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Welcome To The Official Site Of The 2005

Congratulations to Slick Willy on a great tournament and becoming the 2005 C.I.T. Champion. For his victory he receives a $100 US credit to his paypal account, a custom gym page designed by the same designer that created the new TBG logo, and a 2005 CIT Champion icon for his gym page will be forthcoming.

Our runner-up Dazmataz will not walk away empty handed. As a first-time C.I.T. participant displaying a breakthrough performance he is awarded 2005 C.I.T. Commissioners Award, combine that with his 2nd place finish and Dazmataz walks away with $60 TBG credits good for one years worth of gym fees.

I'm adding an M.V.P. award this year. Running an invitational bracket tournament is very time consuming in the early going. It is very hard to find the 64 most deserving managers and have them all make the deadlines for submitting FP's and fighter stats etc...One manager stood out for being one of the first managers to accept his invitation, was the first to submit his fighter stats, and was the first manager to submit a fightplan in every round except for the final. For combining his great class as a player with his excellent performance and second appearance in a C.I.T. semifinal Jagger is the 2005 C.I.T. M.V.P. and will be awarded with a $15 TBG credits good for 3 months of gym fees.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Scouting Information
Final Seedings

1) Slick Willy (PC), Canada; 2) Frank White, U.S.West; 3) La-may, Europe; 4) Nicholas "Knuckles" Marsolo, U.S.Midwest; 5) Eddy Crown, Europe; 6) Suxel (PC), Europe; 7) Top Rank, U.S.West; 8) Meadows Inc. 2003 (TBG), U.S.South; 9) young gun (FBG), U.S.Midwest; 10) Balrog, A.S.A.; 11) Jagger, A.S.A.; 12) Lamont Jenkins, Canada; 13) The Coroner, U.S.West; 14) Jude, Canada; 15) Haymaker, U.S.South; 16) Duke of Dorkdom (PC), U.S.West; 17) Kenny K.O. (PC), U.S.Midwest; 18) DTG, A.S.A.; 19) ZWIP, U.S.Midwest; 20) Nino, U.S.West; 21) Dodgeball, Europe; 22) Smokin Joe, Canada; 23) The Weaver, U.S.Midwest; 24) Graffins Empire Strikes First, Europe; 25) Gentleman Gym, U.S.East; 26) The Battlin' Bectel, U.S.Midwest; 27) Dutch, U.S.East; 28) Stretch Armstrong (PC), U.S.West; 29) B.U.M. Incorporated (PC), A.S.A.; 30) stevethaman, U.S.South; 31) Bad Boy Bubby, A.S.A.; 32) Goldfish, U.S.East; 33) Ruben Luna, U.S.West; 34) Jonnydog, Europe; 35) Raz, A.S.A.; 36) the_savage_1, A.S.A.; 37) Styclone, U.S.East; 38) Sydney Bas, A.S.A.; 39) Eldric, U.S.South; 40) The Iguana, U.S.Midwest; 41) Lightnin, U.S.Midwest; 42) dazmataz, Europe; 43) ukpete, Europe; 44) Sancho, U.S.West; 45) SSJoker, U.S.West; 46) Emp (PC), U.S.East; 47) FinallyhomeRyan, Canada; 48) Smithers, U.S.Midwest; 49) BobbyMac, U.S.Midwest; 50) The Small Gym on the Corner, U.S.East; 51) Angee & Al, U.S.West; 52) Bowtwanger, U.S.Midwest; 53) Idaho Tom, U.S.West; 54) StePPinRaZoR (tuffgong), U.S.Midwest; 55) Tony, U.S.Midwest; 56) Dudeman, U.S.East; 57) Doozer, U.S.East; 58) Flexfreak, Canada; 59) psmith17, U.S.Midwest; 60) PLaYBoY sooo NyCE, U.S.South; 61) Mr Benn, Europe; 62) Juzzi81, Europe; 63) Alamo Athletic Club, U.S.South; 64) jonp, Europe

Special thanks to Emp (PC) for creating the parse link on the scouting page making all of your dirty work a little bit easier.


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Rules & Deadlines

The deadline for all Semi-final fightplans will be Midnight TBG time Sunday September 4th.

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