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Inaugural TBG Streak


1st Annual TBG Streak

Congrats to our inaugural winner Suxel!! (see update below)

The Goal
  • To have the fighter with the longest undefeated streak. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The Prize
  • What, the glory isn't enough? OK, we'll throw $20 gym credits to the winner.

    The Rules
  • It starts March 1 and ends May 1 unless there is a tie.
  • It has to be a new fighter who hasn't fought before March 1. You can run as many fighters as you want in as many divisions as you want. Regional or world, it doesn't matter. You can start them whenever you want.
  • A fighter is out as soon as he loses. No ands, ifs or butts. DQs included. Draws will not eliminate a fighter but a higher rating will win out if the last two fighters go out in the same week.
  • You CANNOT retire the fighter. As soon as he retires he is done. You cannot miss a week except when the scheduler skips you (see next rule).
  • If the scheduler skips you one week, you can only gain immunity by notifying the PCs that you have been passed over by the scheduler. You still CANNOT retire.
  • On May 1, the fighter with the longest unbeaten streak wins. If no one makes it to May 1 the fighter who lasted the longest wins.
  • If there are two or more undefeated fighters still going (minimum of eight fights) on May 1 then the contest continues (for those tied fighters only) each week until only one guy remains.
  • If something arises which is not covered in these rules, the PCs will vote on the solution. The PCs have final say.
  • Only pro managers are eligible.

    If you want to enter simply notify us of your manager name. No need to tell us your fighter as there will be too many to follow.
    We'll keep an eye on the eligible manager's gyms and their fighters will become obvious as the weeks go bye.

    The Contestants
    Attrition Inc. - A Division of Relentless
    Bad Boy Bubby
    Buffalo Bombers
    Cheez the DKE
    DTG (Dave the Great)
    Ian Tucker
    Idaho Tom
    Kenny K.O.
    Lamont Jenkins
    Mrs. the DKE
    Nicholas "Knuckles" Marsolo
    Reckless Rob
    Stretch Arm Strong
    The Dark Raddish
    West Central Ohio Assassin
    Young Gun

    UPDATE (July 7, 2004)
    We have ICONS!
    Thanks to DTG we now have icons for the winner and runner-up.
    Suxel and DTG are free to add the following to their manager or fighter pages.
    Congrats again guys.
    Charlie Graf (Suxel) 9-0-0 (3/0)
    Where Are My Clothes (DTG) 8-1-1 (0/0)