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Pro/Am Tourny

by stevethaman

Steve Tha Man Pro-Am Invitational Tournament
Signups Now Closed!

Unfortunately we must bid farewell to OrgZen. OrgZen is currently in the mix of a family crisis and will be taking some time off from the game. He has given up his spot. So the next person in line is Big Hambone. Hambone, get me your stats and you're in! I still need fighter stats from the following fighters:

Frightening has not given me his fight stats on time and is therefore booted from the tournament. The Gym will be taking his spot. I also still need a replacement for OrgZen...either Big Hambone or 734Castro. First to get me their fight stats is in the tourny. We will start as soon as I get stats from one of them. Guys, please get them in. The tournament is waiting on you! Thanks!

Email your fighter stats to stevethaman4@yahoo.com See below for instructions on how to create a tournament fighter. Regular fighters are not used in these type of tournaments. If you created a normal fighter, he will not be used in this tournament!

I also still need donations! Pretty Please!

Schedule and some fighter stats have been added!

Turnout and participation has far reached its estimated expectations. Thanks to everyone who has offered to help with this tournament. This could be a very unique chance for TBG to recruit and get a look at some of the underrated amateur talent!

8 amateurs who wanna turn pro, but please take note, the only way you can claim your prize money is if you put your own money in as well. For example, say you win and get a 10 dollar "pro contract", you have to put 10 dollars in yourself. Look at it as a buy one get one free deal if you win. And if you arent ready to turn pro still after the tournament is over, the 10 dollars will be withheld until you are ready to turn pro.

4 pro fighters

Basic Layout For The Game:

This will be very similar to SnB. And I will probably wait until SnB is over before I start this. (Will kind of be like the old XFL, but I hope I last more than one season).

4 divisions with randomly placed managers
2 amateurs in each division
1 pro in each division
8 fight season plus playoffs (This gives ams at least 2 months of experience on top of their prior careers)

How To Create Your Tournament Fighters:

Check Out Commentary # 1393 Tools Tools Tools written by Emp or just or click here. 80 AP's (Most amateurs don't ever make it to the higher rated fights or get to fight with this many AP's, this will be a great learning tool for them to learn how to fight in upper rated fights during the latter part of their careers.

Fighters will be in the Lightweight division. Just cuz I like it and never see anyone using Lightweights in their tournys!

Your fighter stat read should look similar to this (don't use the exact thing or everyone will know your stats)

Fighter Name: stevethaman
APs: 80
Division: Lightweight
Build: Barrel Chested
Strength: 22
Speed: 16
Agility: 26
Toughness: 15
Height: 5'3 (1)
Weight: 135

stevethaman stands 5 feet 3 inches tall. He has a barrel chested build and reportedly weighs 135lbs. He is currently registered in the Lightweight division. He fights for a tournament and is managed by stevethaman.

Make sure you send me both! Click on Create Text AND Text w/ scouting report! Use your gym name for your fighter's name as well.

Email stats to : stevethaman4@yahoo.com


10 dollar prize to winning amateur to be matched by the amateur if he desires to go pro. There may be money donated to more than one amateur.


The top amateurs of each division will be invited to compete in the playoffs. If that manager for whatever reason is inactive during the final weeks, then the second place finisher will be invited, and etc. In the case of a tie, a tiebreaker will be implemented and created later.

All 4 pros will be invited and will face each other despite their records and will compete in a seperate tourny outside of the ams.

The amateurs will be randomly pitted against another manager and will compete in single elimination tournament. The Winners will face each other for the championship and prize money. (Again, depending on donations, BOTH managers may win money and will just be fighting for bragging rights)

The pros will do the same thing.

The Ultimate Pro/Am Matchup will then be held between the winner of the amateur tournament and the pro tournament. This should be a fun battle for all fans of TBG. (Depending on donations, winner could get some money)

If I get more than 9 amatuers interested, the rest will be put in reserves, in case of an inactiave manager that was accepted. Or will be put first in line for the next tournament, depending on the success of this inauguaral tournament.


Divisions are named after their pro participant

Bloody Knuckles:

1) Nicholas "Knuckles" Marsolo (0-0-0 0/0)
2) The Gym (0-0-0 0/0)
3) Jamal Night Gym (0-0-0 0/0)

Walking Dead:

1) The Coroner (0-0-0 0/0)
2) SuXoRz (0-0-0 0/0)
3) jonp (0-0-0 0/0)

Say "Hay" Kids

1) Haymaker (0-0-0 0/0)
2) don alex (0-0-0 0/0)
3) domjet911 (0-0-0 0/0)


1) young gun (FBG)(0-0-0 0/0)
2) OrgZen (0-0-0 0/0)
3) diegoarcplacente (0-0-0 0/0)

Click here for the schedule!

Fighter Stat Page

Deadline For Fighter Stats Is June 18th

This may change if something comes up

Pros You can Imail me your stats. You all know what to do. Your FP's may only be 10 lines long.

Amateurs Since you do not have Imail, you will need to email me your stats and FP's every week. Email them to me at stevethaman4@yahoo.com . This tournament is going to keep me pretty busy so don't be surprised if you send me an email asking me for advice and you don't get an immediate response. Make sure you include your gym name!

Guys, it's time!

Let's Make TBG History!