lot of time left in the day for BOXING!

Thank goodness it's a new week for the Terminators.

Oct 25, 2010 8:01 AM

Thank goodness it's a new week for the Terminators. I thought I had paid attention this past week, but somehow I thought my record was close to .500. Um, NO!

I went about 14-24-1 .... freaking unacceptable ... even for a middling gym such as my own ... I know won't be anywhere near great unless I give up other contributions to the game .... I simply spend too much time writing and looking at stuff and TOO LITTLE time on scouting and fight planning .... maybe that will change at some point .... time will tell ... still, I'm enjoying the game in my own way ....

That being said .... nobody (especially me) likes getting their arse kicked 24 times in a week ... like LeBron James, I'm taking notes .... I hope these guys enjoyed beating me .... I'm well aware that .... Fists beat me 6 times, Big Beer Boxing 4 times .... psmith17, Bectel and ZWIP 3 each ... Eddy Crown and Jedi Jay 2 times each ... and Kenny KO once.

Hell hath no fury like a Commentary Writer scorned!

"Nothing to be proud of Rusty."

Oct 23, 2010 8:21 PM

I went 5-6-0 on Friday night.

"Nothing to be proud of Rusty."

I got the U.S. Midwest regional title with Terminator Ty's Body Double. He's actually a pretty good veteran fighter, and I had never won a regional belt with him, so that was kind of cool.

Otherwise, there's not much to mention. I got a WIN with Clint "Midnight Lover" Goos. He was once a prospect and regional champ/world contender. Kinda become a punching bag over time, so it was a nice WIN.

Congrats to those who beat me. You earned them. I had fight plans in for all the fights. Good fight plans? Well, they were MINE, so probably not. Still, I gave it a go, so good job. As you know, I'LL BE BAAAACK. I am the TERMINATOR.

Well that sucked. I took a pair of losses in Thursday night fighting. I sorta expected it, but was still disappointed. Out danced by Fists' Pregnant Wife, and I bet that would have been a fight to see. Then, Pablo "The Horse" Davidson gout out-danced

Oct 22, 2010 4:28 AM

Well that sucked. I took a pair of losses in Thursday night fighting. I sorta expected it, but was still disappointed. Out danced by Fists' Pregnant Wife, and I bet that would have been a fight to see. Then, Pablo "The Horse" Davidson gout out-danced as well. I tried different tactics in both fights, and was unsuccessful in each. Oh well. Live and learn. A slew of fights going Friday, so there's no time to dwell on the losses.

Getting lucky ALWAYS feels good.

Oct 20, 2010 9:13 PM

Not exactly sure how I just went 2-1-1 tonight. I got stupid and went all-out in round #1 with my recruited fighter OPERATION KNEEDED. That didn't go well at all, so there is the loss.

My son Jacob wasn't entirely happy that Bobby "The King" Macarande fought to a draw with Balrog's Elayn Trakand. I'm ecstatic since I didn't change the fight plan.

Alex "The Shark" Jackson pulled off an 11th round KO over a Big Beer fighter. Big Beer has owned that particular fighter, so I got a bit of revenge, but honestly not much. He still is WAY UP on me with that fighter. Again, lazy Dad Ty (or very busy Ty) didn't change the fight plan, so I got lucky.

Finally, Fists took another big bite of a dump sandwich courtesy of me. Jimmy Rollins took a decision loss to Ty's Lightweight Beast in featherweight action. It was a pretty steady win for my guy, who did have the rating/status/match-up advantage.

Of course, even when I win I look a bit ridiculous. A guy named Lightweight Beast picks up a Featherweight victory. Oh well. After last night's 0-5-0 debacle, I needed this evening to cheer the gym up a little bit. Time to crack open a Miller Lite and put the kids in the bath tub.

BAD NIGHT. 5 losses. 4 by KO.

Oct 20, 2010 9:07 PM

5 losses. 4 by KO. Averaged about 100 points of damage received in those KO losses. A horrible night. 0-5. Time to really rethink the number of fighters I'm running. I want to play, but real life is just getting in the way. Meanwhile, I'm passing out W's like Halloween candy. Free and easy kids. Free and easy.

