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by Nicholas "Knuckles" Marsolo

Flyyweight News -- "The Fly Paper"

Welcome to THE source for TBG Flyweight News!
Issue #13 - May 22, 2006

1) Dominic Tanner
2) Theseus
3) Michael Meyers
4) Luther Li
5) Christian Albers
6) Royal Guardsman XXIV
7) NMCS Fighter
8) Slight of Hand
9) Daphne Deckers
10) Badboy Slugger

Outside Theseus, this Flyweight world title has been slipprier than a greased pig, eh? Congrats to Dominic "Warrior X" Tanner, who got jonp his first Flyweight WT today with a win over Christian Albers. It was a rather disappointing show, as Albers didn't change his plan (or screwed up badly if he did) but the finish was solid... TKO's are always fun.

Theseus sits in 2nd behind Tanner this week, but unlike the last month or two will finally get to pound on someone for his belt. If it wasn't gonna be a real fight they wouldn't bother, but he's going to be a prohibitive favorite to get his title back. Third this week is held by Michael Meyers, who moved up one spot with a win.

Luther Li jumps up one spot to 4th this week with a win over Slight of Hand and will hope to keep climbing this week. Behind him is last week's title-holder Christian Albers, who ate a huge 4-spot drop to 5th. Royal Guardsman is holding down 6th, content to take a rest on the rankings ladder and not moving.

NMCS Fighter moves up two spots from last week to #7 this week, after a big win, while Slight of Hand took a drop and follows him in 8th after the loss to Luther Li.

Daphne Deckers, who fell of the list last week, is back. And pissed. And in 9th. We'll see if her ovaries have completely dried out or if she sticks around this time. And last but not least, Badboy Slugger makes a reappearance in the 10th slot, and should be more of a riser than a faller if his manager gets off his butt.

Tune in next week!

-- NKM

Regional Title Ratings

  • US West Title:
    4 rated

  • US East Title:
    POOF! (gone, last at 9)

  • US MidWest Title:
    9 rated

  • US South Title:
    (none since TFP)

  • European Title:
    13 rated

  • Canadian Title:
    (none since TFP)

  • A&SA Title:
    6 rated

World Title News: Painful Reminder

Christian Albers vs. Dominic "Warrior X" Tanner

Starting of with a Tough world title match we got Reigning champ Christian Albers from Eddy crowns Gym facing of against my boxer Dominik "Warrior X" Tanner.

This is a rematch as Dom had a very close contraversial decision over Chris when he first joined JonPs gym.The lightning quick Albers surprised everyone by tearing into Tanner on the inside and banging away to his ribs.Altho he was landing at will Chris's heroics were leaving him very tired and at the end of the 4th a fresh Tanner just leered at a very dispirited Albers.Tanner went inside sensing his foe was weakening and even tho Albers still stole a few rounds he was looking exhausted.

The 8th round saw Chris go down from exhaustion as much as anything.Tanner just hunted down Albers in the 9th and left him slumped over the ropes with the ref having to save him from further punishment to record a world title number two for Tanner.

Contenders Anyone?

Michael Meyers vs. Loyal Royal Guardsman XXIV

In our top contender match we saw Alamos Master of Disaster Mike Meyers take on Duke of Dorkdems Lone (p, haha) Royal guardsman XXIV.

Meyers came out clinching against the much lighter Lone(who realy needs to move to straw)and dominated the early going.Meyers seems to be listening to his manager and elected to box more this week instead of his usual crazy man antics.By the 9th Lone was trying to take rounds back,but Meyers was enjoying himself and flurrying like a slapper to close it down and take a wide unanimous decision.

Luther Li vs. Slight of Hand

In our next match we have Duke fighting Alamo again as luther Li takes on former champ Sleight of Hand.

This was a great fight as both fighters took turns in fighting,slapping and banging away to keep this close all the way.Going into the last it was all to fight for and Duke called on all of his experiance to send his guy out throwing like crazy,while sleight decided to throw the harder shots.It was still nailbiting but Luther just managed to take the decision.

Nature's Feather vs. NMCS Fighter

In our next fight we see Natures Feather from Bring the Sting Klutzs gym take on NCMS fighter from Frank Whites Stable.

For 4 rounds this was a close fight,but then the value of over 20000 fights showed as NMCS went inside and over the course of rounds five,six,seven and eight dropped Nature 6 times and left his face a mangled mess.The docter had no choice to stop it here as he feared for the boxers safety and sight.

The Rest of the Top 10 Fighters in Action (no links)

In a quick roundup looking at the rest of the top 10 we see:

Eddy Crowns Daphne Deckers dance his way to a win over super veteran Puppy Love

Frank Whites Badboy Slugger proves a little too fast handed for JonPs prospect Benny "The Fox" Dello and takes a close unanimous win.

JonP gets revenge over Frank as Wyatt Waters stays one step ahead of Angus Bangalot to take a tight but deserved verdict.

Gentlemans Gym's Poundcake notches up a win with a very hard points verdict over Fred "Fruitfly" Marsolo.
Freddy's first loss, and he didn't have a chance. Old story, but I hate that. --editor