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The Tough Times

by stevethaman

Welcome To The Tough Times!

Since I've joined TBG, I've noticed a lot of strong opinions about the Toughman division. Some positive, some negative. The purpose of this commentary is to try and bring more interest into the Toughman division and to bring a more positive look to the division to those who view it negatively.

The Tough Times
Vol. 1 Issue 14

May 15, 2005


Stevethaman: "It's truly been Tough Times"

Alright, welp, I'm back! I don't know for how long. It's Sunday and I havent received a call stating someone has passed away, been in a car wreck, passed away, or gone to the hospital. The day after I wrote my last commentary, I lost a dear and close friend at work. The next day, I lost a purple heart winning cousin. The next day, my intern was in a car wreck that broke her neck. Then I moved to my new apartment. Two weeks ago my dad had a heart attack and last week my grandmother was put in the hospital. For those concerned, my father is doing much better and should resume work soon and my grandmother is slowly getting better as well. Thanks for all the support from everyone. You guys have truly become my second family. So here's hoping I can update this commentary a bit more often. My work schedule has changed and it's very difficult for me to do this on Saturday's now. I'm basically working 6 days a week now with Sunday's being my day to relax. So we may start doing this reguarly on Sundays. Anywho, what am I rambling for, let's strap on some gloves and talk about some fights!

Toughman Division Going Through Exciting Change!

Gold belt up for grabs at a Rating of 13!

This is basically the whole reason I wrote today! The Toughman division is about to go through an exciting few weeks of boxing! That is, if all goes according to plan and nobody puts in a cheap shot at a World Title after I write this (and if you do, I'll be forced to write bad evil things about you). At time of print, and thanks to bad boy bubby, the Toughman division is the most open division in TBG. Every active TBG manager who has participated in the Toughman division since the beginning of this commentary basically has their chance at a World Title within the next few weeks. Right now, the two lucky and unlikely champion contendors are 'Speremint V.104 managed by the Duke of Dorkdom and a former Truly Tough award winner. (I think)up against Diarmid managed by yours truly. The winner will likely get to face, yeah you guessed it, a fighter from Frank White's gym. Red Ghost awaits the winner who just last week, defeated Diarmid. Red Ghost has once challenged for the World Title before and lost, and in my opinion, is the most underrated fighter in Frank White's famous gauntlet. The winner of this fight could very well finally put that gold belt next to his name. Regardless, we could be looking at a few World Title fights next week and barring anymore stress on my life, I'll be here to tell ya about it!

Eyes On....Next Champion

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