Ahh. So much on my mind, but so little time. Bummer that the resolver seems to have run early tonight. I got ZERO fight plans in. I haven't even seen the results yet, but I'm pretty sure that I don't want to. Oh well. 3-3 last night was pretty decent cons

Oct 19, 2010 9:15 PM

Ahh. So much on my mind, but so little time. Bummer that the resolver seems to have run early tonight. I got ZERO fight plans in. I haven't even seen the results yet, but I'm pretty sure that I don't want to. Oh well. 3-3 last night was pretty decent considering the match-ups. I had two UNFAVORABLE ones against Fists and managed to get the one with Jacob "The Jammer". However, "The Coyote" met an untimely (if predictable fate). At least it was over quickly.

So here is the question of the night .... I'll move it to the TRASH TALK forum also .... who are the Super powers in the game right now? And who are their allies? I mean if you can follow me for just a second .... it seems that BP is happy to play the role of China. Super powerful. Communist. Jackass. So is Jedi Jay North Korea? Running around and alsways slapping BP on the back .... cheerleading .... hoping BP will cover his ass, if needed, but knowing deep down that BP will sell his ass out in a second for his own good? What is the relationship between DoD and Balrog? BP accuses them of being in bed together, yet we've seen them fight with 20+ rated heavyweights for a title .... is that just for show? Copying and pasting to the TRASH TALK. Good evening.

Saturday Night Life. Dud.

Oct 17, 2010 3:28 PM

Well, what was supposed to be a fun night out for Mr. and Mrs. Terminator turned in to a DUD. The new sitter had committed (sorta) to working for us Saturday night. Then, it turned out that it was FALL BREAK at KU (what the hell is Fall Break?) and Late Night In The Phog on Friday Night. TGIBS. Thank God Its Basketball Season. The Kansas Jayhawks are HORRENDOUS on the football gridiron.

On that note, I have only had 2 FOOTBALL PICKS OF THE YEAR so far. One was Virginia Tech (minus 4) against Boston College about 3 weeks ago. I think the Hokies shut them out, but I KNOW it was a blowout. My brother was in Vegas and I tried to get in touch with him. It was a NOON kickoff Eastern time. So, 9 AM in Vegas. He didn't call me back until like 2 o'clock Vegas time, so that was no good. The other LOCK OF THE YEAR was Thursday night. My beloved Jayhawks were only a 3 POINT underdog against rival Kansas State. The Wildcats won 59-7. I told numerous people that it was a BET THE MORTGAGE game.

Oh well, you know how it works. If you actually gamble, then somehow Vegas ends up with your money. Death. Taxes. And Vegas wins.

I went 5-3-1 in fights Saturday night. My recruited fighter BigDubBanger3 got a gift from Beacon Pointe Boxing, who failed to put in a fight plan for his new guy, "ShoNuff" Shore. I'll take it. "Blue Jay" Tyler Treet had a good fight with Beer Guy Banger 3. It ended in a draw, but that was kinda a win for me in the match-up. I got a nice slapper v. slapper win over Fists with "Hokie" Keddy. Keddy is 8-3-0 with all 3 losses to Fists' fighters. "The Cub" Reiske also got a 2nd round KO over Fists' Tajhe Spitz, but I'm so far behind Fists in the Head-2-Head matchup that it is sickening. "Dinosaur" Mack is probably the worst of my 52-week Heavyweight fighters that I created and he got dumped by Needadiet Simith X. I tried a 3rd round all-out, but that didn't work. A recruited HW of mine, Stephanie Jones, also suffered an earlier KO defeat. Ogres of Zen's Library Headaches pounded her out in the 6th. I did pick up a win with "Rocky" Bradt as he got a first round KO of ZWIP's new fighter, So Right.

However, the worst fight of the night was my best 52-Week fighter, Frank "Corn Dog" Cornelius vs. Bectel's Insert Davis. I totally copied in a fight plan, and only edited the first two rounds. I guessed right and I was killing Davis after 2 rounds, despite being behind on the scorecards. It went downhill from there, as I started flailing and he continued to pound. It ended BADLY with a 10th round KO loss. "Corn Dog" is now 8-2-2 (6/1) as Davis made me choke on my own fighters nickname.

In all, a decent evening of BDB action. But since I had planned to hit the down and have drinks with the wife, it was an overall disappointment. It's off to 8:30 AM Mass. With 3 kids this should be an adventure. Then, I've promised ToppsTown to the boys on the computer. MAYBE, MAYBE I'll get to watch the Chiefs/Texans game, as KC is surprising everybody with their 3-1 record. Then, I really need to update some other commentary stuff. I'm also contemplating un-retiring and creating a slew of guys. I'm starting to get THE ITCH!

Friday = Payday. At least that went well.

Oct 16, 2010 7:56 AM

Well, it was payday on Friday and that was a good thing. I went 2-2 in my 4 fights. One I didn't expect to win turned into a pretty fun one. Another that I wanted pretty badly turned into a disappointment. That's the way the game goes sometimes.

First the fun one! Chaz Chameleon scored a 8th round TKO of ZWIP's previously undefeated Middleweight WARNING. I improved to 7-4-1 (4/3), while Warning fell to 4-1-0 (4/1). I rarely TRY to cut my opponent and then cut him badly. This ain't prison fighting after all. I sorta did in this one, and it was FUN. NOTE: Warning looks exhausted. He has gash above the left eye. He has cut below the right eye. He has gash below the left eye. He has the right eye swollen shut. He was pretty messed up. Sorry ZWIP. He looks like a fine fighter. In fact, Warning destroyed a crappy recruited dancer of mine, Jesse Fallis, in his pro debut. Yep. Payback. That said, I don't really want a rematch of this fight. I think it goes my way like maybe 30% of the time or less.

Both of my losses were a bit disappointing, but losing to Fists' Marquis Maze with Aaron "The Destroyer" Davidson was expected. I had beaten him in our first fight, but I thought it was a bit of a fluke. I didn't put much time or effort into a Fight Plan. Maze knocked me out in the 2nd round. If we fight again, I will try something better, but I'm still not optimistic.

One of my Anybody Anytime Anywhere (AAA) fighters that is still hanging around is "The Shadow" Hugo Ortiz. I had a favorable matchup against Coroner's Joaquin alcin Taylor on Friday night Middleweight action. Ortiz beat Taylor by decision for the third time in the last two months. I don't think Coroner is super active with Big Dawg Boxing right now, so I'm not super enthusiastic about the win. I'll take it, as I get back to R11, S11. Not sure where I'm going next with Ortiz. If there is a World Title Shot in reach, then I may take a chance. He is 19-9-1 (8/6), so he's not getting any younger. He's a decent fighter, but nothing to write home about. Still, World Title shots are fairly rare for me, so I'll probably go after it.

The evening's biggest disappointment came when Terminator Ty's Body Double suffered a 12th round KO loss to suxel's Hein ten Hoff. We fought to a draw last week, and I felt like it was my fight to win. Unfortunately, I didn't throw enough punches early, and then I had to throw too many punches in the middle rounds to get ahead on the scorecard. I was ready for suxel's late-round all-out, but Body Double was too tired, and I got KNOCKED OUT anyway. Body Double is 19-10-3 (7/5). He had 3 fights back in 2002 when I first played this game. The rest have all been in 2010. Not sure where I'll go next with him, but at R10, S12, he is still one of my better fighters.

Oct 15, 2010 10:37 AM

Terminator Fights on Thursday, Oct. 14

Big Dawg Boxing provided a healthy distraction from the Kansas/Kansas State football game Thursday night. My team, the Jayhawks, got their asses thoroughly whipped by the Wussy-cats. Final score 59-7. The second-worst beatdown ever in the "Sunflower Showdown" rivalry. Really, really, disgusting.

Pablo "The Horse" Davidson won a rather easy decision over Fists' Wade Boggs last night. This was a rematch from a few weeks ago, and I whipped Fists' boy again.

It's a horrible match-up for him based on fighter styles, and I was +1 in rating. "The Horse" got back to even rating/status at 7/7 and improved to 14-7-2 (4/2). Boggs is now 6-2-0 (5/0) with both losses coming to my guy. Fists has owned me lately, so I'm simply happy to get any victory against him. Maybe it will give me some momentum going into a fairly high-rated fight against Billy "Bam Bam" Butler early next week.

I actually made it a perfect 2-0-0 (1/0) night with another win. Cian Jesus Seranias, a fighter I recruited from the scrap heap, improved to 2-1-0 (1/0) by 12th round KO of Bectel's Sergio "The Contender" Mora. It was a pretty even matchup on paper. Seranias turned out to be a little bit better slapper. Since his lone loss was back in 2007 when both fighters "covered up", I have pretty high hopes for Seranias. I don't know who created him or where the name came from, but he has decent stats, so we'll see where it goes!

I've got a few more fights tonight, and the day off works, so I hope to get some decent fight plans in and give myself a chance to string together some more wins. It's been a long damn time since I won TWO IN A ROW!